My roommate

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - chapter seven

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012



Chapter Seven


When we arrive to the main house, all the maids and butlers came out and greeted us.

“Chao what’s going on?” I asked being confused.

“Lee, what is everybody doing?” I said trying to hold in my anger why nobody was talking.

“Mei, I….” Lee said, but my phone interrupted.

“Hold on,” I said and answered my phone. When I answered the phone it was Chang on the other line.

“Mei, is Chao there by you?” Chang asked questioningly.

“Yea,” before I could even ask why Chang interrupted.

“Mei, listen to me very carefully. Chao is trying to kill you, if you believe it or not but you better run for it before it’s too late.” Chang said cautiously. “Go somewhere where we can talk freely.”

I excused myself from them, and walked away to my old room with Kun following after me.

“Ok, so what’s happening?” I asked Chang.

“About one hour ago I got a phone call from Fùq?n,” Chang said calmly, but it didn’t sound like good news.

“What happened to Fùq?n?” I asked in a rush.

“Listen Mei, whatever I tell you do not tell anyone or trust anyone anymore. I don’t know what I can say for you to trust or not but absolutely do not trust Chao anymore. She’s been… I don’t know brained wash, reborn as an enemy over night but be cautious of her. She will kill you or anyone now. I don’t know why but escape before you get caught.” Chang said.  I still couldn’t believe it though, why would Chao want to kill me?

“Mei, you have to go. Hang up before she comes for you. You’ve been on the phone for too long.” Chang said in a hurry.

“Ok, but what about Fùq?n?” I asked.

“Good bye Mei, I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to you like this after this but I want to let you know that I and Fùq?n both love you very much.” Chang said.

“Yeah, I love you guys too! Goodbye Chang,” I said sadly. Right when I was about to hang up I heard Chang’s voice again. I brought the phone back up to my ear, heard her saying something about Jun but then Chao snatched the phone away from me and hung up.

“Mei, aren’t you coming?” Chao asked like nothing happened.

“Yea,” I said slowly, still shocked that she had hung up the phone.

She exited the room and walked back towards Lee. I guess I couldn’t trust Lee anymore either, but what was Chang going to say about Jun. Kun and I walked back to where everyone was still standing. I looked in Lee’s directions, he saw me look but I averted my eyes to others. I saw everybody who was suppose to be there but there was one person missing, Xue Yan. He wasn’t there in the crowd of people. I entered past the gate first with Kun by my side and everybody else following behind me. It was awkward and I was nervous as hell. I had my guard up and cautious with every step. I walked into the main room and saw that there were already maids there. They motioned for me to sit on the throne, which was only meant for Fùq?n to sit in. I stood where I was, confused and shocked that they would want me to sit up there. I stared at Lee and everyone else, they were all staring back at me as if I was expected to go up there and sit on the throne and rule. Chao came towards me, took my hand and basically dragged me there. I pulled my hand back and away from Chao, she glared back at me as if she was going to hurt or threaten me if I backed down from the throne.

“Mei, what are you doing?” Chao asked me harshly.

“Where’s Fùq?n?” I asked trying to mask my fear of what was going to happen next.

“He’s not here at the moment,” Chao said after a pause. What is that suppose to tell me I thought. That reply just made me more scared than ever.

“I see,” I said trying to sound disappointed.

“Mei, come here,” Chao said quietly, although I could hear her anger seeping out with her words. I stood still where I was, not moving an inch and stared at her.

“COME HERE!” Chao screamed. It shocked me and everybody who was in the room. It was like she was on fire and about to explode anytime now. I still didn’t move, more like I couldn’t move. I was scared as hell, fear ran through every part and corner of my body. If I moved it was like I would crumble and disappeared. I was staring at the floor now, afraid of what would happen if I looked into her dark brown pair of eyes.

“W? b? t? dài dào!” (Bring her to me!”) Chao said demandingly to the maids. The maids did as they were told and grabbed both of my arms and dragged me over to Chao with Kun following me behind with his head down. I was already in front of Chao before I knew it. She was staring down at me as if she was looking into my soul and what I had done all my life.

“Why are you not listening to me?” Chao said angrily. “Is it because of Chang’s words, or is it because of him?” Chang said confidently. I looked up at her and saw that she was holding a picture of Jun in her right hand. My eyes were opened wide with more fear than ever running through me from head to toe, to every tip and corner of my body. But anger was now consuming me.

