Tied By Fate

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In a world where corruption and deception lie at every corner a 16 year old girl has to prove her innocence and fulfil her destiny along with 5 others. All of them did not know that they were all tied to fate by the same string.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue + Ch1 Old Acquaintances

Submitted: August 07, 2009

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Submitted: August 07, 2009




Ever since the beginning of time, the 4 elemental dragons: fire, water, earth, wind were the protectors of Avalon. There was no conflict or chaos. Everything was peaceful.

But as all the kings of Avalon greed for power became too strong to resist, the dragons were under threat. They were not safe on land or in the sky. Each kingdom wanted to control the four elements.

To leave the dragons with no home and nowhere to go forests were burnt, armies of guards were sent to volcanoes and lakes, sky patrols were seen in the skies.

Because of the evil of men, a new guardian was born. The void.

The void dragon was by far more powerful than any of the other 4 elements put together. Its power source and strength came from the wickedness of men’s hearts.

The void caused great chaos and destruction around the world. Kings and kingdoms tried their best to bring down the void but it was easier said than done. The kings begged the 4 dragon guardians to destroy the void but it was hopeless. The 4 elemental guardians were nothing compared to the void.

As Avalon fell deeper and deeper into darkness the small hope of men slowly got smaller and smaller. In a last attempt to save Avalon, the 4 elemental guardians joined their powers together not knowing what good it will do. They searched the hearts of men for what little hope there is and joined it into their combining power.

Another dragon was formed, the guardian of light. A furious battle was fought between the void and the light. Waves of light and darkness collided throughout Avalon again and again not ceasing. But there was no lack or delay in power and strength of the two guardians.

Knowing that it was going to just keep going on and on the other 4 guardians could only agree on sealing the dragon but they knew that if they did this they themselves would be sealed as well. Carrying the fate of the world on their hands they joined forces one more time. They concentrated all their power together again with the power of light included and with one huge flash they pushed the power out towards the void.

The power enveloped the void and all the other dragons trapping them in the light. With one last roar the void disappeared along with the other 5 dragons. All that remained were 6 colored orbs; black, yellow, red, blue, green & white.

Over the next few centuries the orbs were scattered into different places and special guardians were born to guard the orbs. None succeeded in obtaining the orbs for only the true dragon guardians could touch the orbs.

Since none was able to get the orbs, they were soon forgotten. Dark magic was then seen to be evil and thus it was banned. Those who learnt it were either put under chains or in some circumstances sentenced to death.

Men’s greed for power came back and soon wars were raged between kingdoms. It was at this time that the son of the king of Coranthea which was the most powerful and central part of Avalon fell in love with a girl called Ilini. She was no ordinary girl though, she was a dark mage.

The prince did not know this so he married her as he loved her a lot. They had a baby girl together. She was called Raina. However, when Raina was 5 months old the prince discovered Ilini’s secret. It seemed that the prince thought Illini was having an affair with someone else behind his back so he had someone follow his wife and thus he found out about her secret.

Following the law, he had no choice but to ban her from the kingdom. He requested that she leave Raina behind. Ilini did not listen and ran away with Raina. The prince sent guards to chase after her but once she entered Histern Forest they could not go any further for it was said to be a monster infested place.

Ilini ran deep into the forest not caring about her surroundings and settled in a cave. She could hear the monsters snarling and growling outside. She lit a fire to protect herself and Raina against monsters.

Taking the small black diamond ring on her finger that Prince Silas had given her she broke off the diamond and threw the ring into the fire. Silas had told her that the ring was founded by the dwarves from a black orb. The dwarves did not know what to do with the orb so they chipped a bit off and forged a diamond from it but after the diamond was complete the orb had mysteriously disappeared. They have not been able to find any trace of it since.

Mastering all her magic Ilini focused her mind and transferred it all into the small diamond. The small diamond rose into the air and vibrated.

Taking the sleeping baby into her arms she placed the small diamond in the centre of Raina’s forehead. Staring into the fire, a small flame came out of the fire into midair. She moved the flame with her eyes and set it on Raina’s forehead. The little baby woke up and shrieked.

Illini swayed the baby from side to side as the flame subsided. The area around the diamond was glowing a pink red then the diamond sunk into her forehead just showing the surface of the diamond. Waves of invisible dark energy passed out from the diamond and surrounded the baby who had stopped crying.

