My roommate

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - chapter ten

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Chapter ten

“Ah uh ah uh,” I panted heavily. And shit was I sweating like crazy, I was winning though, at least I think I was. Plus I haven’t done this in a while, but I was enjoying myself. Haven’t had street fights like this in a while.

“Hey Mei,” said the opponent, “When’d you get back?”

I took in a deep breath and wiped my sweat, “Two days ago,” I said while smiling.

“What’s with the shirt?” the opponent asked.

“Oh, gotta cover my wounds you know!” I said sarcastically, as my opponent swung his fist by me and tried to knock me down.

“Got in a fight,” the opponent said heavily as he was catching his breath as I threw back some moves.

“Yea a nasty one, but I gotta do what I need to do if I want something.” I said back as I jumped as he kicked below me. “Right?” I said after I landed back onto the ground.

“Found something special or what?” the opponent said laughing.

“I don’t know,” I said back to him as I kicked at him.

“Hey guys!” the opponent shouted. “Looks like Mei’s in love!”

The crowd laughed and started some jokes but I never took my eyes off of my opponent. I either attacked or dodged his blows he was throwing at me. I panted heavily and grasped for air, I stopped for a while to catch my breath and fought again.

“Good thing my opponent was Shui, it would make me stronger if I trained with him everyday” I thought to myself.

Shui was/has been like family to me. He treated me like a regular person no matter who I am, he also taught me street fighting. Shui who lived in the arena, who is 25 years old, was an orphan. So he knew what it was like to live in poverty. He found me when I was in secondary school. I was full of cuts, and bruises. Shui took me in and trained me, he let me stayed with him, provided me with food, shelter, and tuition fees. He was like a brother I never had.

I accidently let my guard down and “BOOM” as I fell onto the hard cement ground.

“Ugh, I surrender Shui.” I said quietly as I raised both of my arms up.

“Good, because I think you were too side tracked to defeat me! But it’s not like you could’ve anyway!” Shui said jokingly as everyone laughed along with him.

“Yea, that’s so true.” I muttered quietly. (Although I think Shui heard that comment)

I got up from the cold, hard cement ground and hugged Shui.

“Shui, fight me again next time!” I said proudly to him. Shui pulled me up from the ground.

“Xiao mei mei,” Shui said calmly. Shui only called me this when he was serious, which meant little sister. I back at him with serious eyes. “I’m here you know, so if you have troubles you can come talk to me.” He said quietly.

I nodded my head and left the underground city. I rode the elevator and arrived on the main floor.

“Hello Tai, how was your day?” I said to the desk manager.

“You certainly know what my answer is,” Tai said in arrogant way.

“I lost to Shui again,” I said trying to change the topic. Tai stiffened as I mentioned Shui and regained her composure.

“What do you expect,” Tai said as we entered the elevator with a pack of guests. We stood in silence in the elevator all the way up to the top floor. Tai got off on the seventeenth floor, while I got off on the twenty-third. It took a while to reach there, but that was where champs. In the underground city stayed. Not Shui though, he lived in the arena. I walked down a long hallway till the end and stood in front of a door. It had my name on it, but I didn’t put it on. Tai or Shui either stuck it on.

I entered the room and as usual everything was where it was before I left. The walls were still a dark blue, almost black. My pictures were still hanging on all of the walls. There were pictures of Shui, and me, Tai in some of them when we first came here. And finally opponents who I have fought whether I won the fight or lost. There were also writings on the wall, along with drawings of when I got bored, along with measurements of When Shui marked my height down. I plopped down on my bed, fresh scent of laundry. After a few minutes of thinking things through, as I got up from my bed a knock came through the door. Not just any ordinary knock but the knock Shui and I used. We were always on the run, so we had secret knockings, hand motions we created, and secret codes to talk to each other. For one example “I love you,” stood for “Danger, run!” but anyways I went to open the door. Shui was standing on the other side of the door waiting.

“Shui,” I said quietly.

“Xiao mei mei,” Shui said quietly, with a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I said with anxiety. I now felt like I just got punched in the stomach a million times, with that nausea feeling.

“Can I come in?” Shui said quietly.

“Yea sure,” I said cautiously. He walked in and plopped dead onto my bed.

“Shui,” I said alarmingly. Surprised that he would ever do that to my bed!

“Just let me rest for a bit,” Shui said quietly.  Rest, Rest! He called it, instead he dozed off in less than five minutes. I was so mad at him, he came to my room looking like he had just seen a ghost, and then he falls asleep on my bed.

“Ugh, arghhh…” I shouted. I jumped into the shower and cooled off with a cold shower. When I got out of the shower, I wrapped myself into a towel and opened the door.

“ahh, the cool breeze,” I said to myself. As I turned to my dresser I realized that I didn’t have any clothes. Well I did but that was when I was in secondary school, and I am now a senior.

“I need to go shopping,” I said loudly thinking to myself.

“Should I take you?” Shui said loudly.

“aghh, shit Shui don’t scare the shit out of me,” I said loudly.

“Ah ha ha ha ha, Mei, you should’ve seen your face!” Shui said loudly while laughing.

“No, I’ll go later, but give me one of your nice shirts!” I said hesitantly.

“Why,” Shui said disappointed. “Why a good one,”

“Well I don’t want a smelly one,” I said irritated.

“Fine, I’ll get you one,” Shui said calmly as he got off the bed.

“Oh, what was up with earlier?” I said worriedly.

“Ah, that. I just felt like shit after coming up so high, nothing important at all why?” Shui said jokingly.

“No, nothing I was just wondering.” I said in a rush. “Oh, and as you go down can you ask Tai to lend me one of her leggings! Oh and don’t forget an undie, Please!” I said with a puppy face.

“Fine, fine” Shui said after a brief pause. “Geez, asking me to ask Tai for a pair of pants and an undie. That’s something you ask for yourself,” Shui said as he was exiting the room.

“Thanks Shui!” I shouted through the room.

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