“Where did you get that?” I said angrily trying not to show that she got on my nerves.

“Oh, I went here and there around the world.” Chao said with a smirk on her face. Which just ticked me off more with the thought of her hurting Jun. I was near explosion and raging with anger. I could’ve killed her right there and then if I ran for a sword hanging on one of the walls, but I didn’t, instead I walked forward and closer to Chao. I looked back at the picture of Jun in her hands. I stared into her eyes with anger and confidence now.  I thought of a hilarious time I had with Jun and smirked at the thought.

“What are you laughing at?” Chao said starting to get angry that she didn’t have my attention.

“Nothing much, just thinking of how to kill you,” I said trying to hold my excitement in. She glared at me with a killing intention again, but I didn’t let it get to me.

“You little Bitch,” Chao said. But before she could finish saying her sentence I punched her in the face.

“You shouldn’t call me a bitch when you’re one too Chao!” I said excitedly. My blood was pumping and excited as the time of when I was fighting the assassins. I was smiling at the sight of her blood running down from her nose. I wanted more, more blood, more killing intention, and more action. Chao got back on her feet and was now standing.

“You’re going to regret what you just did you little bitch,” Chao said with a smile on her face.

“Try me,” I said back to her with the smirk still on my face.

“Zhu? zhù t?!” (“Capture her!”) Chao said angrily. I stood there still with Kun behind me along with Lee and all the body guards around me. Lee took hold of my hands and put cuffs around my wrist. I thought that cuffs were a little too much but whatever I’ll be able to get out of them anyway. Lee followed behind Chao as she led the way. Chao stopped before a dead end of a hallway. On the left of the hallway on the wall there were four light switches that looked like any other ordinary light switches. She pulled two of them up and back down to their original places. Out of nowhere a patch of the hallway opened or should I say moved backwards in. Chao stepped inside the dark pathway and disappeared. Lee followed after, still holding onto a chain that was connected to the cuffs that were on my wrist. I had to follow else Lee would’ve had to drag me and my body. Then Kun too I think, well I couldn’t see him in the dark to know if he followed but he was next to me when we were still in the hallway. I hope he did though because the excitement and blood thirsty feeling had started to fade away and fear had started to step in again. But whatever punishment I was going to get it was probably going to be torture. We went down some stairs, it was a long flight of stairs or it was just so dark that it felt like a lifetime had passed by. When we finally came to a stop we were in a dark and dull room. It was moist and smelly, a couple of bones, some rats, and a little window at the top of the room. It was like a cell for prisoners, betrayers, or captured enemies.

“Lík?i” (“leave”) Chao said fiercely. Everyone who followed left except for Lee, me and Kun.

“Mei, do you regret what you did yet?” Chao asked me.

“Not really, I would do over again if I had the chance…actually I would’ve punched you again if I had another chance.” I said starting to feel excited again.

“Really, well then maybe you’ll change your mind after some punishment,” Chao said angrily. “Lee, tie her up with the chains,” Chao said.

“Yes g?ngzh? Chao,” Lee said obediently. Lee walked towards me, unlocked the cuffs from my wrists. He brought down some chains that were hanging on the ceilings and wrapped it around my wrists. He pulled down the chains to bring my body from barely touching the cold cement ground. Right when I was tiptoeing he pulled one more time to make me not being able to touch the ground anymore. I was now dangling like a piece of dead animal being butchered. Lee came by me to check if the chains were tight enough to hold me.

“I am sorry g?ngzh? Mei,” Lee whispered to me.

“Lee, make sure that the chains are tight. We don’t want her escaping now with her strength.” Chao said. Just when I thought I would be able to get out of these, well she apparently knew I was strong. And that the chains were not tight enough to hold me back from getting escaping. Chao walked over to a wall hung with whips, knives, scalpels, electric batons, electric chair, and more. Chao grabbed a whip and walked toward me, she stood in front of me staring at me.

“Well Mei, it’s time to punish kids who were naughty,” Chao said with a smile on her face.

“Start!” I said starting to feel excited, fearless, and bloodthirsty again. I saw Lee look at me when I said start, as if he was expecting it.

