A Mordern Fairy Tale

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Christina always wanted a fairy tale romance. She had seen her friends fall over and over again but none the guys have ever been able to reach her heart.
But now in the senior year of her school year she regrets letting go all the years waiting for his prince charming.
That’s when she meets Adrian Ivashkov the new transfer with green eyes and body to die for.
Sparks fly as hearts collide. Only with 6 months left for both can Adrian and Christina make the most of it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Mordern Fairy Tale

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013




I woke with a start as my phone buzzed.

Looking up at the clock I realized it was almost 7.”Shit I am late for school”. I rushed to take a shower. My phone buzzed again but ignored it because I already knew who this would be.

I selected a blue tank top with black denim and flats. Quickly applying a thin layer of mascara as I was fussing over my frizzy hair my phone buzzed again only this time did I pick up?

“What is it Lizzy? I said in an irritated voice” I said in an irritated voice.

“Where the hell is you and why weren’t you picking up my phone” she said in her chirpy  voice.

“Oh Liz, Stop being my mum and come pick me up” I said hanging up.

Lissa was my best from 8th grade when she has first transferred from Baltimore. I had been instructed by my teacher to sit with her in English class and from then on we were insuperable.

I walked out giving my mum a quick peck on her cheek.” Good Morning Sleepy Head” I said.

“Good Morning” she said in her sleepy voice as she walked towards the kitchen.

Doing the night shift was finally taking its toll on my mother.

I grabbed an apple as I sprinted out towards the garden.

I groaned as I saw a red Chevy parked in front of my house.

“Dave what are you doing here?” I asked trying to keep the frown off my face.

Dave was Lissa’s twin brother who has this huge crush on me even though he knows I am not interested but still he keeps on persisting

“Travis is going to pick Lissa up so I volunteered” Dave replied a little too sweetly.

I muttered my thanks as I got in.

Lissa was so going to be dead for doing this to me.

Dave kept on talking about all the way to school and I kept on replying with hmm and huh. It sucks trying to be polite.

When we entered the parking area I saw a shiny  mustang gt standing among the other cars.

A lot of guys were admiring it. I wondered who’s car that was.

I got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance when I spotted a couple kissing passionately in the middle of the ground.I recognized Lissa with her red hairs.

Honestly these two would start making out right in front of whole school.

It wasn’t like I hated Travis or I wasn’t happy for Lissa’s love both of them but this display of emotion kept on reminding me of my single status.

Travis gave her a sloppy grin as he walked off giving me a quick nod.

“Why the sulk face” she said brightly

“Like you don’t know” I replied “Why did you send Dave to pick me up?”

“Oh about that, Travis was picking me up so I thought. Besides Dave was way too happy I thought for once let him have his way.” she replied meekly

 “Besides you should loosen up a little bit not with my brother I mean” She added quickly as I sent her a glare.

Liss we have had this conversation a 100 times. Summer’s already over and only 6 month’s are left. I don’t want a boyfriend right now.

“As you wish” she resigned and walked in.

“I have Spanish at first so see you in a bit” she rushed to Mrs. Scott’s class.

Spanish was her favorite subject. I had English at first so I walked towards the class looking among my books when I slammed into a wall.

Not an actual wall but a wall of hard muscles and gorgeous face.

I felt my breath caught in my throat as I looked into dark green eyes of this Greek god.


“Are you alright” he asked.

Oh my! That voice was so soft and silky like being draped in caramel fudge or something. I felt my knees go week.

What the hell Chris he’s just a guy.

My subconscious pokes me as I fight to regain my composure.

“Uhm..Yeah I am. I am alright” a blush as I realize that he was probably wondering I was some lunatic gaping at him like that.


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