Packs, Pasts, and Promises

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This is a love story about to wolves who are doomed to be. READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Packs, Pasts, and Promises(3&4)

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Chapter 3

I laugh as my only other friends in the world besides Liam drag me to a small table in the corner of the room.

"O-M-G! You were so amazing up there!" Amber squeals.

Her twin sister Kai nods enthusiastically. "You totally burned it up there."

Amber elbows Kai. Hard. "Hey! Isn't that a negative?"

Kai rubs her side and shrugs. "I don't know. I think it's a positive."

Amber rolls her eyes and smiles. "Point is, you were awesome."

Kai and Amber are identical twins. They both are natural redheads, but Amber dyed her hair black, and have freckles and gorgeous hazel eyes. Amber is a very loving girl, in both ways. She is really nice, and really boy crazy. She can almost always be seen with a guy, human or otherwise. Kai is also really sweet, but she also doesn't go for guys. Kai is lesbian, and even so she isn't always clinging onto girls like Amber does to boys. Kai is usually volunteering for everything helping everyone, human or otherwise.

I laugh. Their cheeks are obviously flushed from the oustide air, and to top it off Kai says,"I can't believe Eli didn't give you any trouble!"

"Don't even try to act like you were here." Amber growls and elbows Kai again.

"Kai! I told you she'd know you were late! Eli did give her trouble. Lydia tell her why he gave you trouble." Amber says trying to put all the blame on Kai and still get info.

"AMBER JONSON! DON'T MAKE BE SLAP YOU." Kai screeches in her ear. Amber flinches and Kai turns to me. "I am so sorry, Lydia, she got caught up with some cute guy at the gas station and they were talking for about an hour. Can you ever forgive me?"

I pretend to ponder it as Amber and Kai give me the puppy-dog look. It'd work better if they were actually in wolf form. Still, they are my friends, and I can't exactly be mad at them for being themselves. "It's okay guys, nothing really happened. Eli was just mad at me for embarrassing one of his wolves. Well, Wolf, to be specific."

Kai crinkles her nose while Amber just keeps staring at me. After a few seconds, she says,"What wolf?"

Kai sighs. "Not a wolf, she means Wolf. The thing. Not the animal."

"Oh, the actual person. I got it."

I laugh."If you can even call him a person."

"That's why I called him a thing." Kai says in a 'duh' sort of way."I swear I feel bad for you sometimes, Amber. It's a good thing I'm pretty."

"Don't you mean 'It's a good thing I'm pretty'?" Amber asks.

Kai smiles at me and chuckles. "No, cause we're twins, remember?"

Amber rolls her eyes then sharply turns her head to me. "I forgot, you're leaving."

I sigh. Tomorrow I'm leaving for California in a hopeless attempt to find my dad who's been absent for my whole life. He's the only clue I have to find out what really happened to my mom. Not to mention I want some closure from having to take care of myself from the age of twelve and up without even getting a birthday card. But it'll also be a dangerous trip. There have been countless rumors of him having caught rabies and of him being a lone wolf who'd gone insane and kills anywolf who goes near him. Humans he'll let in his bubble, but if he smells wolf he goes berserk.

I have no evidence to prove this true, but I am going to be extra cautious on this little vacation. But I'll have to be even more cautious when I finally tell Liam tonight that I'm leaving tomorrow. He can be really dangerous when he's depressed.

"Yeah, and I still haven't told Liam. I've been too chicken to do it."

Kai and Amber meld their brains and talk in unison. It happens sometimes. "What?! If you don't tell him, he's going to explode and there'll be guts evrywhere. And you can't blame us if we eat some of him. He looks so tasty."

"Ew, that was just... disturbing."

"No it wasn't. Point is, you need to tell him you're leaving. Now. Or else we will, and he'll be even more upset that you didn't tell him yourself."

"Fine, I'll go take him home and we can talk there. I'm gonna miss you guys." I hug each of them and my eyes tear a little. I've never left Manhattan before tomorrow and to be in a strange place without them won't be easy. "Take care of Liam while I'm gone and please watch the border for me. In fact, you can stay at my house."

"We'll check the border, comfort Liam, and check in on your house, we will not live there for the next months though. Sorry, but your place sucks." Amber says.

Kai shakes her head. "That sentence was grammatically incorrect in so many ways, it wasn't even funny."

Amber thinks about it, furrowing her brows. "No, it was fine."

"Guys, I'm gonna go talk to Liam." I leave them to argue about Amber's grammar and look for Liam through the small crowd of people dancing to 'Empire State of Mind' by Jay-Z.