“You asked for it!” Chao said laughing. She plunged the whip at my body with all the pressure she could apply for it. It slammed onto my body like I had just been bitch slapped all over in a single stroke. It stung like hell at first when the whip comes into contact with your skin. With so much pressure applied to the whip it tore my clothes apart. With more multiple hits one after another in different places sometimes at a place where I have already been hit. I never made a sound though, I think it aggravated Chao that I didn’t scream or show any sign that I was in pain. Even when the whip landed on my wound I got when I was stabbed. I bled with my clothes drenched in blood. Kun was scared, I could tell because he was in a corner behind Lee. I guess I would be scared too if I was a dog and saw my friend being whipped.

After two hours of getting whipped by Chao she stopped.


“Why the fuck would I cry and scream, and last of all I would never say sorry for what I did. You don’t deserve my sorry.” I said quietly. I blocked mostly and basically all the pain. I just couldn’t block the first hit of every hit even though I didn’t flinch. I was use to pain, I guess you could say that since I use to get into fights everyday when I was in secondary school. I would come home with cuts, bruises, and concussions.

“Ugh, Lee what time is it?” Chao said fiercely.

“G?ngzh? Chao, it is seven ‘thirty,” Lee said obediently.

“Well I suppose I might as well take a shower and get ready for the party,” Chao said happily. She threw the whip onto the floor and stared back at me, I stared back at her as if I didn’t even get hit at all.

“I just don’t know how you can do it Mei,” Chao said loudly, and climbed back up the long flight of stairs. Kun walked over toward me and lay beneath my feet.

“Kun, don’t lay there. You’ll get blood on your fur.” I said loudly as I gained my energy back. Kun cried and moved to lay next to me on my left. “Good boy!” I said smiling.

“G?ngzh? Mei, are you all right?” Lee asked.

“Lee, who do you think I am? I’m used to this, its ok.” I said smiling still staring at Kun.

“Even if you’re used to it, it still must hurt a lot.” Lee said worrying.

“Why don’t you leave and get ready for the party,” I said quietly. After a minute or so Lee left for the party.

 I waited for an hour to make sure that no one was going to come back. After I was certain, with the chains that were tight from the beginning were now loose. I used all my strength and force and pulled myself upward and untangled the chains. I was now free, but I needed to escape soon before anybody came back. The window I thought but I couldn’t just leave Kun. So I ran up the stairs with Kun lightly and carefully. I carefully did the light switch like Chao had done. The door opened wide but thank goodness it wasn’t loud. I stuck out my head to see if there were any guards around. I only saw two, what a dumbass Chao is if she thought that I was that weak from a beating. I quietly tiptoed behind a guard while the other guard wasn’t looking and knocked him out. I forgot to catch him and he made a loud thud, the other guard heard it but by the time he turned around I was already behind him and hit his pressure point behind his neck. He fell to the ground, but I was able to catch him so he wouldn’t make a loud noise like the other guard. I ran down the hall quietly with Kun, thankfully there weren’t any maids or guards around. They must have all gone to the party Chao was talking about. I headed for my old bedroom to exit because even if there was a party there would’ve been guards outside and inside by the gates. I entered my room carefully and checked if there were any people inside. I didn’t care at all if I exited out the house all bloody or not. I just wanted to get out of this torture hole so I grabbed some socks and shoes for the journey ahead of me. When I was done I opened the door to the outside world cautiously in case there were people. No one was there I was relieved but I scouted to see if there were any other guards or people around the area. As I expected there were guards all over the main gate and main door. My only chance of getting out was to climb over the wall. Good thing it was as tall as me, I lifted Kun up and placed him on top of the wall. I backed up and ran forward then jumped. I lifted up my sore body onto the wall and jumped off to be on the other side, it felt good to be out of that torture hole. I lifted Kun off the wall and placed him back down on the ground. I was tired as hell, but if I didn’t move I would get caught again and who knows what Chao would use on me next. I walked down the road before I crossed the road in case the guards saw me. When I was about to cross the road, I saw a moving object coming towards me at a fast rate. I was scared as hell hoping that it wasn’t anyone from the main house. I stopped in shock and stood still, cars came by before I could see who it was. When the all the cars past by I saw that the person standing across from me on the other side of the road was Jun.

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