Dark Tyrant

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Hot

Submitted: October 05, 2013

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Submitted: October 05, 2013



Chapter Five: Hot

My head felt groggy as light turned my lids a bright red. The flickered open to only sting as I stared for seconds right up at the sun, splotches staining my eyesight. I placed my arm down to help me sit up, but that stung painfully too. I yelped and my other hand flew down, but that got the same result, except I screamed. Someone grunted as I inspected my hand and arm, both an angry red. I turned my attention to the sound, but suddenly jumped up at a sizzle. And then another. My eyes flickered down and I saw the cause: my tears were basically frying on the hot iron floor. Now on my feet, they burned too, but what could I do? My guards started laughing as I jumped from one foot to another in an attempt to relieve them, but they only stung with increasing pain. My tears continued to evaporate on the sweltering iron floor, and through liquid my eyes focused on a barren desert and a cloudless, blue sky. I screamed suddenly as my soles cooked. The rolling-cage halted and Commander Marius cantered down and smirked on his light-brown horse, his eyes laughing at my discomfort. “Problem?”

My hiss quickly turned into a cry of agony as I stayed on one foot too long. “Go away!” I gasped.

He did a U-turn, shrugging carelessly. “Suit yourself. I’d just thought I could offer you something…”

I bit back tears from pain now suddenly introducing itself all over, become aware of my desperation. “Please!”

The commander’s brow rose as he purposely walked slowly passed my oven of a cage. “Beg for my kindness, and I’ll consider it momentarily.”

I suddenly collapsed onto my knees, and they and stung too, pain forcing me to ignore my pride. “Please. Commander. Please.”

Marius clicked his fingers insensitively, cool water suddenly flooding the cage floor, heaven on my burns. And then shade covered me too, as a white cloth spread over the top. “Keep her alive…if you can.”

Laughing, the cage lurched forward and Marius continued leading. I sat down and inspected my injuries: All of my burns where a pink red, but my feet were the worse. Even in the shade they stung and flared horribly, even when they where submerged in the water that was quickly dripping out. I winced drastically even thinking about the pain. Through the iron bars, I eyed and examined soldiers, watching their reactions and evaluating their emotions. Some were cheerful—those that were, were either constantly dripping wet or riding a horse—while others sulked or gained an attitude from the hot, dusty weather. My legs crossed from old habit, and I just sat there watching the landscape roll by, listening: Eagles soaring, the odd bush and the ever-present sounds of men grunting, horses whinnying, gravel and rock crunching and the Marius’s angry shouting and scowling. I suddenly realised how bored I was—only finding entertainment by blowing and twisting a few brown strands. Then even that got tiresome, and I eventually just resorted to laying on the iron floor, feeling the bumps as the large, wooden wheels rolled over rocks. “What’s the time?”

“Quiet, slave.” I heard the familiar voice of Victor snap. My insides rolled at his presence, and I started to cry, hearing my mother’s last words to me: Her scream of shock and horror. My lip trembled, and the soldiers suddenly caught me sobbing. Several snickered and most smirked. “Crying like a lost toddler—how sweet. Can’t find your family, dear?”

I had a drastic mood swing and jumped up, flinging myself at the warm iron walls, glowering death at the soldier who dare suggest my family. He rolled his grey eyes and continued walking. “If you dare mock me or my family again I’ll whip that tiny ass of yours so hard you won’t have anything to sit on when you use the toilet!” I snarled.

His blonde eyebrow rose, sneering. “You and whose army?”

“JUST SHUT UP!” I screamed, slamming my hands on the warm criss-crossing iron bars.

Big mistake, he mouthed as his commander’s horse walked briskly back, glaring, even more so when he finally noticed my absence of nakedness. “Who gave you that, thrall?”

I growled, my anger and frustration growing. “I’m not a slave!”

Marius’s lower intensified. “Answer me or you are asking for punishment!”

Out of the corner of my eye, Maneus’s slitted eyes flickered warnings at me. “I…don’t know.”

He snarled at my hesitation. “Liar! You stole it, didn’t you?”

Defiance joined the anger, even though he was half-right. “You dare accuse me of being a thief?”

The cage halted from Marius’s loud clap, and he threated me with the sight of cats-o’-nine-tails. Fear scrambled down my spine, and I fell backwards, gasping for air as sixteen stinging cuts flared all over my torso, legs and arms. Marius grinned at my fear as I stared wide-eyed at the nine cords and the assumed excruciating pain that went with it. “I don't like liars or thieves, but I especially save my extreme hate for people who are insulters, liars, thieves, rebels and disobeyers all in one. My cat hasn’t tasted her milk yet, so this will be interesting.”

