A Misunderstood Pegasus

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Shadow turned her head when she saw Diablo's discomfort and trotted up to him. "Are you okay?" she asked quietly so that no one else could hear.

Diablo looked at Shadow with hurt in his eyes, shaking his head. "N-no, my e-ears..." He said aloud, sounding in pain.

"Come on Pegasus’s," Serena called with a sharp tone in her voice.

Shadow looked over her shoulder as the elf exited the tent. "Come on Diablo, Serena wants us to follow her, maybe that'll help your ears," she said and gave him an encouraging nudge.

Diablo snorted, hearing the sharpness he then stomped the ground with his hoof in annoyance. He nodded at Shadow, following the elf as he still held his wings skyward, like a vulture.

Serena led the Pegasus’s back to the stables. "Would you two like some more to eat? Maybe something to drink?" she asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

Diablo nodded his heavy head, dying for a drink more than dying to eat. "Yes please."

Serena nodded and disappeared into the barn. She returned a few moments later with a pail of water and a block of hay. She dropped at Diablo’s feet and turned to Shadow. "What about you?"

Shadow shook her head. "No thanks."

Serena turned and headed back into the barn. "Let me know if you need anything else," she called over her shoulder.

He quickly shoved his muzzle in the water bucket, drinking the water as it sounded like thunder in his throat.

Shadow sighed and lay down on the ground. "Are your ears still hurting you?" she asked.

He started crying slowly, his ears lay back as far as they could go. "Yes."

Shadow stood up and nuzzled her friend. Her heart twisted in knots at the sight of him crying. She stood there quietly, wishing that there was something she could do.

He smiled, pricking his ears up and then nuzzling Shadow. "I'm fine. I just need to leave this, village. I hate those human cries," he stated, then turning around after finishing his food and water. "I'm going for a stroll; I suggest you stay to take a rest. I need to stretch out these fat muscles!" He joked.

Shadow chuckled and resumed to her spot in the dirt. She sighed and let the darkness overcome her.

Diablo walked off from the stables, stretching his legs as he went from a trot to a canter, running along a stone path and then leaping to the soft dirt ground. He expanded his wings, looking like he was ready to take flight as his purple metallic markings shined bright and his dull white mane flew in the wind.

A black and white mare snorted and pawed the ground anxiously. She smiled evilly as she emitted her heat scent, waiting for her next victim.

Diablo stopped his gallop, his nostrils flaring as he smelled the scent. His flapped his wings as he followed the trail, seeing a wonderful mare. Could that be? He thought, nodding as he answered his own question. He slowly walked into sight; his wings expanded as his body glowing with sweat, making him look handsome.

The mare gave an innocent smile as a male Pegasus approached him. "Hello," she spoke in her false tone.

He was curious, if this mare was strong enough to hold him, his huge draft horse body and massive parts. His nostrils flamed with the scent, it almost made him pant. "Hello," he replied, sweet but a hint if anxiousness which he tried hard not to show.

She trotted up to him and nuzzled his mane. She caught the scent of another female but she quickly drowned it out with her heat scent. "My name is Clarice, what's yours?" she asked gingerly.

He was surprised at how fast the mare approached him. This got him suspicious instantly, only replying to her. "I'm Diablo." He stated, the heat scent driving him crazy.

Clarice nipped his mane. "You have a very nice name," she repeated this line so many times that she just said it naturally.

Diablo smiled, turning to face Clarice as he nipped her shoulder playfully. "Your beautiful," he gave a compliment, something he hardly ever does.

Clarice continued with her innocent act. "Really? I don't think so, I wasn't able to properly clean my feathers today," she said. Come on! Come on! she let out more of her scent.

Diablo smirked, the smell was now making his tool slowly slip out but he kept it in. He felt silly, asking this. "Want to mate?"

"Yes, I would love to," she giggled and waited for him to approach.

Diablo didn't hesitate to hop onto the mare's body, his tool just sliding out as it searched for an entrance. His wings flapped, trying to keep balance as he was anxious to mate.

Clarice nickered with pleasure when he mounted her. This was too easy, she thought evilly. Her powers over him would start to work as soon as he entered her.

His tool finally found the entrance, thrusting in slowly as he lets clarinet get used to him, and his heavy body. What pleasure, he thought to himself, grinning.

Clarice let out a moan of pleasure as she entered him. She felt his energy start to leave his body and enter into hers. This would keep her young and immortal. He would not feel his energy being sucked from him until he dismounted and she took on her true form to eat him.

He started going faster and harder, his wings slapping his own body. He got only joy out of this mating, moaning loudly.

Yes! Yes! Clarice thought happily. Nothing can stop me now. Except. She had to stop herself from shuddering. Any thought of the other mare. I must not let him think of the other mare. I will break my spell.

Diablo kept on going, he then remembered he had to go back to the stables, after all he was only here to stretch his legs and recover. He let go of the Pegasus, pulling out and then whispering "I'm sorry but, I have to go see Shadow, she’s probably worried at how long I was gone." He frowned, really wanting to finish.

Clarice turned and gave him a baffled look. "But why? Don't you like being with me?" she asked.

Diablo nodded, then he thought hard, Shadow or Clarice. He snorted, and turned away. "I'd rather be with Shadow," he stated.

Clarice followed after him. "But what does she have to offer that I don't?" she asked her tone starting to change.

Diablo stopped, his head now looking up at the sky as he tilted it to Clarice. "She has a heart, I can tell you don't."

"That's it!" Clarice leapt into the air and landed in front of Diablo. She let out a terrible banshee scream. The feathers fells from her wings leaving only the dragon like flaps of skin. Fangs grew in place of her herbivore teeth and her eyes turned blood red. Her body shriveled into a small human-like form and the lovely mane fell from her head. She leapt at Diablo. "Come here my prey!"

Diablo's eyes widened, watching the transformation. As she leapt at him he scurried to dodge, a cloud of dust flaring in the wind as he bolted. "Damn!" He cursed under his breath as he wished he could use his wings.

Clarice screeched when she missed her target. Seeing his weakness, she leapt at his injured wing.

Diablo kept running on, feeling his wing catching something. He turned his head to see Clarice clung onto it. He let out a whine for help that echoed at a low frequency so only animals could hear it. He started to buck, flapping his wings as he rose in the air slightly.

Clarice hissed and dug her claws in deeper. "Give up Pegasus!" she urged.


Shadow's ears twitched at a distant sound, arousing her from her sleep. She yawned and stood up to stretch her wings before looking around for Diablo. "Why is he still not back yet? We have to go soon," she wondered aloud.

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