The more he triest to fix me, the more magical I become

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Iaera is a creature born from the experiments of a mad scientist, who's looking for a woman to love. After continous and painful experiments, to make his creature more and more similar to the ideal of perfect woman he wants, Iaera was still 'wrong' to him. She was a female human being, but she was still imperfect. And if a human female is not perfect for a human male, what else could it be? So Iaera tries to run away from her persecutor, but the world outside the hut she's been living is not what she thought it was; also, the continous shock treatments made her lose most of her memories. Day after day, she begins to remember and she will try to come back.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The more he triest to fix me, the more magical I become

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



“Here you are” I slowly opened my eyes. He was in front of me, and was looking at me with a satisfied expression. He picked me up from the table, and I leaned my head on his shoulder. With my fogged sight, I noticed something strange in front of me: it looked like a metallic box. There was water inside of it. A lot of water. My body was shaken by a thrill: I needed water. I didn’t know why. I started shaking in his arms, hoping he would take me to the water the fastest he could. “Calm down” and he gently laid me down into that kind of bathtub. I felt the water wetting my limbs, and I calmed down. There was a cushion behind me, partially submerged, and I leaned my back onto it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of the water over my body; it was warm, but I didn’t mind. I tried to stretch my legs, but I couldn’t. I opened my eyes and I was shocked: I haven’t my legs anymore. There was a… fin, instead. A fish tail. Astonished, I tried to touch it; I saw that I still had hands and arms, they weren’t fins. What the hell? I tried to touch the fin with a hand: it was rough, scaly, but I could feel my touch. I tried to move, and the tail went up and down; I managed to move it as I did with my legs. “What am I?” I turned my head, still a little stunned, towards him. He was on the right; he was putting something into his bag, maybe the stethoscope. He turned around and looked at me with a smile, the first one I’d ever seen on his face. “You’re a mermaid, Iaera. A beautiful mermaid”.

Day 3

My memories are coming back. This morning, I tried to drink water from a pool, and I instantly had flashes of my first moments as a mermaid. His smile, my fear. Images are fuzzy, but I perfectly remember my feelings.

I don’t know where I am, I can see only trees and roads around me. Sometimes, on these roads, strange metallic objects speed, and they make a terrible noise. I saw a lot of them these days. There are humans inside; I guess they use these things to move fast. I’ve been walking for four days, my legs hurt like hell, and I really needed one of these means. I asked a man if I could take a ride on his, but he didn’t answer and went away. I don’t know if it was because I scared him, or if he didn’t trust me, but it seemed I asked politely.

The sun is too bright. I’ve never been under direct sunlight, my skin burns and blushes. My clothes cover most of my body, but my face and arms are bare; the light blinds me. It’s like hell.

The light blinded me. It passed through a crack between two boards of the ceiling, upright my face. I couldn’t see anything, but I know what was happening to me. I felt the straps tightening my wrists and ankles, and then I heard his voice. “Stay still”. No. he couldn’t do it again. Haven’t he had enough? “Now I’ll try with 300, and let’s see if you’ll calm down this time”. I felt the cold metal of the electrodes on my forehead. I knew I couldn’t escape that torture, but I hoped he would listen to me that time. “Please, don’t” I said with my weak voice. A cold object on my breast. “Please”. I tried to open my eyes and, among the blinding flashed of light, I managed to see him in front of me. He was auscultating my heart with his stethoscope. I could hear it, my heart, beating fast under the cold metal. “Calm down, you won’t feel a thing” he said. I tried to move a hand to touch him, but they were bounded, and I only managed to touch his leg with a finger. I felt his heat through the fabric of his pants. “No” I tried to stop him, but I couldn’t do anything. He put the stethoscope on a table nearby and then he disappeared; I knew he was behind, ready to start off the shock. Everything was totally useless. I heard him turning his horrible machines on, and they started making a deafening noise. “Three hundred”. I closed my head. I could see the light above me, reddish, through my eyelids. Suddenly the light disappeared, sucked up by a buzz in my head. I could feel my body shaking, run by the electricity, the light went on and off, the buzz kept going. After a moment that felt endless, the buzz disappeared and I couldn’t feel anything anymore.

I suddenly woke up. I tried to open my eyes, but I could see nothing but shadows and blinding lights. I heard a strange noise in my ears. “Iaera. Iaera” I could hear my name, but it sounded so distant. Then I saw his face above me, blurred, my eyes couldn’t focus. I moved my head, and an excruciating pain passed through my body. I felt the straps on my wrists and ankles release. I tried to move my hand, and my arm fell over the table, lifelessly. I heard a deafening noise and I saw a blurred image of him who was climbing onto the table. He grabbed my arm and put it back on the table. “Maybe you’ve calmed down this time” I heard. I had lived that scene too many times, but I couldn’t remember that time, I didn’t know what was happening, like the first time. In the light, I saw him taking off his pants. He started touching me and I felt his hairy cheek on my chest. His warm wet lips on my breast. From my breast to my belly button and then lower. In a spin, among blurred images and muffled sounds, I felt a shiver when he kissed the most sensitive spot he had given to my body. I could feel only a general numbness, broken by a few stabs, like electricity ones, all over my body, and they made me startle. I started shaking, lulled by the most pleasing feeling I had ever felt. 

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