Packs, Pasts, and Promises

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I'm starting a small portion of my book. I'm gonna keep adding more and more as it flows. Don't worry, the conflict starts in chapter three. just be patient.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Packs, Pasts, and Promises (1&2)

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Chapter 1

I look around from my post. I dress casually as to not attract suspicion from passersby. I wear a black jacket, a pair of jeans and a necklace that has a small wooden hand-carved wolf. However, beneath the clothes, lie two silver knives and a gun. I would never use them, unless if a wolf transformed in public. It is part of the code that strangely enough, no one had a pen to write down. I currently am patrolling like usual, hoping to get back to Head Quarters in time for the meeting. As I scan the street, one of the most disgusting creatures ever created comes into my line of sight.

I scowl at Wolf as he approaches me. I'm at a corner inhabited by whores and dealers. This is the border of Thylite territory, where it changes to Klomker territory.

“Well, what have we here? Hmm… You should look for some better company.” By now he has backed me up against a wall and is so close, I can smell the alcohol on his breath. I'm tempted to cut his thigh just enough to escape, but I know I'll just get in trouble since he hasn’t technically laid a paw on me yet. Filthy animal would lose it if he tried.

I curl my lip in repugnance. “Drunk on patrol, Wolf? I thought you of all people would know better.” It's a low blow, and only causes him to shove himself closer to me. He presses his body against mine as fury darkens his gaze.

“You take that back!” He growls at me. His face is so close to mine, I can see the whiskers around his chin. His cold, gray eyes penetrate mine and I start to feel the fear he intended to make me feel.

See, a year ago he used to have three brothers from the same batch of grossness which would be his mother’s loins. I shiver in revulsion but pretend I am just cold. Continuing the story, everyone who took part in creating this thing’s genes as far back as we know were alcoholics, so that means so were the offspring. At first, Wolf was spared but then his brothers were reported dead by the side of a road with traces of alcohol on their bodies. Since then, Wolf has spent every second in public, intoxicated.

I pull my jacket closer to me as I take a deep breath that only makes me want to gag. He had been drowning his sorrows no doubt. “Look, Wolf. This is my territory—“

He puts his hand over my mouth which smells of garbage. Dammit, can’t get to my knife. I think angrily. His arm was constricting my movement. “No… This is the boundary. I have all rights to be here.” He hisses as I bite down on his hand hard enough to cut through the skin. He pulls back harshly, causing me to lose balance and fall forward.

He catches me as I fall and traps me in his arms. “You little—!”

“Let her go, Scum. She’s not another one of your little prostitutes to mess with.” The voice is deep, husky, and very familiar. Liam steps into my view. Even though he is smiling, there's something odd about it. It doesn’t reach his eyes. If I didn’t known better, I’d say he looks furious and scared that I might get hurt. We play fight and train all the time and we always get scuffed up. And he knows I am capable of protecting myself. And yet still, he seems to be seething beneath that smile that doesn’t quite fit.

Liam and I have known each other since we were pups. Liam was a Fendril. Our packs have a very tight alliance, due to the affair between our leaders. Actually, now it’s a full-blown relationship. Pretty taboo, everyone talks about it.

“And what are you gonna do about it?” Wolf lets me drop to the ground to confront Liam.

“Liam, don’t. He’s not worth it.” I beg. I don’t want to see Liam get in trouble because of a scumbag like Wolf. I have no doubt Liam could tear him to shreds. And no doubt he could charm his way out of any situation, but I wouldn’t want him to even have to try. Liam is my best friend.

“Get over here, Dee.” Only Liam can ever call me Dee. Everyone else either refers to me as Lydia or West, my last name.

I get up, and doing so, punch Wolf across the jaw. Then I brush myself off and walk over to Liam. But instead of getting behind him I grab his arm and lead him back to my house which is a few blocks away from the border. I like to keep an eye on the Klomkers.

Despite his protests I continue to drag him away. I'm actually surprised Liam let me drag him away. He's stronger than me, he should be able to shrug out of my grip at any moment. When we get farther away, Liam shrugs out of my grip and straightens his suit-coat. It's just then I realize he's all dressed up. Despite the fact I think of him only as a friend, a strange shiver comes over me at the sight of him. With his jet-black hair and tall stature, he is stunning. I shake my head to clear the sudden dizziness.

“That was fun! What’s next? Shooting rats in the alley?” Liam says, giving me a lopsided grin. I love that grin. As far as I know, he only grins like that to me.

I shake my head at him. “You could have gotten him hurt! You can’t afford to get in trouble.”

