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Chapter 4:

Home Sweet Home?


The night air was humid and calm as the three of us stopped to get gas at a local gas station in Missouri. We were only one more state away until we reached Minnesota, THANK GOD. So far I’ve been putting up two idiots who can’t stop messing with each other. It’s just constant bickering back and forth. I hate it. Harlem and Aiden could kill somebody just by arguing.

I sat at the hood of the car with my hands folded across my chest.

Meanwhile, Harlem was pumping gas into the Diablo, whistling out loud.

Aiden soon came out of the gas station while holding up a newspaper in his hands. He was chewing on some gum….well, more like CHOMPING. “Hey Pooper, Get a load of this. There’s been an attack just south of here. Two murders and the Police have no leads to who committed the crime.” Aiden said.

Harlem glared at Aiden as he closed the lid to the gas tank. He hated when Aiden called him Pooper, Harley, or Mutt. However he sent insults right back at Aiden, such as Fire crotch, Alcoholic Ace, or Mosquito. “It’s your kind that do all the mysterious murders.” Harlem told him.

Aiden glanced at the newspaper once more and examined the black and white picture of the crime scene. “You’re right,” He scoffed “Besides the scenes too clean for a Werewolf.”

I quickly butted in before Harlem said something nasty. Usually Aiden started it and Harlem finished it. “Alright, lets get going.” I told them and hopped into the car.

“WAIT” Harlem said suddenly. I watched through the window as he started to sniff the air. “Vampires”

Aiden lowered his paper so Harlem and I could see his eyes. “They’re in the gas station. It’s only two males. They seemed content.” He said.

Harlem and Aiden both got into the car. “It’s better to leave now. If they aren’t anxious they won’t follow us.” Harlem said and Aiden revved the engine.

I glanced out my window as we started leaving the gas station. Just outside of the building I saw two male vampires leaning against the brick wall. One of the vampires was wearing a tattered red and black-checkered flannel shirt and jeans. His light brown hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. Our eyes met for a split second. I quickly turned away once I saw him flick his head towards the other vampire.

Aiden sped up the Lamborghini once we reached the highway. It felt so strange seeing other vampires around the country. I felt so different. I didn’t really feel like a vampire at all. It was probably because I’ve lived with them for so long when I was human. I’m just so used to the lifestyle. It was that and I didn’t really know how to act all badass and tough. I don’t know any of the moves that Damien or the others have. They are all so quick and they make fighting look so easy. Using Weapons was a completely different story as well. I needed a lot of work done on myself if I was going to face Darius. We were driving for a good half hour on the freeway when I started to doze off.

“We’ve got company,” Harlem said. I turned my head and noticed a dark gray Hummer coming along side us. “We could easily out drive them,”He added.

“But, that’s not good enough. We’ve gotta take them out if they are going to attack,” Aiden said as he glanced at his car mirrors. The hummer was gaining speed.

“What? It’s those vampires? Why would they want to attack us?” I asked quickly.

Aiden spoke with haste. “It could be a couple of things. You’re scent is very strong Serenity. Those vampire assholes are probably curious. Female vampires are rare amongst our kind. They will try and snag you in a heartbeat.” He said and then turned to Harlem. “My other guess is that they smell WEREWOLF too. And of coarse they are going to try and bring Harley down.” He finished.

Harlem laughed, “Well, fire crotch, prepare to be amazed.”

My eyes widened. “NO HARLEM! It’s dangerous. You could get hurt or KILLED!” I snapped. Harlem laughed out even louder. “Serenity as least give me a chance to prove my strength before you go making me feel all weak.”

“Don’t take it personal, she is always like that. Even with Damien.” Aiden chuckled. BETRAYER! I scent him a glare.

“AM NOT!” I said right before a bullet pierced into the back of the Diablo.

Aiden opened all of the windows in the car, including the sunroof.

Harlem chuckled, “They’ve got guns, it’s time to rock!” He reached into his backpack and pulled out a silver gun. He then stuck his upper body out of the sunroof and began to shoot. Meanwhile, Aiden swerved the car to dodge the opposing bullets. The shooting continued for another two minutes. The hummer started to ride next to us. Harlem was able to shoot the red flannelled shirt vampire in the arm. His other partner was hidden and still driving.

Aiden suddenly jumped out of his window and threw himself on top of the hummer. The car started swerving until I took the wheel and hopped into the driver’s seat.

