My roommate

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - chapter nine

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



Chapter Nine

(Special chapter- Jun’s perspective point of view)


I got out of the room and walked down to the kitchen to grab a washcloth. I grabbed two just in case, and brought a bowl of warm water with me. I stopped in front of Mei’s room, took in a deep breath and slid the door open and entered. I sat back down in front of Mei, I felt so embarrassed but I couldn’t let her know because she must feel more embarrassed from being topless in front of me. I took one of the washcloths and dipped it in the warm water and squeezed the excess water from it.  I leaned in close to Mei to clean her shoulder. I was almost touching one of her breast, a little more down and my elbow would’ve. But I am a gentleman, and I should respect the woman I love. I let gently let the washcloth tap over her dry and fresh blood. I brought it back to the bowl and washed out the blood. And rung out the water again and tried to do my best so I wasn’t so self conscious.

“Done!” I shouted out loud. Mei stared at me as if I was crazy; I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

“Wiping it,” I said after a brief pause. I turned around to search where I had left the bandages. I caught a glimpse of it behind Mei I got up and walked over to grab it. As I turned around I saw Mei’s back, it was a beautiful pale color along with red and purple whip marks. I turned my head away quickly and walked back to my seat in front of Mei. I unwrapped the beginning of the bandage and leaned in close to make it go around her shoulder down around her side and up around her breasts to secure it. When I was done I sat back and tried to relax, it wasn’t happening though so I got up and left the room.

I roamed around the old mansion, into the hallways and gazing at the scenery. I passed by a well, the big pond that had at least six koi fish in them, a stream that flowed down and went out of the house. Passed by the kitchen and workers, all at the same time I was thinking about Mei. Mei, Mei was beautiful in every way. I just wished she knew that and how much I love her, but I can understand her. Meeting at a hotel, then seeing her teacher who was my mom, finding assassins after her, and me. It all happened in one month, so I guess she couldn’t… I don’t know! I can’t say reply ‘cause’ I haven’t asked her to go steady with me. I mean we’ve kissed a couple times, seen her naked about three times, but it was me who made the move not her.

“Ughh, ahhhhhh” I shouted out of frustration. The workers stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I turned around and walked away with embarrassment, I continued to walk around the mansion. I passed by Mei’s room for the second time and heard a loud thump.

“Mei!” I shouted as I slam open the door but I saw no one, but an open window with a cool breeze coming in. “Where did she go?” I murmured quietly.

“Jun,” said the old man. I turned around to face him and in front of my face was an envelope. “She left this for you,” said the old man. I grabbed a hold of the envelope and held it tightly.

“Do you know where she went?” I asked in a rush hoping to catch up with her.

“I think you should read the letter first, when your done come find me in my room and I will explain it further.” The old man said quietly as he walked down the hall. I walked into Mei’s room and sat by the small table. I opened the envelope and slid out the letter.


I guess I don’t really have the right to say this but don’t worry about me. Kun is with me also, don’t ask where I am, but I’m going to get stronger and better. I’m staying at a hotel to train. I know I’m running away right now, but I want to clear some things up. When I come back everything will make sense, and hopefully I find out what you mean to me. Whether its love or not of what I feel for you. I also need you to go return to America, even if you don’t want to Madam must be very worried. I also need you to tell Chang what’s happening over here. Please Jun, go back for a while.


After I finished reading it I was confused but more hurt. I slid the letter back into the envelope and walked out of the room and headed for the old man’s room. I stood outside in the hall when I reached his room.  I hesitated to open the door but as I reached for the door, the door slammed open.

“If you’re going to come in, come in don’t stand out there like an idiot you idiot.” The old man said as he was sitting back down.  I entered the room and sat across the old man.

“Where should I start?” said the old man. “I suppose I’ll start from the very beginning,”

“It all started 40 years ago, my daughter was born. It was the happiest moment in my entire life. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter, married to a beautiful and wonderful wife. When my daughter was turning five, she had been kidnapped my enemies. In the time back then I held the most power, had lots of enemies. But I would’ve never thought that they would go to extremes of killing my wife and kidnapping my daughter. I have a lead on who that person is but I move until I have evidence. I know that my daughter had escape, and had met her special person and started a family. She gave birth to a beautiful girl who I saw for the first time today, how did I know that she was my granddaughter? That toughness of hers, the way she talks, the stubbornness, and the way she would try to hide her emotions when she was hurt. Although I was shocked when she said didn’t know what love was, I would’ve thought that my daughter and son-in-law taught and gave her love. I guess I was wrong. When I found out about my daughters’ death, I was devastated, broken and thought that I had lost my only kin. Then a letter arrived the next day. It was from my daughter, she knew she was going to die and accepted her fate, but she wouldn’t let the same thing go to Mei,” said the old man.

“But anyways Mei told me that she will be traveling around and train some more. She will be starting in New York,” said the old man after a brief pause. “At the City View Plaza, New York” said the old man.

“Ok, so I need to go to City View Plaza, New York” I said

“No, first you need to go back to America and let Chang know what’s going on.” The old man said loudly.

“Right, Mei wants me to go back and let Chang know, and then I’ll go to New York,” I said quietly. “Thank you,” I said loudly as I exited the room and walked back to my room and checked if I left or brought anything to the mansion. As I was by the outside gate, a maid came out and handed me a letter.

“He told me to give you this,” said the maid. I stared at the letter she was holding in front of me, I accepted it and headed toward the airport.

When I reached the airport I found my flight and was now returning to the United States. I returned to the U.S. in the morning, the first thing I did was to see my mother, then I dropped by Chang in the afternoon and told her everything I saw and knew. After explaining and dropping by my mother I packed some clothes, money and headed for New York.

I know it’s going to be quick but I really don’t want to explain the time I was in the airplane so I’m going to skip it. But while I was on the airplane I wondered why the old man never told me why the assassins were after Mei.

When I arrived in New York it looked similar but had its differences though of course, I’m comparing Washington with New York. I had some trouble finding the hotel but I managed. As I entered the hotel, it was classy and you could definitely tell that it was for high class people. I asked the desk manager to tell me where I should go but she just looked at me and continued what she was doing.

“Excuse me, can you please help me. I need to go to Underground City View Plaza,” I said

“I’m sorry, but no such place exists” the desk manager said loudly.

“What?” I said loudly. “I was pretty sure it was this place,” then a phone call interrupted. The desk manager answered the phone on the second ring. She walked away far enough for me not able to hear. After five minutes of waiting she came back to the desk and ended the call.

“Do you have permission,” said the desk manager

“Permission?” I said not knowing what she was talking about. “Ahh, wait is this it?” I took out the letter the old man gave to the maid to give to me. I handed the letter to her, she opened the envelope, read the letter and cleared her throat after.

“Follow me,” the desk manager said clearly. I followed her into an employee elevator where after the door closed she pressed the “FA” button. We went downward for at least five minutes straight. When we finally stopped with a loud thud with the doors opening, everywhere there were people in shorts, men topless, women boxing, sweat, and open areas. We exited the elevator and walked over to a crowd of people who were cheering. When I got a closer look of what was happening I saw two people fighting. Not just any two people, they were good. Good at fighting well at least that’s what I saw with people moving all the time. But as I moved up close to the front I noticed that there was a girl fighting a man. Not just any girl, it was Mei fighting with a buff man.

“Mei,” I whispered to myself.

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