“Aww… You know me, I’m the charmer! I wouldn’t have started anything anyway, you know that. And I’m shocked you weren’t worried about me. I think I am offended.” He looks me over and rubs the back of his head. “But before you repair my damaged emotions, we need to get you dressed up. You can’t go to a meeting like that.”

“Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! You know as well as I do that I don’t like to dress up!” I yell in protest as he leads me into my own home.

He sits me down on my bed and looks at my closet in distaste."I need to get you some clothes. I heard some other wolves complaining about your outfit last time. They said, ‘not revealing enough.’”

I laugh at the absurdity. There is no way I'd ever be appealing to wolf or human. Except maybe a Klomker but they tend to stick to their own. “Okay Mr. Awkward! How are you dressing Barbie up today?”

He pulls out a short blue strapless dress and a black, leather mini jacket. “Put this on. You’ll look good in this. It’s classy.” I grab the dress and run to the bathroom before he can run me over with more things to try on.

When it's on I gasp at myself in the mirror. With my ashy blonde hair and sharp green eyes, this dress makes me look like one of those air-headed valley girls you’d see on TV playing the mean, evil, popular girl. This looks nothing like the regular me. The regular me is odd. Not girly. Not pretty.

I walk out and see Liam bent over in my shoe drawer. When he looks up, he turns around and his jaw drops. I scowl at him. “I look weird.”

Liam shakes his head as if to get something out of it. “N-no. You... You look amazing Dee. Um... Here, wear these.” He hands me a pair of blue strappy heels that had belonged to my mom. My mom passed away twelve years ago, and my dad is nowhere to be found.

Liam notes the pain in my eyes and slams his fist down on the dresser. The sound makes me jump. “Dammit! It’s your mother’s isn’t it? God dammit! I just ruined this night, didn’t I?”

I shake my head gently at him. He always hated causing me pain. Especially when it's about my family. At the moment, he is it. He and two of my other closest friends.

“Look, I can tell them you got caught up with a pack trying to get pass the border.”

“No, they’ll send reinforcements and see you lied. It’s okay. Tonight can still be fun.” I put on the heels and walk up to him. I straighten his tie and smile up at him.

“I’m so sorry, Dee.” He looks so guilty I want so badly to just curl up on the bed with him and watch one of our favorite movies like when we were younger. Alas, no, we have work to do. Liam and I are representatives for our packs. And since it was my pack that was lending the head quarters, I have to make the opening announcements. Only twelve wolves from each pack gets to go to the pre-meeting where we discuss not-so-important news and celebrate the peace. The Alphas meet separately the next day.

I meet Liam’s eyes and see something there, hard to describe. It was like he was looking at treasure or precious gems and not me. I could never be the target of that look. He leans towards me as if to kiss me and I’m still. So still. I don’t even breathe. Just as I think our lips will touch, he pulls back and clears his throat. I look away as heat floods my face.

“We should… Um… We should go.” Liam turns and walks out the door, and after a few seconds, I follow.

Chapter 2

I open the door to let Lydia get in, and I can’t help but to curse myself for making a move on her. It was only because it was mating season for werewolves. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ve been in love with Dee since we were instated as full-on members of our packs. I’ve never told her but by the way she reacted when I almost kissed her… I wonder if she doesn’t feel the same way.

I shake my head at the absurdity as I get in the driver’s side. I put the key into ignition and turn on the radio. ‘Boyfriend’ blare through the speakers and I snarl in distaste and change the station until I find the song I can drive to. ‘Thrift Shop’.

I turn to Lydia as I speed down the freeway. Her hair is flying around her because of the open top of my car. I have a convertible. Mostly, because wolves like us, since we are part canine after all, love the feel of the air in our face.

I look at Dee, and as her hair whips around her face, as her eyes glow with life. Damn, she is beautiful. And with that dress… Why did I have to choose that dress? The dress threatens to expose her upper thigh. I suck my breath in to clear my head and focus my gaze onto the rode. Only five more minutes till freedom.

“So, I don’t mean to be annoying, but… Are we there yet?” Lydia shouts to me over the music and wind.

I turn to look at her and realize my mistake as soon as her penetrating green eyes meet my blue ones. They sparkle with a fire that makes my heart soar. “Just about four or five more minutes. What? Can’t wait to spring out of here?”

Her laughter chimes through my ears. “No, I just can’t wait till the meeting now. You got me all pumped up about it.”

I laugh. “Good to know I’m good for something.”

“No. you’re much more than that.”

Finally, I see HQ. The lights are all off, except for a small flicker of fire in the doorway. The meeting had started.

“Dammit. We’re late.” I growl as I jump over the side of the car.

“As if we didn’t expect that.” Lydia follows suit and jumps out of the car.