Harlem kept shooting as Aiden fought the two vampires directly.

My heart was beating quickly and I knew I was panicking. I think my hands were shaking.

Harlem started shouting at me, “If you aren’t fighting can you at least drive the car STRAIGHT!”

“SHUT UP! I’m nervous!” I yelled back. I never liked fast moving objects or high speed.

This continued for a good five minutes until Harlem stopped his shooting.“Forget this it’s taking too long.”

“What are you- HEY!” I snapped as he shoved me out of the driver’s seat. He sped up the Diablo, leaving the hummer trailing behind us.

“AIDEN IS STILL BACK THERE!” I snapped. He looked at me with a smirk on his face. I held on for dear life as he spun the wheel to the left. The Diablo started spinning in a circle. He shot out his window and aimed straight for the vampire driving the hummer. SOMEWHOW, he hit him at least five times in the chest. This caused the entire Hummer to quickly swerve right. The hummer then caught the cement highway divider, causing it too flip three times in a row. We came to a sudden stop and the air was silent.

I was the one to break it. “AIDEN!” I screamed.

“He’s fine” Harlem said simply and followed me over the hummer.

I watched as Aiden climbed out from the inside of the hummer. He was coughing a little bit. I helped him up.

“What the hell was that?!” Aiden suddenly snapped at Harlem. Harlem glanced down at the hummer and then shrugged his shoulders.

“It was taking too long so I hurried up the fight.”

“You could’ve killed me MUTT!” Aiden said dryly. I knew Aiden was right. Vampires are nearly indestructible, however they have one weakness and that is their heart. It’s the only thing that’s purely human about them. It’s the only way to kill them, or at least that’s what I think.

“Na you’ll be alright,” Harlem said.

Aiden straightened himself up and brushed the dirt off his shirt and jacket. “I already had the first vampire destroyed. You couldn’t wait one more minute??” Aiden asked Harlem.

“I’m impatient.” Harlem chuckled. He loved this. Aiden rolled his eyes. I glanced at Harlem. He fought perfectly without transforming in a Werewolf.

“Hmp, I was looking forward to seeing you transform into werewolf form.” I told him.

He shook his head. “I already said that you weren’t going to see me in that form. We would have to be in huge danger in order for that to happen.” I pouted in silence.

Was he really that scary? Or maybe…was he nervous about transforming? I didn’t want to ask. I knew now was not the time. The three of us quickly started to dispose of the evidence before human cops came. There wasn’t much to do since the hummer was already lit on fire. We just had to make sure the vampires burned completely before leaving.

Aiden came walking up form behind me. “It’s too bad you don’t have those sweet powers anymore. Those guys would have been killed in three seconds!” Aiden laughed. I quickly turned around with wide eyes. Aiden eyes met my own, confused. HARLEM DIDN’T KNOW MY SECRET!

Something soon must have clicked in Aiden’s brain because both of us gazed at Harlem with extra caution.

Harlem stood there by the burning hummer. The fire reflected inside his glistening pupils. Something had clicked inside his head as well and it wasn’t good. “My god….How could I not see it….?” He started to say.

“Harlem…please just listen” I said calmly. I put up my hands while Aiden stood cautiously next to me. He was thinking Harlem was going to attack me. He put one arm out in front of me.

“You are that girl who the vampire lords all want! You’re the one that’s been causing all of this chaos! Because of you, us Werewolves were getting killed and imprisoned for that tournament that was held in Canada! How could I be so stupid!?” Harlem started yelling.

“No Harlem! I never wanted that to happen!” I shouted. Tears were swelling up in my eyes. I’ve lost so many friends and I didn’t want to lose him.

“Both of you bloodsuckers stay away from me!” He roared.

“Harlem, please don’t go! WE NEED YOU!”

“No don’t go…” Aiden said in a monotone voice. He wasn’t going to be much help!

Before I could reach him, Harlem ran. He completely disappeared across the highway and vanished into the trees. I stood there in silence as the flames sparked and melted the metal remains of the hummer.

I felt Aiden’s hand touch my shoulder. “Harlem can’t handle what we are set out to do. This isn’t his problem nor place to be in,” he said.

I shook my head slowly, “I was sure he could’ve helped…he’s different, just like us….”

“Apparently not” Aiden scoffed as he gazed around the freeway. He was silent for a few moments. He looked backed at me with a little more concern. “He will be alright. He can take care of himself. And, we will be fine without him…”

“Yeah…” I muttered although I already felt like something was missing.

