My roommate

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - chapter 3

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



Chapter 3


The next morning I woke up in the bed lying next to my roommate. I tried to remember what happened. First I got back from shopping, took a bath, fainted, woke up with a kiss, my roommate telling me that he would make me fall for him. I blushed staring at him, trying really hard to remember, after 5 minutes of trying to remember I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I was done I went over to my shopping bags and looked at my clothes I just wasted my money on yesterday. I got everything out of the bags and tried to coordinate them. Most of them were in a maroon/burgundy color, which was my favorite color. Even my hair was that color, my eyes were a light brown with big pupils. I still have baby fat on my face, which made me look childish yet cold at the same time. I was easygoing and got along with everybody on the outside, but on the inside I had no one, no one to love me or care for me. I went to school, after school I went to work to support myself, after work I go home and do my studies, then go to sleep. When I got sick, no one came to visit and see me. Not even my family, what kind of family is that right, but I still love them even if they don’t love me. So I figured, I’ll just go live by myself and be alone. Well that was until I met Angie and Sarah at the start of school. I smiled at my clothes and went back to picking my clothes. Out of 23 things to wear I wore a burgundy loose top with a new pair of white skinnies I bought at Hollister. I put on a wing necklace that went along with my outfit, and wore a burgundy pair of boots. I shoved all of the other clothes back into their bags. I grabbed my digital camera, iPod, headphones, wallet, and my purse. I opened the door and left the hotel. I went for a walk and ended up finding a stream on my way, I stayed there for three hours. In those three hours I sat by the rocks and took off my heels. I looked at the sky and saw that it was a clear sky. I walked in the stream singing and humming with my iPod. I skipped rocks, and took pictures of the stream and woods. I took pictures of myself and other people who passed by. I saw the time and thought that I had better return if I wanted to put the pictures in the red room and paint. I left the stream and started my way back until I ran into stray dog. It was skinny and hungry. I could tell that it hadn’t eaten in days. I carried it back with me to the hotel and into my room. I put my digital camera on the table along with my iPod, and coat. I brought it into the bathroom and set it down in the bathtub. I gently sprayed him with warm water and it seemed that he liked it. I washed him thoroughly and rubbed some shampoo onto him and washed every part of him till he was covered in bubbles and smelled good. After 10 minutes I rinsed the shampoo off of him and dried him. I got him out of the bathtub and into the kitchen. I fed it some dog food I bought at the store on my way back with him and poured it in a bowl. He ate all of it till there was no more in the bowl, I poured some more for him and made a collar out of ribbon for him. It was the color ivory with burgundy strips on the edges. I got my camera and took some pictures of him. Later after a couple of hours he got tired and fell asleep on my bed. I went into the red room and stayed in there for five hours. I waited till all the pictures were ready and dry then I opened the red door and saw that the dog was waiting by the door. I got out and sat the pictures on the table, I got out my canvases, paint, and paint brushes. I got half way of painting a picture of me by the stream, but a call interrupted my work.

I picked up my cell and answered the call. There was a pause from me for two minutes. I grabbed my wallet and opened the door fiercely while crying running into my roommate’s chest. I pushed him and ran out of the hotel, the dog ran after me. I got a cab and got in with the dog. “Where’s the nearest airport?” I asked the cab driver “in twenty minutes, if I drive fast and avoid traffic probably fifteen almost ten.” He said. “Step on it!” I said.

We got to the airport in twelve minutes which was ok I thought. I bought an eight’0 clock flight to china as soon as possible. I looked at the time and it was only quarter to seven, I looked for a telephone to call back to the hotel. I found one not far away from my flight area. I dialed in a number and waited for it to dial. It connected I thought. “Angie?” I said. “Michelle, Where are you? Your roommate said you ran out in a panic with a dog.” She said. “Uh, yeah, I guess I did do that. Umm, can you tell the teacher that I’m going to be away for a while because of family issues, please!” I said starting to tear up. “Michelle” she said then she paused. “What happened?” she said quietly. “My mom is dying.” I said crying. “Angie I got a favor to ask?” I said. “Sure anything!” she said trying to cheer me up. “Can you come to the airport and take the dog back with you and take care of it while I’m gone.” I said pleading. “Yeah, it’s the closest airport right!” she said. “Yeah, thanks.” I said and ended the call. Angie, Sarah, and my roommate came after ten minutes of the call. I showed them the dog, and hugged them goodbye. It was already ten till eight. I hugged Angie first, then Sarah who was crying, and lastly handshake my roommate. I let go of his hand and started to walk to the entrance for the eight’0 clock flight. I started to tear up, but I held them back. I couldn’t cry now, not when they were already crying for me. I kept walking without looking back at them, but a pull on my hand made me stop. My roommate pulled me around and hugged me. “How come they get a hug, and I only get a handshake?” he said. I couldn’t hold in my tears anymore, they started to come out bit by bit. “I’m not happy one bit.” He said. “Every time I see you, you’re always crying. How come I never see the smiling you?” he said. I wiped away my tears and smiled at him. “That’s better!” he said. He pulled me close and leaned down and kissed me on the lips, I blushed. He pulled back and my friends were oohing at us. “That’s my second kiss now.” I said. “I know, but we’ll kiss tons after you come back so it doesn’t matter right!” he said. I smiled and waved them a final good bye. I entered the entrance flight and disappeared through a flock of people.

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