A New Paradise

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Loserville

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



The first thing you should know about me is that my life sucks. I'm not glamorous, popular and I don't kno about fashion. I'm definitely not pretty. I'm just a nobody. Someone you walk pass without a second glance. Its always been like this. It was worse in junior high. Im a junior in high school and its no better. I mean i wasnt bullied just not noticed. No matter what I did or how I did it no one accepted me. Except my best friend and only friend Breann. She isnt as big of a loser as I am. People know her but she chooses to ignore that. She always say too much attention take up too much time. I wish I could believe that. My ten year old sister pokes he head i my door.

"Mom is waiting" She said. Her voice sound like bells. Not the christmas kind that makes you smile but the annoying ones that just wont shut up. I groan and lay on my side facing my window. "Want me to get Cupcake?" She said. Our dog we had since I was 9 barks when she hears her name.

"Get our Skylar. Im coming" I said. She closed the door mumbling something under her breath. I hear her tiny footsteps go down the stairs. I hate mornings. I hate school even more. I get up anyway seeing no way around it. I throw on a oversize t-shirt that covers up whatever figure I have. It looks like i have no breasts but i see nothing happy about being a 34c. It just cause back problems. I put on some sweats and my worn out sneakers. I pretty much dress like way everyday. the only time I don't are at family weddings or reunions. My mom bought me a shitload of dresses last summer. I don't like my legs so they are collecting dust in my closet. One tme she made me wear one when I was 8 years old. I purposely ate the messiest chili dog and ruined the dress. Then I rolled around in mud. She never tried to force me again. For a last touch up I put my hair in a ponytail. Its a curly mess but my brown hair goes down my back stopping a few inches above my waist. I never wanted to cut it. Skylar is the luch one who got the good genes. Her hair is straight, silky and a lighter brown with a tint of red. My older brother Leon has jet black hair. Yep he's a lucky one too. My phone rings and I know its Breann. No one else text me or even have my number.

Hurry up Ked!

I text her back saying Coming! No Rush.. I run downstairs my ponytail hitting my face. My hand is on the knob until I hear another bell ringing voice behind me. I see where Skylar gets it from. A living prodigy.

"You havent eaten" My mom said. She knows I dont eat breakfast. Me and Breann sometimes might pick up something. Its just a trick to talk to me but my mom hates me. Im her mistake."No thanks. I'll buy something." I said leaving before the converstaion last any longer. As usual Breann looks beautiful though I cant see her outfit through the car. She got it for her 17th birthday last year. Her long hair blonde hair is full of loose curls that look like bouncy swirls. its not all messy like mine. She could be popular without trying. Truth is I dont know why she hangs around me. Im just waitng until she realize that and become a popular.

"Hey girlie" She said when I got in the car. She was wearing black tights, a blackish pinkish skirt and her favorite hot pink shirt that comes off one of her shoulder. She could be a model. I smiled. "Hey B" She started the car and very slowly went forward. She very careful whenshe drive."So guess what?" Breann said. "You found a way to make me dissapear" I said in a emotionless tone. She smacked her lips."No come on Ked dont say that. Zack wants to hang out."She giggled. B had a crush on him since sophmore year. He likes her too. I heard him tell one his guy friends.

"Thats good news" I try to sound happy. " I know. I didnt see it coming. He just walked up to me and said it. So we have a date Saturday. Plus I heard Xavier and Stella broke up." Her eyebrows went up. My cheeks turned red. "Not that I care" I said. " Oh you so do care. Maybe me and you can do a double date. I've always wanted to try that." I shook my head. " I dont think so. He'll just throw up"

"Come on Kedziecat. All you have to do is dress more pretty and fix your hair." She pulled a tangled curl. "Not even if the world was ending" She signed knowing she couldn't get through to me. She talked about Zack, the dimple on his left cheek, how cute he is when he spaces ot and how his freckle look like heart. Yeah she practically studied him. Usually I listened but today didnt feel right. i couldnt help but feel like things were going to change soon enough. I mean could Xavier really be single? I had a crush on him sice 7th grade. It would never work. He was a popular and Im not.




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