“Let’s get going.” Aiden said. We returned back to the Diablo and left the scene quickly. Aiden and I didn’t talk much. Our thoughts were both completely somewhere else. I wish I knew what he was thinking; however I knew he wouldn’t tell me. Not yet anyway. The sun was starting to rise over the horizon so we had to stop at the nearest hotel. Once we reached the room I set my bag of stuff down on the floor and laid on the one of the beds. I tried to think about other things.

“So, how is everybody? Does Aubrey miss me? How about Zack or Elijah?” I asked. I missed them all so much. Aubrey was my only girlfriend in the house. She always spoke up for me even against her older brother Damien.

“She is fine. Her and Zack are still together you could say. Elijah is good too.” He said. I wanted him to say more.

“Anything crazy happen while I was gone??” I pushed further.

“….Nope” He said hastily.

“Aiden, come on. Stop lying!”

“I’m tired. Lets talk more tomorrow in the car alright stripper?” He said while laying down on the other bed.

“Fine” I snapped and forced my eyes closed. The following night Aiden and I went for a quick hunt and then left once again. The night was very cloudy and I new a thunderstorm was setting in. I found myself thinking about Harlem. I should have never asked for his help. I should have kept my own business to myself. He didn’t need to get caught up in my problems. He would have helped us so much more though. We drove for a long while and finally crossed the border into southern Minnesota. I was relieved in a sense. I’ve made it this far and I wasn’t going to turn back now. I couldn’t, no matter what lied ahead. I wouldn’t turn back even if Damien hated me and wished my corpse were lying dead in Russia.

“We have to make a stop before we go home first,” Aiden said in the middle of silence. We were passing through the main cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. I lifted one eyebrow. Where could we possibly need to go?

“Where?” I asked.

“We need to go to Duluth and see Abel. I want him to come with us.” He said. It took me a few seconds to picture Abel the vampire in my head. Ah, yes. I’ve met him before. He was Elijah’s younger brother. He was a little off on reality though. He hated socializing. A while ago before the tournament, Damien, Elijah, Zack and myself went to visit him at his lighthouse. He never came out of it and humans thought it was abandoned for hundreds of years. He kept the door secure at all times and protected all of his objects and experiments. He apparently has always been a little crazy ever since Darius forced him out of Russia. Abel used to be the Russian lord’s advisor until Darius took over the throne by killing off his father. I’ve always felt bad for him.

“But why?” I asked.

“Elijah asked me as a favor and if I have to drag him all the way to his brother then I will. He didn’t tell me the exact reasoning behind it, however we need all the help we can get right now.” Aiden said. I nodded.

That much was true. We were driving for a good two and a half hours. We were taking a back road to Duluth. The road was very curving and constantly went up and down hills. Through the thick trees there were huge rocky cliffs with a river running though them. It would have been hard to see if I was human because the moon was completely hidden by a blanket of gray clouds. I glanced at Aiden and figured now was a good time to talk.

“Okay, so spill. No more lies. Tell me what’s really going on?”

He suddenly sped up the car with alert eyes. “Shit, it’s gonna have to wait.”

“What?! Why?!” I yelled. It all happened so fast after that. Something smashed into the back end of our car, causing it to go spinning a full 360 degrees. Both Aiden and I somehow got thrown out of the car windows, hitting the ground like gigantic boulders. We hit the ground so hard we left body indents in the tar. I could hear loud snarls and growls coming right in front of us. Oh, God, what the hell were we going to do? I opened my eyes and saw three HUGE werewolves crouching before us. It was three werewolves against basically only one trained vampire. The odds were more than against us. It didn’t help that the two of us were throbbing in pain. Sure vampires are supposed to be immortal but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel intense pain.

“Holy…mother of God” Aiden coughed. “We’ve got hell to pay this time.”

The middle werewolf got ready to end this one sided fight. The two others’ assumed the same position.

Aiden quickly stood and brought himself to a fighting stance. He was going to fight no matter what. I watched as blood ran down his ear and lip. He wiped his lips with his wrist and sneered. I stood up as well next to Aiden. I wouldn’t leave him alone to die. The middle werewolf howled wildly and then before I could really understand what was going on another werewolf sprung out of the trees. JUST GREAT THE Y BROUGHT ANOTHER FRIEND! My body stiffened and I heard Aiden curse. Now we were for surely dead.

