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A/N: To the readers: I know it's a littleshort and my formatting is wrong. I guess. Please bear withmy work, I'm new to these stuff. Anyways, enjoy. =)


Chapter 1

Good morning, sunshine! What a glorious day. I rushed downstairs to see what's cookin', but I heard some footsteps somewhere behind me. I looked behind and there they were, my mom, dad, and my little, rascal, brother, Timothy. They were wearing their upside-down-frown faces, holding acupcake,and excitingly greeted me a, "Happy Birthday, Stacey!"

Could it be? Is it really my birthday? How could I totally forget? "Aww, thanks guys!" I hugged each one and blew my birthday cake (cupcake). I just don't like birthdays, I mean, what's the point? Another year older? Oh well, happy birthday to me!

I'm now19 and still, no sort of desperate boys coming by. I'm fairly a thick face, haha! It's been 1 year that Akira and I broke up, but that relationship was just...dumb? Yeah, it was and I'm trying to get over him. Successful, I guess? He was somehow the best boyfriend I've ever had over my past teen years. I remember having him at my house to celebrate my 18th birthday, again, another year older. We were sitting on the couch, he held my hand and said, "Close your eyes, I have something for you." I blushed and followed his command.

"Now, open." He whispered.

It's a box covered in a glittering, blue, wrapper. As I was ripping apart the wrapper, he said, "I know it's your favorite so, I spent my earnings just to buy it for you." I smiled at him as I ripped apart the last piece of the wrapper. Wow, a camera! Not just any camera,a professional camera. I looked at himand said, "This is the best gift ever, babe! Thanks!" As my very own gift to him, I hugged and kissed him. That night was just awesome.

Akira took me out on a date the next day, of course, I brought my camera. I took pictures of us doing everything at that moment. We ate, danced, held hands, walked, etc. Exactly everything that people do on dates. We decided on going home around 10pm, but ended up at 11pm. He dropped me off infront of our doorstep and gave him a kiss he always wanted. I said to him, "Babe, this was the best day ever, but...."

"But what?" He replied with anger and confusness in his face.

"But this has to end..."

I, for one, was guilty on what I just did. It didn't mean to happen, in fact, I don't know the main reason why I did that! He asked, "So, you really want to end this?" I uttered a "Yes." He ran to his car, as he left me crying on the doorstep. Deep down inside me, I'm full of fury and rage. I guess I did that because I wanted to be single for a while. Eh, maybe. Well, what happens is what happens and I have to accept the fact that I broke up with Akira for no hell of a reason. You see? Itwas a dumb relationship.

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Sat, December 18th, 2010 8:47pm


Sure, sure. ;D
Thanks for the read!

Sat, December 18th, 2010 1:17pm

nAird 19 mizzi!!!
nice work... :>
make a new......!!!!

Mon, December 20th, 2010 1:11am


Air, nosebleed? WAHAHA. =)))
Yeah, I'll continue and make more chapters when I have the time. Anyway, thanks for the read! :>

Sun, December 19th, 2010 9:39pm

nAird 19

hey!!! i loved to speak in english! Why do i get in NOSEBLEED? :P

Thu, July 21st, 2011 11:17am


Hey! I love to speak in English! Why does my nose bleed? Joooooke. Yieee! You finally opened your account. ;) Go, continue naaa! :D

Fri, July 22nd, 2011 7:27am

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