I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn around expecting it to be some sleazy Klomker sniffing up my skirt and see Liam instead giving me a goofy smile. "Is it my turn to give you props for not killing Eli?"

"Sure. But can we go? I'm feeling really tired."

"Sure, Dee." He tak a closer look at me. "Do you feel sick?"

A little, yeah."No, I'm fine. Let's go."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd to the exit and we walked down the hallway to his car and jumped in.

"Liam, I need to tell you something."

Liam laughed. "Why do you sound like Amber when she tried to give me the 'talk'?"

"Liam I'm serious right now. Promise you won't get mad." I could tell he wanted to reference the Hulk but he swallowed it and nodded. "Thank you. So you know how my dad has been missing for the past eight years?"

Liam got quiet. "Yeah."

"Well, I've sort of been looking for him."

"How long?"

"About four years ago, I started noticing the rumors. I started asking around checking for any animalstic deaths nearby and spread my searches when I saw a pattern. I think I know where he is."

"Why do you care? He left you, he doesn't deserve you."

We're about two minutes from my house. I need to get him into my house where he can let his anger out on my furniture than on some innocent guy.

"Liam, he's my dad. He was there for twelve years of my life with my mom. Then she died. Not just died, but she was murdered. I'm surprised he's still alive."

"Look, I feel bad that she died, but you were still his kid. It was his responsibility to raise you." Liam says angrily.

I take a breath. I hate how he gets more upset about it than I do, when I was the one that had to live with my father's stupidity and deal with the mystery of why. "Yeah, I don't see your parents here for you right now. Nor the last 21 years of your life." I instantly regret my words when I register the pain in his face. He hides it well, but I know him better than I know myself. He was an orphan that had been living with his uncle for his whole life until Uncle Jeff died of a severe flu at the age of 187. We wolves get extended lifetimes. We live the double amount of years as humans which is odd because canines don't live typically as long as even humans. So Uncle Jeff lived a long life. It was still sad, cause Jeff helped raise me too, with giving me extra groceries and stuff. I didn't let him take me into his home which was on the other side of the island in Thylite territory. They are on the other side of the Rosalinds. But he was really a caring guy.

"I'm sorry Liam. I didn't mean--"

"But you said it." We pull up to my place but keep the engine running. I undo my seatbelt and open the door. I hesitate.

"Liam, I'm --"

"Yeah, see you later." I get out and he drives away so fast I can't even say bye.

Fine, if he wants to be a hypocrite and get mad about my barbs at his family, I'll let him. He obviously isn't going to miss me right now. I bet I could leave for a year, come back, and he still wouldn't be over it. I sigh when I get into my house and lean on my door. "Who are you kidding, West? He always comes back, he'll freak if he comes over tomorrow and doesn't see you. He'll probably kill a few Klomkers... which wouldn't be too bad, but he'd be executed. And you don't want that, do you?"

I walk over to my small kitchen and open the fridge. I pull out a coke and open it. "Well he wasn't the one with the crappy dad. His parents could have been amazing. But mine is a well-known jackass. He knows that that's a sensitive spot to me. Well he'll see when I'm gone and he thinks the reason why."

I groan and sit my coke down. "I need to call him."

I go into my room and jump onto my bed. I tear off my jacket and tenderly take off my heels, which hurt like a mother. Like my mother. Well, her shoes. I put the shoes into my drawer on the right and throw my jacket to the other side of the room. I grab my pajama tee which is under my pillows and throw it on after taking the dress off. I pick up all of the clothes and throw them into the hamper in my bathroom, then dig into the jeans I'd been wearing in the morning to find my little green flip-phone. I know it's a little vain, but I love the color green. I go through what few contacts I have: Kent the Thylite Weapons Dealer, Cherise the Alpha's secretary, Amber, Kai... and Liam.

I take a breath and call Kai. I cannot trust myself talkting to Liam, and honestly, he probably wouldn't answer.

"Hello?!" I hear Kai screaming over loud music and laughing.

"Hey, you're still at the party?"

"No. Amber took it home... With about eight guys." Kai does not sound pleased.

"I'm sorry.. For two things."

"Why? What?"

"Well, for Amber's libido.."

"Ugh, don't get me started. I blame our mom. She was way too in love with our dad. Just kidding."

"Oh-kay... Also I sorta pissed off Liam and now I need you to tell him I'm leaving."

"What did you do."

"Why do you assume it was me!? He kept talking crap about my dad and stuff!"

