The legendary rurouni

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A legendary rurouni is on the run and bumps into another wanted foreign rurouni who is intrested in her. what they both think is that they both guess their genders wrong, and take a journey together filled with action and drama to kill one man. who is this legendary rurouni,who is cold and has a distant past. who is this foreign rurouni who won't leave her alone and clings to her?

For clarification, in the beginning they all say "him, he etc." for the legendary rurouni. but later on in the story (chapt.2-?)they say "her,she etc." for the legendary rurouni. its because in the beginning they all thought that it was a guy instead of a girl. so yeah, just incase it confuses you!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The legendary rurouni

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



Chapter one


(8:51 in the morning) CATCH THE RUROUNI!! Don’t let it get away. This time, this time for sure we will capture him and kill him slowly, then we will have our award money boys... You guys hear me, if we catch him We'll go over to red district, "YEAHH!!!" shouted the soldiers

(8:53 a.m.) yukimura, take the sanada ninja with you and go after it quickly. “yes my lord.”


(8:55) MEN, NOW IS THE TIME TO SHINE!! if we catch it we’ll have enough money to split for our whole village! “leader we just heard from komatsu that it just passed the checkpoint between our village and the ompu village.” TAKA! TAKE ALL THE MEN AND WEAPONS AND GO AFTER IT NOW!

(8:58) ugh...damn those stupid ninjas..i’ll have to get away from them if i want to take this arrow out of my back..said the rurouni

As the rurouni ran deep into the woods to get away from the shogunate, ninjas, and the villagers she came across a shabby cabin. As she stepped in and looked around in this torn down cabin the rurouni saw a stranger..“ sorry i didn’t know it was already occupied” the rurouni said
the rurouni turned around and started to walk away from the stranger and cabin. “why don’t you sit down and take that arrow out, there’s enough room for both of us” said Kain. the rurouni thanked and sat down in a corner away from him, the rurouni slid off half of his shirt and pulled out the arrow from his back.

“ i’m Kain, Kain Suzumamiya” said Kain
“im.... i am a rurouni.” said the rurouni
“ i see, and you're on the run”
“what of you? what’s a girl like you doing in this sort of place” she said rudely
“WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT I’M A GIRL? I am a good looking handsome grown up man!” said Kain
“ i’ll be going now.” the rurouni said

As he stood up and walked over to the uneven wooden door, the stranger saw him flinch and he realized that the rurouni realized that they were completely surrounded waiting for the rurouni to come out and ambush it...

 “stay in here while i finish them off, little girl” said the rurouni
“im a man...” Kain mumbled

The rurouni stepped out and unsheathed his beautiful sword that was tainted of blood washed away by the rain and sorrow.

"Alright time to slay you stalkers!" the rurouni said.. one by one the rurouni slashed away, and killed the villagers, shogunate, and the ninjas..after a ten minutes of quietness, Kain opened the door and saw that everybody was dead on the ground, there was blood everywhere he saw, but he didn't see the rurouni.

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