Fear grasped me and didn't let go—as did the soldiers who unlocked my cage with a smirk and tied my arms on two bars, about a meter apart. I struggled with the rope, screaming with tears as Marius stepped in, stroking the horrific whip. My legs tried to push me away, but I was anchored. “I haven’t done anything wrong!” I screamed, choking on my terrified sobs.

The commander laughed, as did many soldiers I loathed. “I’ll believe that when your punishment had been delivered.”

My shirt was now dripping from the results of sobs, and I gasped at the sight of an Irish-green cape in a far corner, a shadow it’s only refuge from Marius’s hawk-like gaze. But the touch of a finger tracing my cleavage made me focus on Hisca’s face.

The name is appropriate for such a wicked, uncaring, ass-of-no-limits demon.

My inside swirled, revolted. Again, I struggled, screaming in desperation. “Fine, you worthless dog! Rape and then whip me naked right in front of those disgusting animal-like soldiers of yours! What can I do except indulge your torments?” I hissed.

Marius’s brown brow rose. “Rape you? My, my, who’s the lustful one now?”

My teeth clenched, and I replied through them, outrage clear in my tone. “Get your dirty hands off me!”

I shook with rage as his finger traced up my neck, around my lips and back down to my cleavage. “I’m just admiring your body before I pleasure myself by whipping you. And hearing your screams.”

My thoughts snarled. He really has no limits! He’s just a sick, feral thing that Hisca himself created from the deepest, MOST HORRIBLE PART OF HIS MIND! I cringed at the intensity of the factual words, biting back both terror and the agony of helplessness. The men’s menacing laughter rung in my ears, the soundtrack to my torture, and in the sweltering heat, my head ached from the overwhelming stress, pain and emotion.

“Leave me alone. I didn’t steal anything. How could I?”

He seemed to process this, before stepping out and pacing in front of the men, glaring. I caught sight of Maneus’s gulp. “Which of you did this? Which of you thought you could slip past my gaze when I wasn’t looking? I promise, I’ll make your death penalty quick and painless if you confess now.”

Anger made me answer his question. “That officer of yours, Maneus.”

Marius turned to face him, scoffing. “Commander, please. She obviously lies.”

“No!” I screamed. “His cape, it’s there, in the corner! He came in last night, gave it to me!”

Everyone laughed. “An officer gave his cape to you?” One snickered.

“Wishful thinking. Like he would bestow that honour on a slave!”

“Quiet, all of you!” Marius snapped as he stepped back inside the cage and inspected the corner. His breathing turned ragged as he spun around, his expression the look a bull gives you when it sees red.

“You think you’re being funny? You think you can make me look like a fool?” Marius snarled, ripping off my shirt and throwing it aside. This time, the soldiers got a clear view and obviously liked what they saw.

Tears broke through my defiant, angry composure. “I’m not a liar!” I screamed, horrified at the sudden absence of the once-there cape. I stifled a scream when the commander kneed me in the abdomen. “You ungrateful insect! It seemed my flogging isn’t enough punishment for you!”

After a snap of his fingers, the sheet was suddenly tugged off and the sun once more beat down on me. I writhed as Marius tugged a long, triangular dagger out of its scabbard, the scream it made sinister. I was helpless as he plunged the tip lightly in my wrist and brought it down, ending at my hip, a violent stinging arising.  A scream of agony ripped through my lips as the commander literally rubbed salt into the cut, before prising and tearing the skin fibres with his fingers. I squirmed, but that only caused more pain, and sobbing, I choked, “Stop this! P—p—pleeeeese!”

The soldier’s malicious laughter was background noise as I considered the fact on how being so evil could be humanely possible. I recoiled as my torturer whispered in reply, almost hissing like a cobra amused by his prey’s suffering. “Your begging is amusing.” He turned around to face the soldiers. “Should I comply?”

All the soldiers thumbs-downed, and I growled mentally at my history teacher for giving me the knowledge of what that meant—I was about to go through torment of unspeakable horror. The cracking of Marius’s fingers and his grin of fiendish delight confirmed my suspicions. Desperate, I blurted something I hated myself for: “Stop! Please! Do anything to me—rape me, I don’t care—just don’t cut or whip me anymore!”

The silence that hovered was excruciating. They all just stared at my half-naked, abused body, brows raised. And I continued squirming in pain, my left side on fire. Marius laughed and stepped out, locking the door with my naked upper-half still on show. I watched him in despair canter down the side of my cage and felt the lurch as my prison rolled onwards. Desperate to avoid the stares of my captors, my eyelids fell and refused to open.

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