I hear a loud sigh. "And what did you say after that."

"I.. Um.. I sort of made a point about how neither of his parents were really there either."

"Wow, Lydia. I am shocked at you."

"I know... I hate myself and he hates me and... The world is crashing down on me!"

"Look, I'll tell him you're leaving but only after Amber's little friends leave. I don't want him to hear inappropro things happenin'. You need to talk to him later though. You were really hurtful."

I gasp in exhasperation.

"I know, he wasn't so innocent either, but he's not known for thinking before he speaks. You're the Thylite. In other words, you're more mature."

She has a point. The only reason Fendrils are charmers is because they need to be. They can't censor themselves. "Ok, you have a point. I'll talk to him tomorrow. After I'm gone."

Kai mumbles something. "Kai, I can't understand you."

"No, duh. It's called mumbling incoherently so someone knows that you don't agree with them."

"Is there an acronym for that?"

"Har har. Yeah it's called, see you later."

"Okay, love you girl."

"I love you too."

I hang up and set the phone down on my bed. I get up and go to the kitchen to finish my coke. I look at the backpack near the door. Inside lay about 500 bucks, two loaded guns and extra clips, a few fake IDs, three sets of extra clothes, a burn phone, and all of the clues I'd found about my dad. The bullets are silver.

I finished my coke and wandered around my house getting ready to leave it for awhile. Maybe forever.

"Yeah right. You'll be back soon, Lyd." I hope I will.


I wake up on my couch with a bunch of raw meat in my hands. I must have had cravings. I sleep eat raw meat when I'm anxious. I lift a peice of meat to my nose and sniff it. "Eight hour rule." I put it in my mouth and savored it. I love raw meat. As does every single wolf in Manhattan.

I get up and put the meat into the freezer where it belongs. I grab a few napkins and wipe my mouth, but I lick the remains of my hands. I can't resist. I walk into my room and put on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt. I put my hair up into a ponytail and brush my teeth. I put my phone in my pocket and grab my back pack. I open the door and see Eli standing there.

"Where are you going, West?"

I sigh. "Eli, get out of my way, I'm late."

Eli laughs. "I got direct orders to escort you through Klomker territory, I know you're leaving town. The question is why?"

Some she-wolf walks up and pushes Eli aside. "No.. I got the orders. I'm dropping you off at the border on the way to the ferry. Get your facts straight."

I look her over. She's pretty for a Klomker. Her dark skin contrasts sharply with her grey eyes and her frizzy hair is tied up and out of her face. She is wearing a zebra print black shirt, black jean shorts and a leather jacket. I look closer at her face and notice that she is wearing eyeliner and a faint layer of lipgloss. Was she trying to get into Eli's pants? Eww.... I shiver.

"Yeah, he's really gross. I wish I didn't have to have him here for safety. He'd probably run if you attacked. No offense." She says.

I wait for Eli to cuss her out but he just laughs and walks to the car.

"I'm Lana. Lana Grove. I'd say nice to meet you, but I hate Thylites." Lana says without holding out her hand.

"I'm Lydia. Lydia West. I'd say it's my pleasure, but it really isn't. No offense." I say bitterly.

She chuckles and turns away from me. "Maybe you're not so bad after all." I follow her to her car and sit in the back. She has an Impala, so it's kind of small. I've always been a fan, but since it smells of Klomker, it isn't so great.

I guess I'm just in a bad mood because of all the stuff going on. Okay, only three things are bothering me. But still, they'reall pretty important.

"You can try and read my lyrics off this paper before I lay 'em, but you can't take the sting outta my words before I say 'em." Lana slams her hand on the wheel. "I love this guy. He tells it like it is."

Eli groans. "How do you like rap?"

Lana smiles. "I'm black. Nah, I just like rap with ethics. None of that rap about making it rain is worth anything."

"And yet they are still famous." I mutter.

Lana looks back at me. "It doesn't make sense, right?"

Eli taps her arm gently. "Keep your eyes on the road, I don't want to die."

Why is Eli being so gentle with her? He's usually really vicious. I almost can imagine him as a person.

The car stops and when I look out there's actually a yellow house with a white picket fence. No way. Eli opens the door and gets out. He goes to Lana's side and kisses her through the window. "Be safe sweetheart. I'll be waiting."

"I love you, I'll be back as soon as I can. Dinner's in the freezer. Charlie needs to go every five hours from now. Bye my love." Lana looks back at me and gestures for me to go up front. I climb to the front and strap in. I look out Lana's window to see Eli glaring at me. I scowl at him as Lana blows a kiss to him. When he looks at her, his face softens and he smiles a little. My jaw drops. Is he human?!

