Your Scent

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Kayden was the upcoming star in the, not so dazzling world of the film business. The one dazzling thing in Kayden's life was his beautiful wife of three years, Julia. Although their marriage may have started in peculiar circumstances, he likes to think things are looking up, despite the demands by his career.

The question is, can Julia keep their secrets any longer? Can she be strong, brave and keep that smile on her face?
Why don't you read on, and walk with Julia and Kayden throughout everything they encounter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Your Scent

Submitted: June 16, 2010

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Submitted: June 16, 2010



 Kayden's unfathomable brown eyes were boring down into mine whilst we stood motionless in the stream running through the twenty acres of his land. His expression was unreadable as he stared down at me, almost like a blank mask as his well sculpted chest heaved heavily. Though the sun was beating down on me and I could feel my body sweating, I had never felt so cold and numb under one persons glare.

I knew I should have come home earlier, Kayden had been filming all day and I knew the amount of unbelievable stress that he was under at the moment. I should have kept my promise. He has a right to be angry at me, I understand that. I just pray that he'll have some compassion, some mercy this time. I need tonight to be perfect. I need to protect us both. Please Kayden, if only you knew.

When he took a step toward me, I automatically took a step back with my head bowed, averting his eyes. Through the corner of my eye I saw emotion splash back on his face, I saw his eyes widen, his jaw drop slightly. Taking a tentative step towards me, his action causing ripples to form in the stream, he held out his hand to me, like you would to an animal unsure of your scent. We stood silently for how many minutes I don't know, the cold from the stream flowing to my heart and freezing it. I gently placed my shaking, cold palm against his. The moment we made contact he wrenched me into his arms, his grip tightening and my shakes increased. 'Julia, Julia please look at me' Kayden whispered to me. I heard the desperation, and the guilt. 'Oh God. You're scared of me?'

I shook my head defensively, tilting up my chin so he could see my face. He gently pushed me away, but still with a firm grip on my upper arms. 'Listen honey, I need to-' I started nervously, but the rest of my anticipated sentence was cut short by his smooth hand covering my mouth. My mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts, to protect my child being the first. I protectively draped my hands around my stomach, wondering if he would notice this act of love for our baby. But I didn't know what he was doing, was this playful or was it going to be like the last time?

Cautious, I decided not to struggle. It's always over faster the less I struggle.

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