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Chapter 2

October 5, a day after my birthday. I decided to develop the pictures from my camera. So, I went to RiteAid and towards the booth for pictures. The worker there approached me and said, "Good Morning, ma'am. How may I help you? I replied, "Yeah, I'd like to develop everything in this camera." He said it would take about 30 min. for everything to be developed, so I waited. The guy looked like Akira for some reason. Anyway, I should be more focused on my pictures.

30 minutes have passed and I went back to the booth. The guy handed me my pictures and asked, "Umm, may I ask yousomething?"


I was somehow shocked whenhe suddenly asked what my name was. As a result of being shocked, I accidentally changed my name from Stacey to Anne. "My name's Anne. Yours?" He held out his hand, expecting me to shake hands with him.

"Oh, I'm Rey. Sorry, I thought you were a friend of mine from high school."

I held out my hands as well, and shook hands with him. We both gave out a fake smile at each other and after that I took my pictures and left with no sign of saying "Goodbye."

I drove home with a blushy feeling inside me, but again, I should be more focused on my pictures. I parked my car in our garage, our messy garage. As I steeped out, my mom opened the door and said, "Where have you been, sweetie?"

"Oh, mom. I went to RiteAid to get my pictures developed. Nothing to worry about, mom."

I went up to my bedroom and laid the pictures on my bed. Suddenly, a picture caught my attetion. A picture of me and Akira, during my birthday and during our LASTdate. I felt angry for a moment because I promised myself not to bring back Akira in my mind, not just in my mind, but also in my heart. I collected the pictures of us and seperated them from the rest. I haven't decided on where to put them. Trash or in my diary? I guess in my diary, but that shows that I still have a feeling for him, right? Okay then, I'll put them in my diary. I collected the rest of the pictures and stacked them beside my computer. *Sigh* I have to admit, I'm starting to miss Akira.

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i like it, keep going, Please update me

Sat, December 18th, 2010 9:40pm


Sure will, dear! ;D
Thanks for reading.

Sat, December 18th, 2010 1:41pm

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