We drive away and I'm left in shock. How can the Klomkers actually be empathetic?

"I know what you're thinking. It's written all over your face." Lana says interrupting my thoughts.

"I don't know what you mean." I don't want to start anything with these guys.

"You're surprised that our pack can actually have the picket fence life. The ferocity is just an act. A defense against the rest. We have less in numbers and since Elijah is third in line for Alphism and he's not too corrupt to help, the rest look up to him. He's sort of our leader. The Alpha is just a face. Truth is, the rest of the wolves are planning an impeachment. Eli's scared. He doesn't want the responsibility. Think about that the next time you fight with him in public." I look at my hands. Lana touches my shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better, he doesn't hate you. He actually respects you. He also sees you as a threat."


"Yeah. You."

"How can I be the threat?"

"You're the best of your pack, you're witty and, to be honest, you're sexy." Lana chuckles. "You're practically me as a Thylite."

"Thanks, I guess."

"No problemo."

We drive in silence for awhile. The ferry port is over at the edge of the island. "So you and Eli?"



"One. And one on the way."

"Nice. Boy or girl?"

"Boy...His name is Charlie. He has a stutter in his heart that makes him turn out of his control."

Wow. I turn to her. "I am so sorry."

"Don't be. He's going to be fine. Kendra says it'll probably go away as he gets older."

That's good. It would be lethal not to have control over that. "Oh."

"Don't get all stiff with me, let's chat. Why are you leaving your pack?"

"I'm not leaving them. I'm looking for someone."

"An ex?"



"My dad."

"Ah. He abandoned you. You're looking for answers. Closure."

"Wow. Um...Yeah."

"Good luck. You can add my number to your phone, I'll be willing to help."

"Thanks." I meant it. She's really amazing.

"No problem."

I laugh a little. "You know I have a brand new perspective on you people."


"You like playing the race card, don't you?"

"I use what I have for amusement."

"You are kind of cool I guess."

"Thanks, I think." Lana tries to sneak a glance at me but I notice. "So, you and Harris, huh? Now Harris he does hate."

"His name is Liam, and there's nothing going on between us."

"So that's a yes."

"It's a no."

"You have a thing for him."


"Yes again." She looks so smug and amused.

"Fine. I care about him. So what? It's not like anything is gonna come out of it."

She laughs. "Right. I heard that one. Then Thylite and Fendril wolves began to chat. And neck. And fornicate."

"Dirty language!"

Lana laughs even harder. "Look, I won't tell if you make a move. I believe in true love, and you seem to really care about him. Just if you need any help call me."


"No really, I support you. It's cool that you can even keep up the charade."

I looked out the window. This was the first time I admitted my feelings for Liam. Even to myself. And I just let myself leave without even telling him goodbye.





Chapter 4

I'm on my bed still waiting to go to sleep even though it's already eleven in the morning.

I feel terrible. I gave so much crap to Lydia and then got all bitchy when I got what I deserved. Now she probably hates me. I will never have a chance with her.

I pick up my phone and look at all the calls I canceled halfway to her. I just keep seeing the pain and anger in her emerald eyes. I caused that. How could I do that to her?

My phone shocks me and for a split second, I hope it's her. Then I look at the caller ID and realize Kai, her best friend was calling me. I only have her number for when Dee misplaces her phone and needs a ride.

I click the green button and bring the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Hi Liam! It's Kai Jonson. I'm Lydia's friend." says a cheery well-rested voice.

"Yes, we're familiar." I say taking a swig of the beer on my end table.

"So, Lydia is really, really sorry." She's sorry? "And I'd fill your car up with gas and chase her because she's probably at New York City now."

I shoot up in my bed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that she was trying to tell you she was leaving for California today." Crap. "I am sorry, Liam. She was really torn up about it, I bet you were upset too."

"I have to go." I'm already pulling a clean shirt over my head. "Thank you, Kai."

"Just let her know how you feel about her."

"What?" Did she know?

"You know." I hear a click and she's gone.

I grab my keys and rush out the door. I jump into my car and drive over to the border. I meet Kendall and her cousin Louis on patrol. Kendall waves me down and I give my best nonchalant smile. "Kendall, sweetheart. Can I by any chance zoom through your territory so I can get to the ferry. I''m taking a small trip."

Kendall smiles. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing that could get me in that much trouble."


"What? No." How did she know I was after her?

"If not her, then where are you going?" Kendall, that smug little girl. No think of something Liam.

