My roommate

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - chapter five

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012



Chapter 5


I lead her into the living room and told her to sit anywhere. “Would you like water, soda, beer, or tea?” I asked her. “Tea’s fine,” She said calmly, well at least she looked calm to me. I myself wasn’t calm at all, it’s rare that she comes over and I was freaking out. I came back from the kitchen and into the living room. I sat her green tea down and sat across from her. She looked down at the tea and then looked up at me. I finally broke the silence. “What brings you to the states?” I asked her. “I heard you went back to the main house,” She said clearly. “Look if this is about the next-in-line director thingy, I don’t want to be any part of it. If you want it, go ahead and take it. You or Chao can decide who can have it and leave me out of it.” I said.  “Mei!” she said in a hurry. “It’s Michelle! Not Mei,” I said calmly. “Well then Michelle, I came here to tell you about Jasmine. Look I’m sorry about your lost, but we cared for her too! It’s not only you. Anyways I came to give you this.” She said. Chang took out a letter in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope “Mei,” was written on it. I took a closer look and saw it was my mother’s handwriting. Chang motioned the envelope towards me and I took it. I stared down at it and finally opened it. I took out the letter and unfolded it. I stared down at it, and look back up at Chang. I looked back down and started reading the letter


My dearest daughter, if you are reading this then I must be gone already. If you are wondering why I had this letter prepared, and why Chang had it. Then I must tell you the story behind it. When I was young I got into an accident. It was a terrible accident that I or nobody could ever forget. My family and everyone thought that I was dead because I was kidnapped. You must be wondering why I got kidnapped but it all started when I was born, 40 years ago. On December fifth, I was born into a rich wealthy family. I grew up with maids, love, and everything I could ever want. My father was the head of the family, and we had lots enemies trying to kill him and us. One night they sent an assassin to my father’s room. The assassin entered the room and my father killed him before he could kill my father. My father realized that it was too dangerous for me and my mother to live here, so he told us to pack some clothes and go live in the east building. On the night we went to go stay at the east building I was turning 5 years old. More assassins came later that night and killed my mother, and kidnapped me. They took me to Japan where nobody would ever think of going to. My father gave my mother a proper burial and sent out every person he had to search for me. They never found me, but my father never gave up on me either. I escaped one night and ran for my life into the woods where it would be harder to track me down. I reached to the edge of the forest the next day and found a beautiful house down by a river. I started walking towards it and met a boy. I met your father there. I know you must hate your father and myself but I want you to know that your father and I love you very much. It may not seem like it from your father but he’s just stubborn and shy to open up to you. The reason we sent you away and said that we didn’t want you anymore was because those assassins found me again after all these years and know that I have you too. They won’t give up until they kill every last one of us. I think I may know who it is, but you need to realize that by yourself. Be careful, and don’t trust anyone but Chang and Chao. They will protect you. Go to this address and he will know what to do. I know that he will help you no matter what!

“Fu main house of china” (I know you will be able to find it because you have the power to!)



