The Lie and the New Life

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Lisa had always been paranoid. She felt if someone had been following for many years. Every day she had to work past the paranoia in till she realized she wasn't being paranoid. She was kidnapped and introduced to a new life. Her old life had been all a lie.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lie and the New Life

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




Chapter 1


I was running. The steady pounding of my heart and feet echoed through my head. It was a calming sensation but it only kept my head so clear. My Ipod ,which usually drowned out too much thought, had just died. The head phones were still in my ears. I took them out. I was mildly irritated that I hadn't thought to charge it before going out on my routine jog. I liked listening to music for motivation and it kept me from being creeped out too much by the silence.

It was just starting to get dark outside. The sun had just set and the darkness was rolling in. I always jogged around this time. When the warmth from the day of sun started disappearing. It was warm enough for me not to need a jacket and cool enough as to where I wouldn't get too hot from the jogging. Jogging ironed out all my worries of the day so I could begin my night well. It also helped me sleep better.

I ran across the street to the other sidewalk making my usual U-turn back to my house. Just a two miles and a half left to go. Without my music I started feeling paranoid. I felt as if someone was watching me through the alleys, or maybe even following me. I was on outskirts of town where the buildings were smaller and empty. I wished I was closer to home or at the very least surrounded by more people. No one was around except for the occasionally passing car.

I tried to keep my mind on something else so I wouldn't get to worked up about it. I hated being paranoid but I couldn't help it. For years I have had this paranoid feeling that people were watching me..following me. Of course it was silly to think of such a thing. If I was being stalked I probably would have been kidnapped ages ago. My best friend had told me I was just being paranoid so many times I had stopped mentioning it to her. I was being paranoid.

Distracting myself I thought about what I would cook for dinner. I lived with my parents so it had to be something we all liked. Since I had been thirteen I had cooked for my family, I couldn't stand my mother's cooking. I ran through the options in my head straining to remember what we had in the fridge and what we didn't have. Another car passed by, that I ignored.

I heard a squealing sound from behind me. I whipped my head around to see the car, which I now noticed was a van had stopped a ways behind me. My paranoia spiked and I started moving a bit faster. I looked over my shoulder again checking to see if the van had kept going. It was turning around. I forced myself to remain calm, keeping myself from running flat out but I didn't slow down. There could be a million reasons why these people could be turning around. I reminded myself of the times my had family had turned around unexpectedly. When we had forgotten something or when we took a wrong turn.

I kept my eyes straight ahead of me as the van slowly came back toward me. My heart beat became erratic as I thought about being kidnapped. I could be killed, I thought. I looked as the van came up beside me. My heart stopped and a felt cold all over. The people in the van didn't even look at me as they just passed by. I watched the van gain a bit more speed, slow down and turn at the next road. They must have missed a turn.

I let out a strangled giggle. I was so stupid. I beat myself up for being so paranoid. What was wrong with me? Did normal people feel this afraid all the time? Like eyes are burning through their head or feeling like someone would come and snatch them away? I didn't think so. Slowly my heart beat became solid again and I breathed again. I was back to normal. I was approaching town. Soon I would be safe with people all around. I had to pass two more roads I could see a little ways away.

I was coming up on the first road, that the van had gone down, when I heard a couple guys bickering quietly down that street. I decided before I got to the street that I would just ignore them and keep jogging. There was no reason to be paranoid. I felt like an idiot already. I couldn't hear what they might be saying and I didn't want to. I focused on the next street ahead and the pounding of my feet and heart.

So when one of the guys called out “Hey!” I almost fell on my face. I flailed around for a moment in till I regained my balance. I had stopped running.

Hey, are you okay?” someone called from down the street making my head snap up.

There were two men with a map standing by the van that had just past me. They looked at me with some concern.

I'm okay, thanks” I called back with a shaky voice. My paranoia was creeping back up on me but I was beating it down.

Do you know how to get to the Rodrick Hotel from here?” one of the men asked, waving me over.

I did know but the paranoia fought with me whispering things to me. Its not safe. They'll hurt you. I fought past it. Taking a deep breath I walked toward them. The men seemed to be related. They both had the same dark tan skin and dark black hair. Their facial features were sharp and made me think they might be part native-american or japanese. You could really never tell anymore.

I swear, this is the right road. I do know how to read a map,” the other man said grudgingly to the one who had called me over. He ignored him, taking the map from him. I thought I may have seen a meaningful glance between them. Just my imagination I convinced myself.

Rodrick Hotel is in downtown which is further down the highway,” I pointed to the road that they just had come from. I looked at the map in the man's hands. It was all wrong.

This isn't even the right map,” I told them my heart jumping in my throat as my paranoia kicked into high gear.

Dang, let me get the right one,” the guy went to the side of his van opening the sliding door.

The van made me think of all the CSI I had watched in the middle of the night. It was just like one of those vans that would ride by snatching up its victim, later to be found dead.

I don't even know which one of these are right,” the man grumbled “Would you mind helping me?” he asked.

I walked around the side of the van as he pulled out a stack of maps. He put some in my hands without looking at me. I flipped through the maps looking for the right one.

What's your name?” the other man asked making me jump. He had followed us over and was closer than I thought.

Lisa” I told him trying to remain calm. They just needed some help I kept reminding myself.

With a grateful sigh I found the map we were looking for. “Found it,” I told them.

I started pointing out the roads they should follow trying to stay calm, beating the paranoia down. They were on either side of me watching as I pointed out the route they should take. It felt claustrophobic. I convinced myself I was going to be okay. I was telling them what was in downtown when the bigger one grabbed me, wrapping one arm around my waist. I opened my mouth to scream as another hand clapped over my mouth. I struggled against him kicking as he lifted me easily off the ground.

My paranoia screamed at me telling me it was right and I was wrong. I tried to remember self defense as I struggled against him. I swung my heel down as hard as I could into his shin making him grunt. My feet touched the ground for a moment and I tried to twist out of his grip. The other man grabbed me as I tried.

We have to get her in the van,” the other man hissed struggling with me.

I swung my head back hoping to break his nose. I heard a crunch and he dropped me. I scrambled to get up so I could run. The one who I had kicked in the shin had already recovered though and he dragged me off the ground by the back of my shirt. I opened my mouth to scream and he smashed my head into the side of the van. It knocked the breath out of me and blurred my vision. My vision went black and I could no longer feel my body as I fell through the blackness.

I wanted to reach the surface. I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to run away and never stop running but I was disconnected from my body. I fell deeper into the blackness struggling against it's weight. My paranoia kept screaming at me that it was right and I was wrong. It kept telling me I was going to be tortured. I was going to die. Bad things were going to happen to me. I was panicking inside my head. I could hear the men still but it was getting harder to hear as fought against the crushing blanket of blackness.

Ben is going to kick ours asses for hitting her on the head like that” one said

She broke my damn nose, we had to do it. We would have never gotten her into the van” the second voice said.

Ben still doesn't want the new members damaged”

Oh well” the one with the broken nose muttered under his breath.

Before I could even dissect what was being said the sound was cut off and the blanket of blackness crushed me. I was unconscious. In my mind a saw flashes of my approach on the men in slow motion. They traded pictures with CSI in my head. All the dead bodies found. All the young women dead and enslaved, among other things.

I saw my family crying over a casket and I wanted to comfort them. I approached them passing the casket. Curious I looked into the casket and a silent scream broke my lips. It was my face. It was me. I was beginning to melt away like plastic doll who had been thrust into the fire. The eyes opened abruptly. They were black holes. I screamed and screamed.


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