“You will no more be called Raina: of noble birth. Your name will now be…Laila: a dark flower of the night.”

The small diamond on the baby’s forehead started to glow.

1. Old Acquaintances

“Dad, what exactly are we hunting that we have to come into this forest?”

Tristan turned to his father who was beside him.

“Oh we’re not hunting. I brought you along today Tristan, for you to get a feel of how to do close combat.”

“C-Close combat?” Tristan said stopping as he tugged at his dad’s hand. His dad turned around and smiled at Tristan.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it. Daddy will show you. All you have to do is just watch.”

Tristan breathed a sigh of relief. He hated combating. He was no good at it. Having a general as a father doesn’t really help either. His parents gave him a choice whether to learn or not to learn. He chose not to learn. But then recently for some reason the monsters have been getting more and more violent the number of fighters and warriors is not enough so his father had no choice but to teach Tristan how to combat. If I had a choice I would learn magic any day. Suddenly a low growl could be heard. Tristan and his father looked around and saw nothing. Tristan’s heart skipped and he clutched his father’s hand more tightly.

“Calm down Tristan. A warrior does not fear his enemy no matter who or what it might be.” His dad said but still looking around anxiously.

“Come out, you foul creature! Show us your ugly face!”

Tristan looked at his dad in shock.

“Dad, maybe it’s not a good idea to mock the creature.”

His dad scoffed. “They’re dumb creatures. They can’t understand a word we say. All that’s in their mind is what am I going to have for dinner?” All of a sudden out of the trees appeared a two headed werewolf. It bared its teeth as it charged towards the two people. It caught Tristan’s dad off guard who fell on the floor.

“Run Tristan! Just run!” His dad shouted as he fumbled to pull out his sword. The werewolf looked menacingly at him. Tristan, mustering all the strength he could get turned around and ran. He could hear the growl of the werewolf. Oh no! It’s going to come chasing after me soon.

“Oh no, you don’t! Get your ugly ass back here!”

Tristan could hear his dad shouting and a loud thud. Tristan froze as he heard the sound. He turned around and was about to run back when he heard footsteps. Oh no! It got my father and now it wants me too. Without second thoughts he kept running. Where is the castle? Tristan kept running in and out between trees but he could not find any sign of the castle of an exit out of the forest. The footsteps were coming closer. Tristan took a quick glance back and saw a flash of something and the werewolf. As he turned back he tripped over a branch and toppled over. He quickly turned around and could hear the low snarl of the werewolf. He quickly shuffled backwards as the werewolf slowly approached thundering above him. Why is it not just coming to eat meright away? Suddenly an arrow shot past the werewolf and landed on the tree above Tristan’s head. Tristan looked up wide eyed at the arrow. It could’ve killed me. He then fainted on the ground. But he could see with barely open eyes that the werewolf ran away and a girl around his age appeared. Then all was dark.


“Mum, will he be alright?” the young girl asked as she stood next to her mother who was tending to the young boy. This is the first time I’ve seen someone else my age. Her mum smiled.

“Don’t worry, Laila. He’ll be fine.” Her mum reassured her. A low groan was heard from the other side of the room. Both mum and daughter turned to see the general slowly waking up.

“My head…” the general put a hand to his head as he felt the swollenness.

“You hit it when you fell on the floor.” Laila’s mum said as she stood up and walked over to the general. The general’s eyes widened when he saw her.

“Princess Illini?”

The woman froze when she heard the name. Laila looked around the room.

Princess? Where? I don’t see anyone…Could this man have hit his head too hard?

“Princess, I have finally found you. At long last!” the general said dropping to his knees in front of her. “You have no idea how hard and long I’ve been trying to find you. King Silas-”

“General, you must have recognized the wrong person. My name’s not Illini, it’s Karlyn. May I so boldly as to ask what you were doing in this forest?” Karlyn said as she helped the general onto his feet giving him a small shake of her head. Laila looked puzzled. He was addressing mum? But how can that be?

“I...I came to teach my son about close combat.”

“Close combat? In this forest?”

The general nodded then his eyes fell on Laila and Tristan.

“Tristan!” the general ran to the boy’s side.

“What happened to him?”

“He fainted but he’s alright. Just let him sleep. Perhaps we should have a little talk outside. Laila, keep an eye on the boy.” Karlyn instructed Laila as she walked out the cave.

The general looked at Laila who smiled at him then followed Karlyn out.

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