We walk up to the building and sneak in without making a sound. We walk down the dark hallway and come up to the two doors with golden wolf engravings. We open the door and walk through.

Lydia and I are this month’s reps. since the Alphas of all the packs are too important to be let into enclosed areas with a bunch of other wolves. Luckily, Wolf is nowhere to be seen.

I look around and notice that the meeting hadn’t really started. They were waiting for us.

“Damn it.” I walk up to the chairs where the reps sat and grab my seat. Lydia takes a seat next to me. “Sorry, everyone. There was some business to take care of before I came. And, of course, squirrels.”

A few chuckles spread through the crowd. I had always been great with people. They love me. I’ve got a gift with words, and yet whenever I speak to Lydia, I get tongue-tied.

Elijah, the rep for Klomker, scowls at me. “Nice of you to join us, Harris.” I hate it when people called me by my last name, and by his tone, I guess Wolf had told him what happened.

“Thank you, Adams. I’ll thank you for keeping a civil tone.” The rep to my right says. Her name is Kendall Falls. She is next in line to be Alpha. Its surprising she was allowed to come, being how crucial she is to her pack. Her pack is the Roselind pack, known for their more humane nature. The Klomker are known for their animalistic behavior. The Thylites are known for their knowledgeable wolves. All wanting to know more of the world. And my pack, the Fendrils, are all known for their acceptance. We’re all on a need-to-know basis. We don’t really care to learn more and we don’t deny anything. We’re pretty go with the flow kind of people. Except with me. I am cool; don’t lose my temper often, except there is one thing I care strongly for. Lydia. The only person who brings strong emotions out of me.

“West, would you care to start us off?” Kendall gestures towards Lydia.

Lydia nods. I smile at her for confidence. She sees me and smiles. I hold my breath. Don’t blow it, Dee.

“Hi, guys... Um... It’s been another wonderful month of peace! We’re all still alive, there have been no deaths and it’s great. Um... We Thylites have welcomed some new pups into the world, Kylie and Jonathon. They are twins from Jane Franklin and her husband. Congrats. We have had zero sightings and only one front on yours truly. I would like to say that no one was harmed; it was all solved very quickly. Francesca, you all know the Alpha, will be bringing in the wages on Tuesday. So, that’s it. Another month of peace to come!” Lydia awkwardly bows and sits.

“Good job, Dee.” I whisper.


“We’d speak next.” Elijah stands and walks to Lydia.

Kendall rubs her head, “Elijah! Lydia is the host. She can choose who goes next.”

Lydia clenches her jaw at Elijah. “Go ahead, Eli.”

Elijah growls in annoyance. She just insulted him by referring to him by a nickname without a thumbs up. Good for her.

“My good Wolf. He has informed me that you attacked him with this... Harris.” Elijah scowls at me.

“Hey, Eli. Your little Wolf was bugging a wolf at the border. I assumed he was trying to get across and defended my ally.” I defend.

Kendall smiles at the wolf’s agitation. “Is this true, West?”

Lydia smiles. “I apologize formally. It was all a huge misunderstanding. I just assumed that being pressed up to a wall was unfriendly. How was I supposed to know it was flirting? After all, all other wolves are below you, right?”

I laughed. “Yeah bro, she was just confused. We all were.”

Elijah grunts. He doesn't want to look like a bad guy when we are all admitting to fault. Lydia blinks innocently. “I’m sorry; do you have any other news?”

Eli shakes his head and sits his ass down. I can hear a few wolves in the crowd laughing. “Lydia, may I go?” I ask her.

She looks over to Kendall who nods in acceptance. I stand. “All my party people, we have had a good month, right? We got three new little people, but we also lost someone. We lost little Rainbow. Janie’s doll. Has anyone seen her? I promised I’d ask.” I hear some amused murmurs. “No? Oh, well then. So I’d like to thank the Rosalind for assisting us when our wolf, Jared, broke his paw on the border. We thank you for taking him home. We are in your debt. Thanks.”

“Thank you Liam. Kendall, do you have any news to share?” Lydia asks. She seems more relaxed.

“Only one thing, some of the houses downtown were robbed, we’re setting up an investigation and we’ll accept donations for the wolves missing their basic necessities.”

“Thank you, Falls. I know the Thylites will be sending donations your way.” Lydia smiles. “Now, to celebrate the eight standing years of peace!”

Everyone cheers and suddenly some music begins. People begin chatting and the snack tables begin to get ransacked. All meat. Of course.

I grab Lydia’s arm and give her a thumbs up before her friends come up and tear her away squealing and gibbering and such. It’s ok. I’ll wait my turn.

I wander over to a group of Fendrils and engage in a conversation about some movies that recently came out, but all I can think about is Lydia.

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