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I had the urge to text him. 

Hello? Is this Akira? Oh my gosh!

He replied, "Yes." Aw, shucks! It really is him. I screamed while blushing. This is such a fantasy, a stupid fantasy.

I went downstairs to get a glass of water. "Hunny, why scream, eh?" Mom curiously asked. As always. 

I giggled. "Ha-ha, it was nothing mom." 

"Oh, I forgot, sweetie! Mind taking Timothy to his friend's house?" Sure, but who will be there? I thought. I'm so concious now, since I saw Akira that other day. I remember his blonde hair, vintage hat, and all that stuff. God! I miss him? Ha-ha.

Mom gave out a loud snap, "You there?" "Oh yeah, sorry. And I don't mind at all." Fake-smile mode. Timothy came running downstairs from his room, playing his new collection of Iron Man toys, whatever that junk is. I'd rather play with Superman. Oh, yeah! How childish of me.

"Come on now, Timothy!" I shouted. Timothy pouted. "I don't have time for that pouting of yours! Come on, I'll buy you your favorite ice cream from Ben&Jerry." Timothy came running to me, and hugged me like I was a huge teddy bear being ran after by kids. Wow, Timothy really is a hugger!

I got the keys on top of the fridge for my old, red, Lancer. Awesome, right? I just wish I had a Lamborghini, just like my friend Airdrin. I haven't talked to him in a while now, since HighSchool days have passed. He was just a great friend, caring, thoughtful, loving, and just like the guy a girl would dream of. But, he was just a friend. An amazing friend.

As we arrived at Ronald's house (Timothy's friend), I took a look at the whole house, making sure you-know-who isn't there. I guess I shouldn't be that much concious this time, since the house would be filled with little rascals playing their usual games. Ronald's mom, Mrs. Grendel, greeted me as if I were her daughter. Of course, I used my ever-famous Fake-Smile Mode. "Oh hey, Mrs. Grendel, nice house you got here!" 

"Why thank you, dear! I just got it painted this week." Nice color for a house; Green. Obvusely my favorite color. He-he!

"Timothy, I'll buy you your ice cream later, ok? Call me when you want to fetch you, ok?"

"Ok, Stacey! I love you!" Timothy said. Seriously? Timothy said that? Is this some kind of dream? And yes, I also love Timothy.

I smiled at Timothy. "Ok Mrs. Grendel, call us if you need help controlling that little rat of mine. See you later!" I went outside, and inhaled lots of air. They have lots of trees!

I drove out of their place, and gave out a loud honk, letting them know I'll be going now. Well, another day, another nickle!



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