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A/N: I know, I know. The picture doesn't go with it; right?


Chapter 3

October 6, two days after my birthday. Should I continue counting? I guess not. I brought Timothy to the park and of course, I have my handy camera with me."Hey, Stacey, I'll go check out the swing. Alright?" I really don't let Timothy go off on his own. I guess I'm too protective for a 9 year old boy. "Maybe I'll go have a little fun on my own.", I said, and yes, I did.So, I walked to any object that caught my eye and the fun started. I took pictures of cats, dogs, chairs, and even lamp posts. In a while, I decided to take pictures of random people without them knowing or for a shorter term, "stolen shots". As I raised my camera, a person somehow looked exactly like Akira. What a small world! Our two broken hearts can possibly come together as one! Nah, I don't think so. Why are these ideas coming in my mind? I should get over it.

I walked towards the spot where I saw him, about 3 feet away. There he was! Sitting on the bench, earphones plugged in, and with his blonde coloured hair. I didn't want myself to be seen. Time to act invisible, Stacy! I raised my camera again and started to take a few shots of him. He looked at where I'm standing, probably noticed the flash from my camera. Our eyes suddenly met and I froze for a moment, not knowing what to do next. He stood up from his seat, and slowly walked towards me. I ran away, towards the playground that Timothy's playing on. Oh no! Timothy's not there! Where should I go now? Look for Timothy, or face my fears and talk to Akira? Ahh! I'm so tensed, hoping I would faint. I ignored both choices and ran to my car. I went in and said,"I sure wish Akira didn't follow me." Unfortunately, he did. I saw him in the side mirrorsapproaching my car.He knocked on my car window and, I guess, was expecting me to have a conversation with him, I wanted to, but I guess I'm too afraid. So, I stepped out from my car, "Man, this is so akward!", I thought. He opened his lips and said, "H..H..Hi."

"Hey. What a small world, eh?"

I thought it would make him laugh, but it didn't.

"Yeah, it is a small world. Gosh, Stacey, you haven't changed a bit. You're still that sexy, charming, Stacey I used to know."

I guess I was flattered from his compliment. At that very moment, Timothy was running to us and said, "Who are you, dude?" That was such an improper greeting for a person. Timothy started to tug my jeans and said, "Let's go, Stacey. I'm starting to get sleepy.", and gave out a big yawn. I looked at Akira and said, "Hey, it's nice to see you again, but I have to go now, so see you when I see you!" We both smiled at each other, but as I opened my car door, he said, "Hey, I hope you text me sometime, my number is 1-818-*******" I was speecheless and ignored what he said, but I did remember his number. Once again, I opened the car door, waved goodbye to Akira, and Timothy and I drove back home. Man, this day is so unexpected.

I parked my car in our messy garage again. Timothy ran quickly inside and hugged mom, "Wow, Timothy, you're a hugger?" He made an angry face and sticked outhis tounge at me. "Well, you're in a good mood today, Stacey." I am? I thought I always am. "Mom, aren't I always in a good mood?" Timothy butted in, "Oh, mom, she met up with Akira. I think they had a date." Mom looked deeply in my eyes, as if she was curious, "Oh, you did?" Ugh, stupid Timothy!

"Mom, it wasn't a date. He just showed up out of the blue moon and then we talked to each other." Mom crossed her arms and said, "Are you sure? You know I'm just worried about you." I rolled my eyes, "Yes, mom, I'm sure, plus, don't worry about me, I'm mature enough to handle these kind of situations. I went upstairs as quickly as possible and wrote down Akira's number on a sticky note. Thank God for this miraculous day!

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wah finally a 3rd chapter! so are they gettin back together, cant wait!Update me

Mon, December 20th, 2010 3:53pm


Yeah, I know right?! Don't worry, I'm on my way to Chapter 4. :) And yeah, I shall update you. Thanks for the read! =)

Mon, December 20th, 2010 1:01pm



Mon, December 20th, 2010 6:44pm


Sure, sure. Thanks for reading! ;D

Mon, December 20th, 2010 1:02pm

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