My roommate

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - chapter 4

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Submitted: October 19, 2012



Chapter 4

One day already pasted and it was six p.m. now, the plane will be landing in 30 minutes or so. I couldn’t sleep a wink, not when my mother was sick and dying. I tried to think positive, but it didn’t help at all. I sat by the window, all I did for twenty two hours was stare out into the sky. When I finally fell asleep, I woke up from a child crying. I looked at the time and only twenty minutes passed by. I walked over to the little girl. “What’s wrong?” I said. “I can’t find my mommy!” she said crying. “Well if I help you look for her will you stop crying?” I said. “Yea.” She said with a smile on her face. First we started looking in the back we checked every seat and the bathroom. Then we checked the middle aisles First we started looking in the back we checked every seat and the bathroom. Then we checked the middle aisles First we started looking in the back we checked every seat and the bathroom. We went onto checked the middle aisles and then the front aisles, but we never saw her. The plane was starting to land and we had to be seated so we sat in two empty seats until we landed. We got off the air plane first and waited to see if her mom came out. We stayed there until everybody got off, just when we were turning back we heard a woman. “Wait I still have to find my daughter!” a woman said in a brown dress with blonde hair and blue eyes. “ma’am, we have to unload everybody on the plane.” the flight attendant said annoyingly. “But what about my child?” the woman said. “Ma’am I’m sure she’s safe.” The attendant said. “MOMMY!” said the little girl as she turned around. “Erica!” oh where did you go?” the woman said worriedly. “Mommy, this girl helped me!” said the little girl. “Thank you so much! If I lost her too I don’t know what I’d do without her.” The woman said. I stared at the little girl and then at the mom. It reminded me of my mom when we would travel together. Then I just remembered that I had something to do. “Excuse me, but I have an urgent business, so if you would excuse me I’ll have to leave.” I said anxiously. “Of course I didn’t mean to hold you back!” the woman said. “No it’s just I want to see my mom too before she leaves me.” I said trying to hold back my tears. I bent down and said goodbye to the little girl and her mom and ran towards the exit of the airport.

I got a cab as fast as I could and went to “Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.” When I got there I went to the main desk and asked for the room numbr where Jasmine Xiong was in. They told me that all visitors were prohibited unless we were related. “I’m... i'm Mei!” I said loudly. “I’m so sorry princess, I didn’t realize it was you.” The nurse said nervously. “Just tell me the room number!” I said angrily, “and don’t call me princess.” “I’m so sorry Ma’am, its room 604 on the East wing.” The nurse said. I left in a hurry, didn’t care to what the stupid nurse said. I ran in the halls even though we weren’t supposed to, but it’s not like they can tell me what to do. After all I’m one of the emperor’s six children that everybody hates. When I got to the 600th floor I walked so I could calm down before I entered the room. When I found the room I stood outside the room for five minutes thinking what could go wrong. Would I break down and start to cry, get mad and run out of the room, go to where my father was and start yelling at him making a fool out of myself in front of my so-called siblings. I raised my hand and started for the door knob, my hand touched it and I opened the door. When I walked in and turned to the bed I saw no one in the room. I checked the bathroom, the bed, under the bed, but I never found her. I went to the center desk and asked. “Excuse me, but do you know where Jasmine Xiong is? She’s not in her room.” I said worriedly. “Jasmine Xiong, she died this morning at 7 a.m.” the nurse said. No way, I thought. This can’t happen to me I haven’t seen her in five years, and when I come to see her I can’t even see her anymore. “Your lying.” I mumbled. “Pardon me?” the nurse said. “Nothing.” I said loudly and ran away. I ran down the stairs instead of taking the elevator and headed for the main desk. I walked over to the nurse who gave me the room number and slapped her on the face. “Gong Ju Mei?” the nurse said almost crying. “Why did you lie to me!” I shouted in anger, “WHY?” I said again. “I’m sorry princess, the emperor told me not to tell you becau..” “DON’T CALL ME PRINCESS, DO I LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS TO YOU? DO I?” I screamed. “No Ma’am.” The nurse said crying. “Where’s my mother?” I said, starting to calm down. “Lee and Xue Yan came in this morning and took her to back to the main house.” The nurse said. I walked toward the main doorof hospital and left.

I took a cab to the main house, when I got there I remembered memories I didn’t want to remember. I went to the side of the house and entered the house where I usually entered through a side door made for my mother and me. I walked in and saw that Lee was in the room. “Gong Ju Mei, welcome home!” Lee said. “Don’t call me that!” I said annoyingly. “I’m sorry Mei.” Lee said. “Where’s my mom?” I asked harshly. “The emperor took her from me and Xue Yan this morning.” Lee said. I started to walk out of the room and stopped for a minute. “Lee, thank you for calling me and letting me know about my mom.” I said calmly, and left the room. I headed for the main room where everybody usually was, or at least when I still lived here it was. I found some maids on the way there and asked if they saw the emperor. They said that he was in his study room. I made my way there by turning a left on the next corner and head straight till the end of the hall then made a right turn and on the left of the last room was his study room. I knocked on the door three times, and waited. “Come in!” he said. I opened the stained cherry door that he designed when I was still a child, and walked in. When he saw me I could tell that he was shocked. I haven’t seen him in 10 years and he hasn’t aged at all. “Michelle, I suppose you’ve heard about your mother.” He said calmly. “Where is she?” I said anxiously. “In the cemetery!” he said smiling. I turned around and started to open door. “Don’t you want to know her will and goodbyes?” he said. “Whatever it is, I don’t want it. Your probably going to take it from me anyway, what’s the point of having high hopes from you people.” I said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. I opened the door and closed it behind me. I walked back to my original room for my mother and I when I use to live here. When I came in Lee was still in there, I grabbed all of the cash in the safe and took it with me. I packed some pictures of me and my mom and Lee when we were still close. I took all of my mom’s jewelry and mine and threw it in the suitcase. When I was about to leave, Lee asked where I was going. “To a place where I belong, and loved.” I said.

I opened the door and dragged the suitcase with me to a pawn shop to sell all the jewelry except for my mom’s necklace of a picture of me, her and my dad when we were still happy. I got out a total of $8,065 with all the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair jewelry. After I collected my money I got out of the jewelry, I went to a floral shop and bought a dozen of red roses. My mom’s favorite flowers I thought. I headed over to the cemetery after I bought the flowers. I found my mother’s grave with a banquet of roses already. All I could think of for the only people who would come to visit my mother’s grave and buy her flowers would only be Lee and me. I set down the dozen roses and prayed that she would forgive me for all I’ve done and watch over me in the future. I finished and headed for the airport, I bought another ticket, and this time I didn’t have to wait. I got on the plane and sat down by a window again. I stared into the dark sky and fell asleep. When I woke up we were about to land, I was glad we were back in the U.S. I didn’t want to remember anything, but I eventually did. I got off the plane with a bright light hitting my eyes. It was morning, with a chilly wind to it. I grabbed my suitcase with me and got out of the crowed airport. I got in a cab and headed to my house, when I got there I set the suitcase in the middle of the living room and plopped on the couch. I fell asleep again, but this time I felt like the pressure had lightened up and peacefully drifted into dream land. I dreamed of seeing my mom and my dad laughing together again smiling at me. I woke up from that dream with loud knockings on my door. I got up from the comfy couch and headed for the door. When I opened the door, I saw that it was my step-sister Chang at the door wearing black leather pants and a leather jacket with her long hair down. She took off her sunglasses, “we have to talk.” She said.

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