When I was done reading I was shocked and confused. I stared over at Chang for a long time. “Did you know about this?” I asked calmly. “Yes,” she said back. “Are you really my sister?” I said. “Yes, I am your sister, well step-sister at least. Along with Chao, but please know that we both treat and see you as a little sister and friend. I stopped staring at her and looked down at the address my mother left me. “Chang, when did my mother write this letter?” I asked curiously. “It will be exactly one week from tomorrow when she wrote this.” Chang said. “I see, so she knew she was going to die, and didn’t run away from it.” I said. “Just like her!” I said smiling. “Chang, do you.” All of a sudden I was interrupted by banging on the door. I looked out of the window and saw that it was people all dressed in black, some had short hair, long hair, and all of them had some type of tattoo on them. Chang moved to the window and saw them, her eyes opened wide like she had just seen a ghost. “Mei!” she said. “Michelle!” I said. “Mei, we have no time for that, just follow what I tell you and don’t come out at all. Call Chao now. Hurry before they knock down the door.” Chang said nervously yet cool at the same time. I called Chao, after one ring she picked up. “N? h?o!” Chao said. “Chao, it’s me?” I said confused. Chang took the phone away from me and started to talk to Chao in Chinese. After thirty seconds, they hung up. Chang told me to go hide in an unknown, invisible place, and I tried to find one. The banging kept going on and pretty soon, I was sure that my beautiful door that took me two weeks to find would break in half. Chang opened the door, and standing outside my house (apartment) was a group of five people. Two girls and three guys, the girls wore black tight corsets which made their breast stick out and up, with black tight super short shorts wearing black pumps. The two guys (handsome guys) wore tight black shirts which showed of their muscles. And black pants and black shoes. They had tattoos on them either on the leg, top breast, or the arm. They were detailed with a black dragon on every tattoo with other designs. They started to talk and ask questions after Chang invited them inside. “Do you live here?” one of the guys asked. “Yes, I just moved in two months ago.” Chang said. “Who lived here before you? Do you know?” one of the girls said with blue hair. She had the most beautiful body, and believe me if I were a guy I would’ve gone for her the moment I saw her. Which was creepy I thought. That I a girl thought that another girl a hot? Chang answered all of their questions, and even though she lied on all of them she made it sound so real. They left out the door after a while and good because I thought that I was going to die of overheat under the floor boards that I built the first year I came to this house. I heard Chang whispering to me that they were gone. I opened the floorboard and got out. When I got out I was covered in dust and spider webs. I walked over to Chang quietly. “What did they want?” I whispered. “They were tracking you or should I say trying to find you!” Chang said. “Good thing that they didn’t start a fight or we would’ve died. Chao’s coming over, she should be here soon. Start packing your things, you’re not coming back here anymore.” Chang said. I stared at her shocked out of my wits. She was telling me that in the house I have lived in for four years and come to love I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to live or see this house anymore. A knock came from the door and Chang signaled me to go hide again. She opened the door when I got under the floor board. Chang started laughing out of nowhere, when I was taking this seriously. “Mei! You can come out now. Clean up yourself or wear something nice, I don’t think you would want this person to see you like this.” Chang said trying not to laugh. I got out and started walking towards her. “Chang, why would I need to fix myself up just because Chao is here?” I said confused. By the time I looked up at Chang and over her I now know why she said that. In front of my roommate I looked like I just went through cleaning an abandoned house. I stared down at myself and my clothes. They were dingy and dirty. I blushed and felt like this was my worst embarrassment. “I’ll be back!” I said trying not to make a fool out of myself. After I left Chang and my roommate started laughing their asses off while I felt like a fool in front of the guy I had kissed twice. I took a shower, and when I got out I picked out casual clothes, just in case I had to run away from those assassins if I ever encountered them. I wore a big sweater that could cover my head and long hair, and some loose pants and vans for my shoes. I came out and saw that Chang was talking and showing pictures of me when I was younger. “Where’d you get that?” I asked starting to get angry. “Dui bu qi! I didn’t mean too Mei.” Chang said. “Whatever, when is Chao coming?” I said. “Actually, Chao isn’t coming anymore.” Chang said warily. “WHAT! Why?” I said getting even angrier. “Fùq?n won’t let her come tonight.” Chang said sadly. “Ugh, does he even know what is going on right now. Even after mother died he still doesn’t give a shit about me or her.” I said. “Call Chao not to come anymore, I’ll just go over there tomorrow by myself.” I said trying to hold my anger in. I got my jacket, wallet, house keys, packed my clothes, and my phone and iPod. I came back into the living room and started for the door. “Where do you think you are going?” Chang said. “Away from those killers and into China,” I said in a hurry. I opened the door and lifted up my purse full of 2 pairs of clothes. I wore a hat to cover my long burgundy hair. I walked out three steps and a hand held me back. It was Chang’s hand. “At least take this guy with you!” Chang said frustrated. “Gosh, you are just like Fùq?n, stubborn and hard to understand.” Chang said quietly. I looked back to my roommate and turned around again. “Hurry up! I don’t have time to dawdle when people want me dead.” I said. My roommate followed me wherever I went, but we were silent the whole time. He broke the silence, which made me concentrate when I didn’t want to. “Mei,” he said. “It’s Michelle.” I said cutting through his sentence. “Well Michelle, then can I call you Mei?” he asked quietly. I thought about it for a while. “Say Michelle,” I told him. “Michelle,” he said obediently. “Now say Mei,” I said. “Mei,” he said. Somehow I liked it better when he said Mei instead of Michelle. “Do whatever you want!” I said. “Ok!” he said happily. Then he suddenly grabbed my hand and started to run. I had to run with him and look like two idiots holding hands and running in the streets. When we finally stopped we were in front of a huge mansion. “Where are we?” I asked. “At my house, I needed to grab some clothes before I left,” he said. “Where are you going?” I asked. “With you idiot!” he said smiling. “What about School?” I said. “I don’t go to school,” he said back. Now I was confused, I thought he went to school with me because we shared one room, and on the same days and week. “Who are you?” I asked.

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