When Opposites Attract

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When Risa Lautner persuaded her sister Summer to accompany her to the first screening of a movie starring her idol Jonas Lowe, Summer had no idea how drastically her life would change...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When Opposites Attract

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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Submitted: April 08, 2010



I sighed as the movie commercial flashed onto the screen for the tenth time in two minutes, and Risa screamed yet again. Every time the commercial appeared, it got harder to say no to her desperate plea. “Please will you come with me to see it? I can’t miss it!” she begged. She wasn’t usually bothered about going to the movies, she hated the cramped movie theatre, the little leg room, the overpriced snacks. But this time was different, because Jonas Lowe was starring in the movie. You know when little kids tell you how they’re going to grow up and marry a famous singer, or a millionaire, or sometimes even a prince, and you know it’s just never going to happen? It’s that situation with my sister, except it’s a little strange. That’s because my sister Risa is sixteen years old. “It’s not going to happen, Risa. I am not coming along to a screening of a cheesy, pathetic, waste-of-time movie! Why can‘t you just go yourself?” I asked, irritated. “But what if I get kidnapped, sis? I can’t go all by myself!” She was going all out, using the innocent voice, the big, teary eyes, the quivering lower lip. I stared at the floor, knowing the instant I looked into her eyes, she would win. “We can make it a weekend trip. It’ll be our time. We can go to the premier, and we probably won’t even get in. I’ll get to see Jonas, and you won’t even need to sit through the movie.” I had to admit, that didn’t sound so bad. Plus the added bonus of spending a weekend in Hollywood! “It’ll be on me?” she added. I gave up and looked into her eyes. I wasn’t planning on turning down a free weekend in the sun. “Okay,” I sighed, and Risa shattered my eardrums with a ridiculously loud scream. I found myself smothered in an overwhelming hug. “On one condition,” I tried to say, my voice muffled by a mouthful of sweater. “Anything!” Risa squealed. “You let me go,” I requested breathlessly. “Oh. Right,” she laughed, letting me go. I gasped frantically for air. “This is really happening! I really am going to meet Jonas Lowe!” Risa swooned. “Then he’ll ask me out, and on our third date he’ll propose…” Risa trailed off. I rolled my eyes at my naïve sister. “Shut up, or I’ll pull out!” I threatened. “You’d never do that, Summer. You love me too much,” Risa laughed. “Unfortunately,” I muttered.

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