My roommate

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - chapter six

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



Chapter six


“Who are you?” I said curiously. I stared at him for a long time, and didn’t look away. A sound came from the gate as it started to open. Maids and butlers started walking out to the gate lined up in two lines. All the maids stood in one line, and all the butlers in the other line. “I’ll explain when we are inside.

“Listen to me, don’t talk unless she asks you questions, don’t make her mad, and don’t look at her unless she tells you to.” He said quickly.

“Who are you talking about?” I whispered.

 “Shush.” He said in a quiet voice.

“Jun!” yelled out a woman.

“Mu qin,” he said trying to sound happy.

“Where did you go in the last 3 weeks? Look how dirty you are, where are the clothes I sent you and what is this that you are wearing?” the woman said worriedly.

“Mu Qin, can my friend and I come inside, it’s a little chilly out here,” he said.

“Of course you can, where did my manners go!” the woman said laughing. He walked in first, then me. I looked around the mansion, and it was huge. I mean huge huge, we walked into a room with furniture around it, but it was equally balanced, and everything just fit into it. We sat down on a couch and waited for the maid to come back with our drinks. The woman and he talked for a long time. When I finally got a glimpse of her of face she looked familiar. Finally the woman left and said that we could stay as long as we liked.

“Explain!” I said quietly.

“My father works for the emperor and his family, our families have been close for a long time now.” He said quietly. I was shocked at what he said. If he worked for my dad then I would’ve known and seen him by now. I’ll just stay low for now I suppose.

“Do you know if the emperor has any children?” I asked wondering if he knew who I was.

“I know he has two daughters and two sons. The two daughters are Chang and Chao, and the two sons are Al and Heng, I haven’t seen any of them yet though.” He said questioning about it if he was right or wrong.

“The emperor doesn’t have three daughters?” I asked feeling stabbed and hurt.

“Not that I know of, why?” He said staring at me weirdly. I felt like someone had just stabbed me and killed me. I was hurt, which made the hole in my heart even deeper than ever.

“Just wondering, Jun can you excuse me and tell me where the bathroom is?” I asked him trying not to show my sadness or anger.

“Oh yeah, just keep going straight after to go out the doors and turn to your right and down the hall.” he said.

“Thanks,” I said although I think he notice my emotions then. He stared at me as if he were worried. As I exited the room and walked down the hall until there was another hall on my right. I turned down the right hall and saw Jun’s mother. I stopped and bowed at her.

“What is a princess doing here?” she said loudly. My eyes shot wide open and I was shocked, but I got it together and tried my best not to show that I was shocked that I couldn’t even remember my own teacher.

“Hello madam,” I said calmly.

“Mei, after all the years I have taught you about manners and courtesy you show up at my house with my son and bow at my presence.” she said.

“This is not what I taught you Mei, is it not?” she yelled at me.

“I am afraid I don’t understand Madam, I never knew you had a son. I also I do need to bow because I am no princess anymore after father threw me out of the family.” I said trying not to cry. She lifted up my face from bowing.

“Just because the Emperor threw you out doesn’t mean that your not his daughter or a princess anymore.” she said calmly. She stood up straight with her eyes opened wide.

“Jun, what are you doing here?” madam said.

“Mu Qin, I was finding Mei because she took too long.” He said Shockley. I turned around and saw his face. He was shocked, and confused. He obviously didn’t know what to do anymore.

 “Mei, are you really one of the Emperor’s daughters?” he asked quietly.

 “Not anymore,” I said back.

“Mei! You know why your father threw you out, it’s not because he didn’t want you.” Madam said.

“Yeah, that’s why he didn’t care when I saw him last week and didn’t even go to mother’s funeral.” I said back at her. Madam was quiet for a while and didn’t speak. I guess it was hard for her to find out that mother died.

“I’m sorry Mei,” madam said.

“Its ok madam I have to go, I’m busy this weekend and I have to go back.” I said. “Thank you for teaching me and having me as a discipline back then, I’m grateful to you.” I said. I bowed at them and turned around to leave.

“Mei, how many times have I told you that a princess doesn’t bow to anyone,” Madam said.

“Tell me that again when you see me do it at the main house!” I said smiling back at them. I turned around again and headed for the exit.

 “Aren’t you going to wait for me?” Jun said, walking towards me as I stopped and stared at the ground.

“You don’t even want to look at your future husband, what a wife!” he said loudly.

“Who said you were going to be my husband?” I said. He pulled me forward and leaned on me until his lips touched mine, and it wasn’t just a peck on the lips he made it sensual and lasting. It drained everything out of me.

“I said so, since I got your first kiss and got to see you naked!” he said trying not to laugh. I had totally forgotten that and now I was blushing from remembering that moment.

“Jun, I have never heard of this?” Madam said walking in on us.  At first I thought she was mad at him.

