My roommate

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - chapter 11

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




Chapter Eleven


Man, was Shui sure taking his time. It’s already been half an hour and I’m standing in my room wrapped in nothing but a towel. I grabbed my old shirt which lay on the ground that was soaked with the smell of sweat and some blood, and wrapped it around my breast. Of course there was no way, I was going to be topless, and be in my room when someone (Shui) could come in anytime while I’m pacing through the room waiting for someone to be my knight in shining armor and bring me my lingerie and shirt.. I rummaged through my old clothes in my small dresser. All of them were basically too small. There was no way I could fit into a pair of pants or a shirt that I wore four or five years ago. I finally found a piece of cloth big enough to use as a temporary bottom piece.

I managed somehow to make it cover everything that was exposing my personal areas. I, at some point when I was trying to cover my areas thought I was going crazy. Feeling like a caveman/woman didn’t make me feel any better along with the things I am also going through. Even though, you could say that I am a murderer/killer… kinda, well at least I didn’t hurt innocent people. Well anyway I somehow managed to cover my areas, and was ready to head out of my room, and find that stupid idiot to where he had gone with my shirt and lingerie he was suppose to bring me.

I opened the door slowly, to make sure that nobody was in the hallway when I exited. I slowly exited my room, and proceeded down the long hallway and into the elevator. Something was wrong though, either I had just forgotten that I pressed the elevator button to open or it was just always open and I had entered it.

“Dude! Move out of my way,” a man shouted throughout the corridor.

“WATCH IT MAN,” argued back another man.

“Let’s just hurry up and finish what we have to do,” said the first man.

“Yea, lets’ finish this little whore and get back to watching T.V.” said the second man

“Is T.V all you care about?” the first man asked.

"If it counts as being the most important thing to me, then yes.” The second man answered.

“Shit!” I thought to myself, now I was screwed. How did they find me here? Did Chao send them?

I pressed the elevator button the close the door, but it didn’t. Good thing it didn’t make the “DING!” sound, else I would’ve been fucked up big time. After worrying about myself and the elevator, I noticed that the two men were gone. Then I heard some faint talking coming from my room. I couldn’t hear it, but they were both mumbling about something. I thought of escaping, and taking the stairway they had come. Before they found me in here, and kill me. I waited to make sure that they weren’t going to exit my room when I was about to make a run for it. I waited and waited for the perfect timing. Then it had come, I got a feeling like now was the time to make a run for it. I sprinted as fast as I could, although I had to hold on to my bottom clothing. It was getting loose, as I kept running. I made it past my room and to the front of the stairway door. As I opened the door, in a loudly way I tripped over something as I was running. I fell to the ground face flat with my ass sticking out. I got up trying to quickly continue my sprinting, but someone grasped hold of me before I could start. I turned around to see who it was. It was Shui.

“Shui!” I shouted loudly, but he covered my mouth before I could continue.

“Shhh,” Shui said quietly. I nodded my head at him, and he released his hand from my mouth.

“What took you so long?” I whispered.

“Ran into trouble,” Shui said quietly.

“Who are they?” I asked Shui quietly.

“I don’t know, they came asking for you.” Shui said suspiciously. My eyes widened as I heard that they asked for me.

“Did they say where they were from?” I said feeling guilty.

“No, after I told them I didn’t know they just left.” Shui said looking confused. I sighed after hearing that, but it still worried me.

“Did anybody get hurt?” I asked quietly.

“No? Why would people get hurt?” Shui asked looking at me weirdly, and then realized that I was wearing my old soaked shirt and some jeans that covered my bottoms. “Here, your clothes you asked for,” he said calmly as he handed it to me.

“Thanks, I waited a life time for these.” I said to him. “How long have you been here?” I asked Shui.

“I don’t know about ten minutes,” Shui said. “When I got up here they were already here.”

“What were they doing?” I asked Shui as I dressed myself in proper clothing.

“Before I reached the top I heard them talking about bounties, and living in luxury,” Shui said quietly as he was facing the other way, as I undid my bottom. “When they saw me, they got quiet then came and questioned me about you.” I paused at changing, and continued.

“Shit, I have to get out of here.” I said quietly. Shui looked at me weirdly, and then went back to having a calm expression.

“Xiao mei mei, are you sure your ok?” Shui said worriedly. “Nobody’s chasing or hunting you down.”

“And if I told you yes,” I said with a serious face. Shui looked shocked, his face went pale. It almost hurt to tell him the truth. “I’m just joking!” I said loudly, as I smiled and laughed at him. His face returned to a normal color, but still had the worried look on his face.

“Relax bro,” I said quietly as I smiled at him, trying to convince him.

“As long as you say so,” Shui said quietly. I heard some laughing and talking getting closer to us, as if they were right on the other side of the wall. I had to leave, and fast.

“Listen Shui, I have to go.” I said quietly. He gave me a weird face, in return but I was pretty sure that I was running away from them. But he was kind enough to not butt in. He nodded his head and waved bye to me. I waved back to him as he was motioning to sit down on the stairs.

As the door clicked open, I sprinted as fast and as quietly as I could. Trying to avoid noise and getting out of here as fast as possible. I was screwed, big time. As I reached the last case of stairs I ran as fast as I could, not caring if I made noises anymore. I opened the door with all my might, slamming the door against the paved wall and running out as the door closed with a loud bang.

I bumped into Tai, as I ran out. Making her spill her paper work all over the floor, I stopped and helped pick up the papers in a rush, hoping that they haven’t figured out that I was here. I handed the papers to Tai quickly as I stood up.

“Mei, are you alright?” Tai asked me.

“Umm, yea,” I said hesitating. “Perfect! Listen I’ll be leaving for a while. Oh and please tell the workers to not enter my room or clean it up, please and bye!” I said quickly. I started to run out again when I got caught between buff arms on each side of me. I looked up, and saw that it was the two men who were rummaging through my room.

“FUCK!” I shouted loudly, and everyone in the large room turned to stare.

“Time to go little girl,” said one of the men with a grin on their face.

“I don’t think so,” I said loudly as I twisted and freed myself. I roundhouse kicked one of them, and used the spinning back kick on the other. I backed away from them, trying to catch my breath. When they were getting back up, I decided to run for it. I ran out of the hotel, and sprinted to a cab. When I got in, I realized that I didn't have my bags and I needed them. In there were addresses, phone numbers and my wallet.

“Where to?” the cab driver asked.

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