I gazed at the other werewolf that appeared. His eyes glowed a deep crimson red. In what little light was out at this night I noticed his fur was a silky tan color. I stood there in my own horror until the new werewolf suddenly faced the other werewolves, shielding us. The growls grew quickly. I’ve never seen werewolves so angry. The tan werewolf leaped for the other leader.

Aiden soon assisted him and I found myself falling back like a coward. I had no idea how to fight what’s so ever. My instincts were growing wild inside my head but I forced myself to stay back. They didn’t need to worry about me fighting with them and getting killed. I decided to glance at the sandy colored werewolf. A force was connecting him to myself. Regardless of those blood shot eyes I knew that werewolf. It was Harlem Cooper.

He had followed us all along.

The fighting continued until I heard howls and moans. The three werewolves that tried to attack us were pulling back into the shields of the forest. Aiden quickly came over to me to check if I was injured. I kept my gaze at Harlem. His werewolf fur was scruffy and long just like his blonde hair. He was a skinny but well built werewolf. He looked like the kind of canine that could run for long distances very easily. He had a few cuts on his legs and back tail.

“Harlem!” I said his name. The tan wolf twitched his head still angry. His breathing was heavy and I knew he was forcing himself to calm down. His red stare never calmed. He turned to me and suddenly launched himself. This completely knocked Aiden out of the way. Harlem forced me onto the ground, pinning my body underneath his wolf form. He growled at me until our noses were almost touching. Then, suddenly he stopped. I watched the crimson eye color turn into a soft baby blue. His form shifted into his human self.

“This was why I didn’t want you to see me in true form,” he said and he leaned over me. We didn’t have to argue about it. I knew what made him upset. My breathing was heavy and I could smell a sweet and piney scent coming from him. I think I was blushing too. Harlem was naked all the way from head to toe. He got up quickly and vanished back into the trees.

Meanwhile, Aiden helped me up off the ground.“Oh great the mutt’s back.” He said full of annoyance.

Harlem stepped out of the trees fully dressed with the backpack in his back.

Aiden felt it was necessary to greet him. ‘Well, well, well, look it here Pooper is back!” He said with great enthusiasm.

“I knew you two missed me, especially YOU Alcoholic Ace” Harlem chuckled.

Aiden crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah right” he snorted.

I ran up to Harlem and gave him a hug. “What changed your mind?”

Harlem returned the hug while he answered my question. “I realized you must be going through a lot more bullshit than any werewolf right now. I shouldn’t have judged you like that. I was being selfish.”

“No you weren’t. I should have told you before I went begging to you.” I said.

He only laughed. “You know, I realized how much fun I was having, EVEN with the red headed leach.”

Aiden glared. “You took the words right out of my mouth Harley”

“HARLEM!” Cooper corrected.

“Yeah whatever”

I couldn’t help but give Harlem another hug. “Thanks for the help. We would have been donezo back there.” I said.

“No prob.”

Aiden soon butted in on us. “Yeah, yeah, that’s enough lets hurry up and go before I vomit”

“The three amigos are back in action!” I shouted. Both Aiden and Harlem rolled their eyes. We returned to the car. The Diablo was getting pretty smashed up. The back end was almost destroyed but we were still somehow able to keep driving it. We only had about one more hour to go until we would be home. We just had to make a quick stop first and get Abel!

I ignored Harlem and Aiden’s bickering over the radio station on the way to Duluth. Once we were finally in the huge old city I felt relieved. The two were driving me literally insane.

“So this guy is a nutcase?” Harlem asked as we drove the peer that over looked the giant lake superior.

“Yeah, if I remember correctly he hates mustard and dogs.” I said.

“Well, he definitely isn’t going to like me then” he scoffed and cross his arms over his chest.

Aiden laughed. “It’s probably a good idea if you stay in the car like a good little puppy.”

Harlem glared while letting out a small growl.

“But don’t worry, I’ll crack the window for you” Aiden chuckled.

It was funny but I forced back my laughter. “Shut up Aiden” I demanded.

“I’m not going to miss this! No way I’m staying behind,” Harlem said

“All right, but you’ve been warned” I told him while Aiden kept laughing. We parked the Diablo close to the old white and red lighthouse that Abel lived in. the towns’ people believed it to be haunted. On the outside it was old, rusted, and lifeless. But, on the inside it was full of secrets, experiments, and what would seem to be useless knowledge.