“Madam, he’s just joking around!” I said trying to lighten her mood.

“Mu Qin, I’m serious about her!” Jun said. I looked at him shocked but happy about what he had said. We both looked at her until a squeal came out of her.

“I’m so happy!” Madam said. Jun and I both were staring at each other.

 “Is your mother ok?” I asked Jun.

“I don’t know this is my first time seeing her like this. Usually she’s stubborn and strict.” Jun said quietly.

“Mi Qin! You should be ready for your grandchildren soon in another year or so!” Jun shouted. Madam stopped laughing, and then started crying. She walked towards us, and hugged us together.

“Oh, I wish you guys the best luck!” she said while sniffing.

“What are you guys talking about? Me marrying Jun, and you having grandkids?” I shouted confused.

 “Didn’t you know?” Madam said.

“Know what?” I asked.

“Jun didn’t you tell Mei?” Madam said.

“Well I was, but I never had the time.” Jun said sounding guilty.

“Mei, Jun can see the future.” Madam said.

“So your telling me that Jun is psychic,” I said.

“Actually I’m precognition I can see the future or events before they actually happen.” Jun said. “Right,” I said. “I’ll be going now, thank you for your hospitality.”

 “Mei, it’s dangerous to go alone,” Jun said. I ignored his warning, and continued walking away. I walked down a sidewalk where it was empty with only dead trees on both sides. I turned on a left of James Street and walked to Angie’s house. It was a pale bluish color and it was a duplex. I knocked on their door. After three knocks her mother answered the door.

“Hello, is Angie home?” I asked.

 “Michelle, I haven’t seen you in a while, where’d you go?” said Angie’s mother.

“Here and there,” I said. Angie came to the door and invited me inside. We went up to her bedroom and chatted.

“You just here for fun or you need something?” Angie said.

“Actually I came for the dog,” I said feeling guilty.

“Oh, your doggy is over here. It doesn’t like anyone here so it hid itself in a corner. It only comes out when it’s hungry.” Angie said. I walked over to the corner and saw him there. Well at least he gained some weight while I was gone.

“Hey I’m back doggy!” I said. The dog lifted up its head to see who it was and when it saw me it ran towards me and jumped on top of me.

“Did you miss me?” I asked him. It woofed and licked my cheeks. After a while I and the dog left Angie’s house. I decided to take a shortcut back to my house where Chang was. We went through an alley. The alley was pretty big compared to other alleys I saw it could probably fit five people if they were in a line touching shoulder to shoulder. Talking about people I noticed that there were a gang of people following me, but every time I turned to look back they weren’t there. I decided to run for it since I was almost to the end of the alley and I could see Jun’s big mansion from here. As soon as I started running I was stopped by the two girls I saw earlier and held by two of the three guys.

“G?n w?men jìng jìng de huò s?” one of the girls said.

“I’d rather die than go with you sluts!” I shouted. I head butted of the guys chin and kicked the other guy in the stomach. They got back up by the time I turned around and punched one of them in the face while one stabbed me with a dagger. I elbowed him from the behind and pulled out the dagger in my stomach and stabbed him in the chest. He fell down dead, well almost dead as I ran towards the two girls. They took out their guns and swords.

“What an equal fight!” I said quietly. They started running towards me I stood where I was till I could get the right timing to kill them. When they got within five meters I took a step forward and by the time I got done turning around I was holding onto the gun from one of the girls. I punched one of them in the face, and pointed the gun in front of the girl holding the sword.

“Shuí pài n? lái de?” I asked her.

“Like I’m going to tell you bitch.” The girl said while holding the sword. That sentence flicked my anger to maximum and I was ready to kill that bitch.

“Sucks for you then, I was going to let you live.” I said. Then I shot her in the middle of her forehead. I did the same with the other girl and two guys. When I was done I was covered in blood, I walked out of the alley with the dog and started to walk again.

“I knew I should’ve taken the long way instead of the shortcut. Well at least I didn’t get hurt too bad.” I said to the dog.

Then I heard a sigh,

“What a princess” I heard someone say that. I looked at the dog.

“I’m going crazy now, after I’ve just kill four people with one person on the run I’m talking with a dog.” I said quietly.

“You really are crazy if you think that the dog was talking to you instead of your husband.” The voice said. I turned around to see that it was Jun talking, not the dog.

“Thank god, I really thought that the dog was really talking to me.” I said laughing. When I got done laughing I saw Jun with a serious face on.

“What, you’re staring at me as if I’m a serial killer.”I said.

“Ok, maybe I am a killer or murderer but I’m not crazy.” I said trying not to freak him out.

 “Mei, you’re hurt,” Jun said.

“I’ll be fine, it’s happened before!” I said trying to convince him, with his worried look on his face.

