To the Corner, or not to the Corner?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chris and Billy.
Billy and Chris.
To be, or not to be? That is the question Chris faces. In their world full of Crime, adventure, mnystery, and in their case, love, what way do you turn?

Chris, sent as a spy from her corner to get the information on Billy's plans for the raid.
The tumbling journey there on.

Check it out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - To the Corner, or not to the Corner?

Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012



With his reflexes sharp, alert, Billy caught her flailing limbs by her wrists, pinning her forcefully back to the bed. He watched her slowly fall back into her dreamlike state, as she gently inhaled and exhaled; she was falling back to sleep.

Resting his hand on Chris’s heart, Billy let his taut muscles and ragged breath cease as an unfamiliar feeling crept up on him, calmness. Serenity. All because she was before him, Chris was his girl, and only he had the right to keep her safe. With a deep sigh he grunted as his weight was lifted off the bedsprings, hauling himself up like a man riddled with age. A slither of the bright moonlight fought its way into their sanctuary through the curtains causing a pivotal divide between them both, separating them.

A few seconds of silence before the footsteps stalked across the room, slammed the window shut and drew the curtains so forcefully they ripped at the seams, causing a figure on the bed to stir and become tangled in the bed sheets. ‘Quit staring at me Billy.’ She mumbled, turning on her side and huddling herself into a ball in efforts to get back to sleep. He smirked as she rolled over; Chris’s head come into contact his bare side, and on the man she loved she saw the damage her dark side could do to him.

Impatiently brushing away the tears that pricked at her eyes she drank in the bruises that covered the left hand side of his torso. Black, blue, green, purple, dried blood, her tears, his anger all moulded together in Chris’s kisses. She made sure to cover every inch of the bruises in kisses of forgiveness and sorrow. Just as her lips began inching lower nearing his waist she heard Billy’s intake of breath and smirked to herself. She knew what to do for his forgiveness.

‘You’ve got no fucking idea how much I missed this Billy....’ Another gasp.

Billy’s hands rested lovingly on her hips, caressing her skin delicately, until he swiftly raised her to sit on his waist, straddling him. Striking blue eyes found her stubborn brown ones, neither one of them would look away, until, Billy etched closer to her, never breaking eye contact. Grasping her chin in his hand tightly he left his lips achingly close to hers, teasing her to the extreme until their lips came together in a passionate interlock, teasing each other’s lips with their tongues. Chris’s hands become intertwined in his scruffy hair, as his hands lightly travelled down her back, pulling her body as close to his chest as was possible. As he gasped against her sweet-soft hair his hands slid down underneath her pyjama shorts to come across…

Seizing her shoulders he forcefully pushed her away with his stern gaze rooting her frozen to the spot.

‘Fuck you think you’re playing at Chris?’

With him standing above her, a dominant, menacing figure to someone as helpless as her all Chris could possibly do was look him coolly in the eyes, praying his temper to ease before she told him. Brandishing the gun in front of her face he took aim, his eyes cold and hollow, the gun pointing in-between her eyes.

‘And what exactly did you think you were going to do with this?’

Chris turned away from him avoiding his unyielding gaze, picking up her scattered clothes from the floor and muttered ‘I’m going back to the corner Billy.’

In a matter of seconds Billy had her arms held high above her as he pinned his entire body weight against her, imprisoning her against the wall with her resolved face upturned at him; the gun lay unforgotten on the bed. ‘Like fuck are you going back there. You’re staying with me, you stay the fuck here.’

Struggling against his weight with all her might she yelled ‘What would you rather I do?! Refuse his orders, and they find out about us! We’ll be killed, Billy!’

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