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Konichiwa!! hahah. just kidding! hello booksie writers! well as you see im making this book come alive by writing it. of course i wouldn't have done this, and would be continuing with My Roommate, but since i have decided to join in on the fun and do the contest Cera Seren is holding! im doing Prompt # 2!! well its about

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rule #3

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Chapter One

Under this contract of living under the same roof, we hereby conduct conditions and rules.

  1. We shall not interfere with personal lives
  2. We will not trespass others belongings or area
  3. No emotions or feelings will be held for each other
  4. No touching or violating each other bodies or space
  5. pay your rent of the month, no debts or financial issues
  6. cannot and will not rely on others for financial pays/issues
  7. chores will be divided equally
    1. dishes and laundry on:
      1. Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday :Venus
      2. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Zane
      3. Friday: free day
    2. Cooking
      1. Breakfast and dinner:
        1. Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday: Zane
        2. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Venus
    3. Cleaning:
      1. Will be divided every other day
  8. No other participants/followers may enter home
  9. No other participants/followers may know of this or have knowledge of this.
  10. You or any other may not enter any other rooms than your own.
  11. No pets will be allowed
  12. During the seasons:
    1. Winter:
      1. Shoveling: Venus
    2. Summer:
      1. Mowing the grass: Zane
    3. Fall:
      1. Raking leaves: will be divided evenly
  13. Each owner will be given one key for the whole two years. Lose it, and you will be disqualified.
  14. If any of these rules are broken throughout the terms, punishment will await you.

Contract signed by:

Participant 1: Venus Knight

Participant 2: Zane Babi

“Finished,” I said contently

“Just hurry and get this finished with,” Zane said arrogantly. Man, that bastard just had to ruin my mood.

“Just chill dude,” I said frustrated.

“Just saying, no need to do this stupid contract.” Zane said slowly, as he was pulling a cigarette out. “because, for sure I’m NEVER going to break any of these stupid conditions,”

“Sure sure, but neither am I. Just watch, sooner or later you’ll be heads over heels for me in less than two years!” I said laughing, trying to piss him off even more.

“Don’t you mean, that your going to fall for me.” Zane said smirking back at me.

“Who, will fall for you pervert.” I said to him as I blew out his flame that was going to light his cigarette.

“Someday, I’m going to torture you” Zane said in a cold voice glaring at me with his dark blue eyes.

“Good luck doing that!” I laughed back at him as I grabbed my phone and folded the contract placed it in inside pocket of my leather jacket and stood up. “Well, now that we’ve got this done I’ll be going!” I said cheerfully.

“Home?” Zane said staring out of the window.

“Well… it’s a Friday…no I won’t be going back to the house. If it wasn’t a Friday, then yes. But since it is a Friday I won’t be back until tomorrow morning!” I said to Zane as I stared at my phone.


“Ah… Avery is calling me!” I said excitedly. “Hello,” I answered.

“Venus!!” Avery screamed.

“Hey bro,” I said back smiling.

“You coming tonight?” Avery asked loudly through the phone.

“I was, but maybe not anymore.” I said calmly.

“What, why?” Avery said in a sad voice.

“First, you need to chill down ok! And second I might be late, tell that to everyone ok!” I said in a cheerful voice.

“I’ve got your order down, bro!” Avery said excitedly.

“Ok, I gotta go and get ready! I’ll be at the usual place!” I said laughing.

“Ok, see you in an hour!” Avery said.

“Yea, see you in an hour!” I said back and hung up on her.

“Well, I’ll be going!” I said to Zane. “I’ll be back by tomorrow to have breakfast and lunch ready if you need it.”

“Take your time!” Zane said calmly.

“Oh, I will.” I said smiling back as I exited the bar. I walked over to my motorcycle, and placed my helmet over my head with my hair tucked inside. Of course though, I didn’t just drive any old plain motorcycle. I drove a street sport motorcycle, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 2013! I turned the engine on and drove out of the parking lot and headed towards home.

I arrived in front of home in ten minutes. I unlocked the door and entered, I walked toward my bedroom and on over to my closet. I took out my phone and the contract out of my jacket and placed it on the bed. I unzipped my jacket and hung it back on a hanger and placed it in its original place. I slid a black long sleeves shirt on, and kept my black leggings on. I took off my black wedge booties and slipped on a pair of black toms. Before I left the house I braided my long hair tightly so it wouldn’t get in the way when we did what we always did on Friday nights. I marched down the stairs that lead the way out and in to the apartments. I got onto my motorcycle that was still running, and left for the usual place we hung out.

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