Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I found myself at Dave's Pawn Shop, a run down kind of place but still old fashioned and cheery. The door jingled as I entered, and a man in a torn up flannel and faded jeans greeted with me with a warm smile. "Rachel!" He was a handsome man, very young, probably around twenty-three. His bright green eyes never seemed to dim, and his smile never left his lips.


"Mitch, how are you?" He embraced me in a tight hug.


"Oh not much. But what are you doin' here?"


That's when I pulled out the ring, letting him examine the strange gem. "I want to know how much this is worth, and if its a lot I'd like to sell it." Mitch took behind his desk and sat back in his chair, turning the ring over and over, holding it up to the light remaining focused on the piece of jewelry. He then stood and aimed his eyes at me. "You can't sell this, Rachel... I'm sorry."


My head tilted to one side. "What? What do you mean 'I can't sell this'?"  I took the ring back and scanned it again, checking to see if there was something wrong with it, but everything was in perfect shape; not a scratch was on the damn thing.


Mitch kept shaking his head. "You just can't."


"Mitch, I'm being kicked out of my home, I need to sell this for money." I begged him, and outstretched my arm for him to take it back.


He walked up to me to take it, but only to put it on my finger, then he whispered; "Rachel... don't ever take this off." He then herded me out of the door, and closed it.


So a ring I can't take off. Great. Of course I wouldn't listen to him, I'll just go sell it online; surely someone would want it.


I called Isabelle and told her what happened, and she couldn't believe it either.


I made my way across the street back home, something had to give with this ring if even Mitch wouldn't take it, and he takes everything. Maybe I'll do some researching and find out if this ring is a fake, though it doesn't look it.


Suddenly a body slammed into me, a woman in a black jacket and dark pants. We both hit the concrete hard, I was able to stop my head from hitting though. I immediately got up and crawled toward the woman, "are you okay? I'm so sorry." I tried to help her up, but she kept turning her head away from me as if she couldn't look at me.


"I'm fine." She mumbled, and I saw her eyes stare at my ring for a split second, and heard a small gasp come from her mouth. The woman stood quickly and turned the other way, "I must go." Was all she said.


"That was weird..." I said to myself and kept walking back to the apartment building, stuffing the ring in my pocket while doing so.


When I got back home, I crashed on the couch and took out the ring and couldn't stop thinking about what Mitch said. Don't ever take it off, but why? My mother never took it off, which made me wonder if she had a good reason to not to.


I put the ring on, it didn't look bad on me. I held my  hand out to examine it, it caught the light beautifully and the diamonds sparkled around the band of it. Maybe I'll keep it on, at least for a little while.

Submitted: July 24, 2014

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