A Misunderstood Pegasus

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Serena led them to the tallest tent located in the center of the village. "Wait here," she said as she entered the tent. There were a few muffled words before she came back out and motioned them to enter.

Diablo walked in, looking around the surroundings, surprised anything can be taller than him besides floral.

Shadow followed behind Diablo. She saw that there were many elves on little stools inside the tent. She gave an uneasy snort.

The leader watched the Pegasus’s with interest. Serena had told him that they were not like the other black Pegasus’s and the shaman had spoken to him about them trying to complete a noble cause. Now he wanted to hear it from them. "Why are you here?" he asked his voice raspy and dry with age.

Diablo's eyes gazed around, then to the eldest of them all who was the leader. He spoke up, clear and thorough. "We are here to ask permission to go north."

"Why would two black Pegasus’s require permission to go North?" the leader asked.

Diablo turned to the elf that led them in, his head tilted. "Didn't we need permission to pass?" He asked calmly and confused.

"Since you were caught, then yes," the leader said gently. "Now will you please answer my question?"

Diablo sighed, taking a deep breath and looking honest and trust worthy. "We are venturing toward north on a journey, private." He talked like a soldier for a moment, his stare showing his fiery spirit.

The leader looked the Pegasus in the eye. He could sense the warrior's spirit within him. "What is your name?" he asked.

"I'm Diablo," he smirked, thinking of something.

"And tell me Diablo, what kind of journey are you going on?" the leader asked.

Diablo thought hard, trying not to give any hints away as he kept a clean and sharp voice while his eyes showed his fiery soul. "A heroic journey."

The leader chuckled. "You know you're going to have to give us more details then that," he said his tone still friendly.

Shadow whispered into Diablo's ear. "Just tell them. Why are you trying to hide it?" she asked.

Diablo shuffled his feet, turning to whisper back to Shadow. "I can't tell if they're evil or good, elves roll both ways. Plus, they may want the stone."

Shadow snorted. "If they were evil then why did they give us food and doctor your wing? If you don't tell them then I will," she whispered back.

"Is something wrong?" the leader asked.

Diablo took a deep breath and then nudged Shadow with his wing and whispered. "Be my guest."

Shadow pinned her ears and moved a little closer to Diablo. She thought that he would take her advice and tell them himself. She didn't like the idea of talking to these strangers that frightened her so much. She lowered her head and gulped.

The leader shifted his gaze from Diablo to the female Pegasus that was clearly frightened. "What is your name dearie?" he asked kindly, trying not to seem threatening.

"Not so easy now is it?" Diablo whispered a taunt into Shadow's ear with a sly grin.

Shadow looked up at him with a hurt expression. She couldn't help that she was shy and frightened. Tears threatened to pour down her face as she started to shake.

Diablo quickly stepped forward, taking a deep breath. "We are bringing a stone to the north, as a white elder wolf asked us to do. The mare is Shadow."

A series of murmurs passed through the crowd of elves but the leader silenced them by raising his hand. "You are bringing the Light Stone to the North?" he asked in disbelief.

Serena, who was camouflaged by the crowd, raised her eyebrow in disbelief. Surely the legend would have asked for any other Pegasus’s besides black ones, she thought to herself.

Diablo looked around, his head now held high as his voice thundered in his throat and echoed. "Yes."

The leader smiled as a feeling of peace overcame him. "Ah, we finally have some Pegasus’s who are willing to return the stone to its rightful place," he looked up at Diablo. "Would you mind if I took a look at it before it returns to its rightful place?" he asked.

Diablo pricked his ears up, taking a deep breath and then nodding. "Well, that matters all to Shadow, as she wields it."

The leader slowly rose to his feet and walked over to the frightened mare. He bent down and took her head into his gentle grasp. He lifted it so that it was level with his height before he stroked her muzzle soothingly. "Is it alright if I may see the stone?" he asked kindly.

Shadow shuddered when the leader touched her for the first time but she slowly relaxed when he started to stoke her muzzle. She calmly pulled away from his hands and rested her head on his chest. "Yes, you may," she told him and blew into his elf robes.

Diablo smiled, stepping away from them as his broken wing flapped a bit anxiously, only watching now.

The leader reached for the pouch around Shadow's neck. He pulled out the stone and turned it over curiously in his hands. "It's more beautiful then I imagined," he commented. He turned and held it up do that all the elves could see. "These Pegasus’s will be cared for and they will continue their journey at nightfall. Serena will escort them back to where she found them. We must all be respectful to these Pegasus’s for wishing to complete and impossible task," he announced.

The elves roared with cheers and clapping.

Diablo smiled, looking at the stone once again, his eyes reflecting the beautiful colors as his head lowered slowly to his feet as he heard the cheers. His ears were very sensitive, even a whisper could hurt him. He felt like he was going deaf, so he drew his wings up to his ears and encased himself in a dark cloak.

The leader placed the stone back inside Shadow's pouch. With one last pat on her neck, he stepped away. "Serena, will you please see to these Pegasus’s comfort?" he asked politely.

Serena stepped from her place in the crowd. "It would be an honor," she lied respectfully taking a slight bow before her leader before turning and motioning the Pegasus’s to follow.


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