"Remember Jeffrey Harris? Yeah, turns out he has some relatives out of town that don't know he's dead so I thought I'd go give my condolences. You know, pay my respect." Great. I just lied about the one guy that actually gave two shits about me besides Lydia.

"Okay. Let me just flag Louis down so he can follow you with his car." Kendall turns to her cousin and points to me. She charades a steering wheel then turns back to me. "I am sorry about your uncle. He was a good wolf."

"You don't need to tell me. He practically raised me."

I rev my engine and leave her where she stands, and watch my rearview mirror to make sure I don't lose Louis. If I lose him, I am an invader. I can be killed.

I drive across their territory making sure that I kept Louis close behind me. It took the both of us twenty mintues to get to the no man's land between the Rosalinds and the Thylites.

I pull over and take the keys out of my precious car. Who knows how long she'll be left alone for?

Lydia always mocks me about my attachment to my car, but this vehicle has been faithful to me for twelve years, so it doesn't matter what Lydia thinks. Okay, it might be odd that I named my car, but it's not like I consider her a human. "Stay safe, Sasha. Don't get robbed."

I look around the street as I shove my keys in my pocket. I hop out of the car and it's then I notice the twins across the street. One of them has long black hair, and the other has red hair in a pony tail. The black haired one is wearing a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans and a ripped black tee with the words "BLACK STAR" written across it with glitter. The redhead is wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a yellow sweater. She looks anxious, pacing back and forth in front of the seemingly uncaring texter.

I turn and wave Louis off. I walk over to the girls hoping I could figure out which one was who. I would assume the redhead is Kai and the other is Amebr, but what do I know? Lydia is the one that actually speaks to them on a regular basis. I don't actually have that many friends. I might be a people person, but I don't exactly like most people. And no one but Lydia seems to be able to spend large amounts of time with me. Even Lydia gets tired of me, as I witnessed last night.

As I get closer, the black haired girl catches my scent and shoves her phone into her pocket. She stalks toward me with a small smile on her face.

"Hey Liiiiiiiiii-am!" She twists her hair around her finger. "How you been?"

"Amber back off. He's untouchable and you know it." So the black haired girl is Amber.

"Hey Kai. So what's the plan?"

Kai tossed me a black hoodie and a backpack from her car. "We're all going after her. Incognito."

"Why incognito? Why not just find her and drag her lying ass back here where she's safe?"

"Gawd, you are such a control freak." Amber grabs a hoodie from Kai and zips it on. "Obviously we all want her to get closure about her mom, and we can't be getting in the way of that cause she'll just get sneakier. Kai and I already knew she was going, so we've been getting ready. We've been getting money and have got up to about eight thousand dollars."

"I cashed in a few favors. I also got us some guns for safety and installed a GPS into Lydia's phone."

Amber excitedly holds up a few passports and IDs. "And I finally got to use my expertise in forgery and made us a few fake IDs! We can do ANYTHING!!!"

Kai rubs her brow. "Amber. Did you by any chance have coffee this morning?"

I put the hoodie on and slip the backpack over my shoulder. "So we're not gonna drag her back home?"

"No, we're going to follow her and make sure she's safe. Like I said, we've known for awhile. We made sure Lydia could contact us no matter what. We want to make sure that if she does get in trouble and needs our help, we won't be too late."

"Where do I come in in all of this?"

"We're thinking that you deserve to know where she's been, since you guys are so close. And we could use the extra company." Kai says.

"So we are going to follow her agisnt her will and invade her privacy so that we can make sure she's safe?" Kai and Amber nod sheepishly. I pull the hoodie over my head and put on the sunglasses that were in the pocket. "Let's do this."

"Woo!" Amber whoops and slips on her jacket.

"By the way, I bet you got this by now, but we are never to give anyone our true identity. Also, we have to sneak through Klomker territory without a guide and that'll be dangerous. So be careful." She tosses her carkeys to Amber and hops into the car. "Get in the back and duck. Be ready to invade and evade."

I nod and jump into the back. I grab the towel that is on the seat and throw it over myself. Then it occurs to me. "Hey, why exactly am I hiding?"

"Amber got us on probation. We are on house arrest because she decided to get drunk at the reception last night and sleep with the Alpha's brother's nephew. The Alpha isn't mad but the nephew sure was mad when she said she wasn't looking for a relationship."

"Hey, I told him I liked to be an independent literally two seconds before he started pouring drinks into me. It was ALL him." The car jerked and my head slammed into the side of the car.