“Mei?” Jun said worriedly. All of a sudden I went weak, maybe it was blood loss but I fell to the ground and blacked out.

I woke up in a green and gold bedroom with sunlight shining in my eyes. I saw Jun sleeping by my right side, and the dog in the corner of the bed. I gently got up and got out of the room. It was a little hard for me to walk with an injury in my stomach so I leaned on the wall for support. I guess I woke up the dog and he followed me too. we walked into the room I was in before when I came with Jun. Thinking about it I just learned his name yesterday or when I went to his house since I wasn’t sure of how long I slept. I sat down in a wooden chair so that my stomach wouldn’t hurt more if I sat in a cushiony chair all of my weight would’ve gone as more pressure for my injury. I sat like any other person as if I wasn’t hurt. Then I saw Madam walking in.

“Mei, you should be resting,” Madam said.

“I’m fine already, no need to be so uptight.” I said.

“Mei,” Madam said. Then my cell phone interrupted, after the second ring I answered it.

“Hello,” I said.

“Mei, its Chang are you still going to China?” Chang said.

“Yea, I just hadn’t had the time to buy a ticket, why?” I asked.

“Well then you’re lucky I bought one for you!” Chang said.

“When is it?” I said seriously. Madam looked at me strangely I guess it was because she has never or usually sees me serious.

“Today and it leaves at 10:45 A.M, so you have almost half an hour. Make sure you make it.” Chang said.

“Thanks Chang!” I said. I hung up on the phone with her and started to get ready to leave. It was 10:05 and I had to be there before 10:45.

“Mei, where are you going?” Madam said. Damn how come I always have to explain the situation to people I thought to myself.

“It’s a long story, so I’ll be gone for a few weeks.” I said in a rush.

“But what about Jun?” Madam said. I stopped at what I was doing, and thought about him.

“Tell him to forget about me, and find someone else.” I said and closed the door behind me and the dog shut. I got in a cab that took us to the airport. We arrived at 10:35 barely making it and head on over to where I was suppose to exit for the plane. I saw Chang and walked over to her, she handed me a plane ticket, stared at the dog and hugged me goodbye.

 I flinched from the pain, and then she found out about my injury. I got scolded from her about danger, and risking my life. I told her I was about to miss the flight and left. I entered in a rich plane, you could tell. It was stuffed with food and rich expensive wine. Every person had rich people manners and talked in a quiet voice. The only loud voice was a baby that never shut up which was irritating for me and the dog. Yes the dog, it apparently let pets on too! I guess it’s a privilege for the rich.

I found my seat next to a window and sat in it, the dog sat next to me by the aisle. It was the comfiest seat I have ever sat in. Even with my injury it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on it. I stared out the window thinking of what Jun’s reaction would be. Would Jun really leave me, wait for me, get mad at me but still come to me, ignore me and never see me again. My chest started to hurt from thinking about these things. This was the first time in my life that my heart started hurting out of nowhere.  

After sometime of trying to get some sleep and boredom, we landed in an airport in china. I got off the plane with the dog following me. I stared back at the dog, wondering if I ever named it. I stood outside of the airport waiting for Lee and Chao to come pick me and the dog up. While I was waiting I was picking out names and see which one seemed best.

“Fu, Chin, Bo, Gang, Jian, Jing, Kun, and Bai” I said repeatedly. I shouted out name by name with a pause after each one to see if he would bark.

“Jian….Jing….Kun” I said… and out came a howl from the dog. I said it again, and he howled again.

“Kun it is!” I said happily.

“Mei, we’re here!” Chao said. I turned around to look at them, and saw Lee driving and Chao in the passenger seat. Lee got out of the driver seat and came on the passenger side and opened the car door for me.

“Lee, you know that I don’t need this kind of treatment,” I said

“Michelle I don’t do this because I am ordered to, I do it because I want to!” Lee said. I stared at him for a minute or so then walked toward Lee and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you Lee, but please refrain from doing so else I’ll get use to it again.” I said laughing.

“Of course milady,” Lee said.

“Lee!” I said in a serious voice.

“Of course Michelle,” Lee said again.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Can we get going? I hate airports, there’re too much people.” Chao said.

“I’m sorry milady!” I said in a low voice imitating Lee, and got in the car with the dog. On our drive to the main house Chao couldn’t stop laughing at what I had said.

“Mei you sounded just like Lee when you said that!” Chao said trying to contain her laughter in. I looked at Lee who had an irritated look on his face.

“'dui bu qi Lee!” I said in a guilty voice. He stared at me and back onto the road.

“Since you said sorry in Chinese I’ll forgive you this once,” Lee said. When we arrived at the main house everybody was outside by the gates waiting for us. When Chao and I stepped out of the car they bowed down.

“Hu?nyíng huílái!” the maids and butlers said.

“Chao what’s going on?” I said shocked.

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