The three of us walked up to the door of the lighthouse and Aiden gave it a good knock. We waited for a good two minutes and knocked again. This time Abel cracked the door open. I could only see his bright aqua blue eyes. They looked frightened and exactly the same as last time.

“Ahh!” He screeched and slammed the door.

“Well, he seems pleasant,” Harlem said.

Aiden grunted lowly. I could tell he was getting angry. “I don’t have time for this shit.” He lifted up his foot and slammed the door open. We heard loud crashes and it sounded like metal and glass was breaking. Abel ran to hide. He was very clumsy. “Abel we aren’t here to hurt you. We need your help!” Aiden shouted.

Harlem and I followed him inside.

“I don’t want anything to do with you! It’s nothing but hell for me!” We heard Abel’s voice snap.

The inside of his lighthouse never changed. Neon colors and shiny objects still hung from the tall ceiling and the walls. Books were stacked high on the floor.

“Abel, your brother needs you!” Aiden said.

“AH!! You brought a dog too!” Abel screamed. Harlem didn’t seem offended. He thought this whole thing was very entertaining.

“It’s time to face your fears and see the world!” Aiden told him but it was getting us nowhere.

Abel still refused to go. He never left his lighthouse for more than fifteen minutes.

I watched Harlem walk over to Abel’s experiment table and grab a small glowing object. It was a glass round ball the size of a baseball. Inside the glass ball was a mixture of glowing multicolored pigments. The second Harlem held it, the ball glowed a vibrant green. Harlem held it out like he was going to break it. “Either come with us, or I’ll shatter it,” He threatened.

“No don’t! It’s my most important experiment! OKAY I’LL GO!” Abel yelled and stepped out of the shadows. His stall, lanky body stumbled out from a dark corner. His tangled black hair was falling around his eyes. Before Abel could run Aiden grabbed his arm and pulled him with us after he got his glowing glass ball back. The four of us hurried to the car.

Harlem sat in the back with Abel and just smiled at the poor vampire. Abel was horrified. He hated dogs and werewolf fell into that category. Abel clutched his glass ball close to his chest with wild eyes. This time his ball was glowing a deep chocolate brown.

“What is that thing Abel?” I asked.

His crazed eyes glanced at me for a quick second. He was always frightened of me even though I didn’t want him to be. “It’s an aura ball”

“What the hell is that?” Aiden asked.

Abel gently slid his finger around the glass ball as if mesmerized by its beauty. “It’s an experiment I’ve been working on for many years. Creatures like us have hidden energy that comes off of our skin. We each have our own aura color that glows secretly and radiates. Over time I’ve been able to create a device that can capture that radiating aura. By fusing chemicals into the glass ball, I’ve created a device that consumes creatures’ energies, thus saving their life by holding it in a capsule.”

“So…to make things easier.” Aiden started to say; “This glass ball takes creatures life so if they are dead their energy can be returned to them which brings them back from the dead?”

“Correct” Abel said.

“That’s amazing!” I said.

“It’s much harder than it looks…I’m still working on it” Abel said.

“For a nutcase like yourself, you are pretty smart,” Harlem told him. Abel didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and remained silent for the rest of the ride. Strange indeed that’s for sure. We drove for about another two hours.

The closer I was to home the more my heart was pounding and aching for Damien and the others. HOME. I couldn’t believe I was this close.

“HARLEM YOU WILL LOVE THIS PLACE!” I said happily once we were driving down a familiar road. It was the road to get to the Vampire Lord of America’s giant mansion. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Even though it wasn’t a castle, there was a fantasy feel to it. It was completely secluded from the world because of the giant forest. I started explain the inside of the house to him once we started driving down the driveway. “There are so many levels! And there is so much to do here!”

Harlem was smiling with me until I finished my last sentence. I watched his smile drop into confusion and maybe even horror. I then noticed the quietness in the air. I turned around to face the front of the car only to feel my heart drop into the pit of my stomach.

“This isn’t real…” I choked. In front of me I saw a giant mansion completely destroyed and in ruins. All that remained was a few standing brick walls, half of the giant stone stairway, and debris from the roof.

“Serenity, wait!” Aiden shouted but I ignored him. I bashed the car door open and sprinted for the mansion that was once my home.

This was not what I had planned…

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