"Not really ok, but whatever."

A few minutes pass before Amber hisses. "It's Jared!"

Jared Lysander. He is the biggest suck-up ever. Constantly trying to snag spots for rep. and ratting out the smallest infraction so that the Alphas, all of them, would think him a born leader with an eye for perfection. To be fair, he was pretty nice as long as you weren't a threat to him. Unfortunately we would be.

Kai puts a smile on and pulls a pint of icecream out of the glove compartment. "Liam, keep quiet and keep covered."

"Hello misses, why exactly are you out of your house? Not causing trouble are you?" Jared asks with a tight smile. He wants to send everyone straight to the principal and get his gold star.

"No way, we just needed some icecream to complete our George Lopez marathon. Can't wait." says Kai unenthusiastically.

"You don't sound so enthused. I'm doubting some of these facts you're spewing." Jared say deepening his voice to sound full of authority.

"Nah, she has never seen it so she doesn't know what fun she's in for." Amber squeals.

"Yeah. Ok, I'll leave you girls alone. Have fun. Don't get out again, I'd hate for some other wolf to see you and report you." Otherwise, only one pass a wolf.

I hear a car speed away so I pull my little invisibility cloak off of me. The car jerks forward without warning and I hit my head against the side of the car. "Ow! God dammit! Little warning, could you please?"

"Oh, you mean give you one? Well maybe you shouldn't have gotten all pissy with Lyd." Amber says icily.

"She's PMSing, pay no attention. Lydia is also on the chopping block for this." Kai reassures me. Or at least tries to.

How could I be so ignorant? I swear I always have to get pissy like a teenage girl about shoes. I guess it just kills me to know that Lydia's dad is still alive and doesn't seem to give two shits about her. At least my parents have the excuse of being dead. I wouldn't be surprised if Lydia realized the same thing and has been freaking about it. "That's why she's after him!"

"Um... We're not in your head, bro. What are you nerdgasming about?" Amber asks.

"Nerdgasming?" What the hell is that?

"Nerdgasm, noun. Three words mixed together: nerd, orgasm and spasm." Kai looks back at me and smirks. "The language is gibberish."

"Ok, well now that we have decided that my creativity is invalid, what were you epiphanizing?"

"Again, not a word, and I just realized the reason Buffy and Spike became a thing. I for one, always thought he was douche."

Amber snorts. "Great. Our weapon is distracted contemplating a TV show that's been canceled forever."

We drive in silence for awhile until the car stops at what I assume is the ferry dock. I pull my hood closer around my black hair. I stumble out of the car and our trio walks to the ticket booth. Behind the couter is a young nineteen year old girl with pink hair and about a million piercings. She rolls her eyes to me.

"What do you want, kid?" She says monotone.

"We need a few tickets." I say pulling out a 20 from my wallet. "But we're a little short on cash.

"Yeah, no." She says holding out her hand for more cash.

I pull my glasses down a bit to let my eyes peek over. I hate using girls this way, but I want to make sure that we have enough money for the journey ahead of us.

"Please? I promise I'll make it up to you. How about a dinner when I get back?

"Again, no. I don't even swing that way, bud."

Kai taps my shoulder. "Gimme a chance." She walks up to the girl at the register and sticks out her butt. She whispers seductively into her ear and gives her a pouty look.

"Woah. I never knew she had the potential to be, well, me." Amber says in surprise.

"Ditto." I reply. I can't help but appreciate Kai's moves. When she pulls back a piece of the pink haired girl's hair, and giggled, I almost dropped my jaw.

Th pink punk chick is totally buying into it. She smiles, stops herself and points at me. Kai turns and look at us for a second then turns back to the girl. She leans forward and says something to girl before lightly kissing the girl's  cheek, close to her mouth.

Kai turns ad goes behind the counter with the girl. They look at the computer for a bit until  something is printed out. Kai smiles at us and waves the tickets discreetly. She starts to walk to us the turns around, grabs the girl's head and kisses her. Then she whips around, leaving the girl dazed and walks to Amber and I with her chin up and her hand on her hip. "What are you guys staring at? These FREE tickets? Or maybe the sexiest lesbian you'll never get?"

I laugh. "Ok, enjoy your moment. You were pretty impressive but we need to get going. Who knows how far Lydia has gotten? And we've barely made any progress."

"You're just jealous because a chickrejected you for me." Kai laughs. She then becomes somber. "But you're right. Let's get going."

I look at the ferry and clench my fist. "Where ever you are, I will find you and bring you back to me, Dee."

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