It's All About The Money

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

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Submitted: February 28, 2014




Charla woke up the next morning to find an empty bed. She wasn't surprised at this. When she was out late, usually her kids woke up before her. She heard the familiar sound of Bugs Bunny on the television and she knew that her kids were awake. She smiled slightly and carefully got up. Her abdomen still stung slightly from the workout she had last night, but she managed to get up. She stretched her arms and only her arms before moving to get off the bed. She stayed in her pajams but just put on her zebra like slippers. Moving out of the room, she turned in the living room to look at the clock. Nine thirty in the morning? Wow, she did oversleep.

The instant that Charla came into the room, Allie looked up to check the sound and a wide smile came on her face. She got up and ran to her mother. Charla gave her a wide smile back and she picked up her daughter once she was close. She lifted the girl to her hip and hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek. Allie giggled and wrapped her small arms around her mother's neck and gave a long kiss at her mother's cheek, making a 'mchwua' sound a bit dramatically. Charla smiled and said, "good morning sweetie. It's always nice to wake up to see a smiling face." Allie giggled and turned her head back to look at Conner. Charla looked as well and she told him, “Hey bud, good job for watching your sister.”

She took out her other arm and she asked, “can I get a good morning hug from my little bud too?”

Conner giggled and got up. He walked over to her and hugged her legs. She smiled and leaned down slightly to have half her arm around him and holding him close to her leg. She giggled and said, “there, the best good morning ever.” She kissed Allie’s cheek once more before kneeling down. She let her daughter go and she kissed Conner’s cheek.

Charla gently placed her hands on Conner’s face and she told him, “I mean that, Conner. That was very good of you to watch your sister was so long. Thank you.” She kissed his forehead once more before she patted his shoulder. Conner was blushing and he kissed her cheek too. Charla smiled and let him go back to the television, watching cartoons.

Standing up, she turned to look at them. God knew just how well behaved her kids were. Conner was always responsible and calm and good. He rarely acted out. Allie was just the same and Charla knew she had gotten lucky. It was as though a gift from God that if she had to do this to keep her kids safe, he would at least help her out by giving her kids who she knew could leave for work by themselves and they would know how to stop a burning fire if it happened.

Smart, brave, responsible, loving, caring kids.

Charla got lucky, and she wouldn’t take advantage of that luck. She only left Conner and Allie when she had to and she would always praise them. She would praise them for almost everything. Charla never got praise from her parents growing up and she loved the blush and smile on her kid’s faces when she had praised them. Her kids were the only thing that Charla was willing to give her life for. Everything about them made her so….so happy that she would literally feel her heart swell in size.

She wondered how their acts didn’t come from their fathers. Charla knew that the two had different fathers. They had to be, of course. She hadn’t seen Conner’s father nine months before he was born and she had narrowed Allie’s father down to four men, but she never bothered to try and contact them. She doubted that they would want Allie in their life, not to mention that she was scared that they would take her from Charla.

Charla wouldn’t lose her little girl.

Standing for a couple of seconds more, Charla looked over the house. The windows were letting in some sunlight and she moved to shut off the lights before heading to the kitchen. She noticed their dishes into the sink. She could see some of the cereal crusting at the sides so she put some hot water in it to get it to stick off. Charla wished she could buy better and more child-like cereal for her kids, but so far Special K was going to have to make due and that usually left a sticky mess on the plastic kiddie Disney bowls that the children used.

After soaking the dishes for a bit, she got her own bowl and spoon out before filling it with cereal. She got out the milk before realizing that it was almost empty. She would need to go shopping soon. She already had a lengthy list going. Charla, however, didn’t get paid until the end of the week, but the fridge was almost empty. The end of the week was in six days.

Deciding, she left the milk out and put some of the cereal back into the box before eating what was left with her spoon. She had the night off tonight  and she had hoped to be able to spend it with her kids but if she had to go out then she had to go out. She needed to get at least something else in the fridge for her kids to eat. They couldn’t last on three eggs, half a block of cheese, a carton of milk, some apples, and the rest of the cereal box. Conner could eat all of that in two days alone. And she needed something for lunch and supper. Although, they could have an egg each for lunch and her kids could have the apples with it, Charla could take them out for supper. She had a little more than thirty dollars left. That should cover it if they went somewhere cheap.

Charla was in such deep thought that she didn’t even notice when her daughter came over until she was pulling at her sweater. Charla looked down and gave her daughter a smile despite her worries before the little girl asked, “mommy, can we go to the park?”

Laughing slightly, the mother nodded and she told her, “yes, sweetheart. Of course. We can go there after lunch.”

Beaming, the little girl giggled and ran back to sit beside her brother on the couch. Charla smiled a little as well. She wouldn’t let her kids watch too much television since it was expensive, but Saturday cartoons was a must for her kids and a couple of hours of television every couple of hours wasn’t too bad. The only reason that she bought it was so that the kids could do while she was gone that wouldn’t put them into too much trouble. She had about seven movies for them and they got three channels. Their television was terrible. It was used and old, 1980s old, but it did its job and that’s all Charla and her kids needed.

The movies were pretty centered in Conner and Allie’s interests, but there were a couple of movies that seemed more towards Allie (The Last Unicorn and Barbie Princess of Swan Lake). Conner wasn’t always too keen on watching those movies, but the others he loved to watch: Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Troll In Central Park, Land Before Time, and Balto. The two didn’t watch a lot of television since they were usually playing with their toys, reading, and drawing, but at least they have something to do if they want to quiet down.

After eating, Charla walked over to the two and she sat down beside them. Allie smiled and moved over to go on her mother’s lap. Charla smiled a little more before kissing her head. She moved Allie so that she was still facing the television before she began to braid her daughter’s hair while Conner moved to lay down, his head against his mother’s legs. Charla smiled down at them. She was glad to be able to have time like this with her kids. It didn’t happen as often, but she liked it. She liked being able to do things like this with her kids. Even just being near them gave them a sort of presence that helped her to get through the day.

She would at least put them to bed before leaving for the night. She wouldn’t miss another night like that again.




The park was pretty quiet today. There weren’t a lot of kids around, but it was looking pretty gray in the sky and the wind was pretty gold. That didn’t matter to the kids though. Conner and Allie ran to the swings while Charla took her time. Five other children were playing on the monkey bars and slides.

By the time that Charla got to the swing-sets, Conner was already starting to swing in the air while Allie sat their waiting. The little two year old needed a little more help for swinging since she wasn’t exactly strong enough to pump herself on the swing. She gently pushed her daughter to a start and smiled when she heard the little girl giggle. She kept pushing her daughter, making her only go as high as she saw safe. Allie had fallen off of the swings before and she was pretty high up. Charla didn’t dare make that same mistake again.

Conner beside them was singing high in the sky, closing his eyes as he went up and down. He was going pretty high himself, but Charla knew to trust him that she wouldn’t let go like Allie would. Already at the age of two her daughter was an adrenaline junky.

But it was Conner she was worried about right now. He would be going to school come the fall, which wasn’t too far away since it was the middle of spring. Months went by fast. Life just went by fast. Charla didn’t want to have Conner miss out on school, but that too would be a lot of money. Conner needed friends, but come school he would need good clothing and school supplies, which were all a good amount of money. The last thing that she wanted was Conner to go to school and get bullied because of her. That was the last thing she could ever want for her children. It was her who should suffer, not them and she knew it.

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