Sarah Adams (The Outsiders Fan Fiction)

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: June 17, 2010

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Submitted: June 17, 2010



“What are you gonna do Sodapop?”
“Take her home, where else?”
“Will get in trouble.”
“How will we get in trouble for helpin someone?” I fumbled with my fingers.
“What about Darry?”
“Forget about him.” I wondered what happened to her. Sodapop sped up the car. I hugged myself from the cool breeze. “Close the door for me,” he said. I ran to the door. Sodapop carried her bridal style. He put her on our only couch. Sarah’s eyes were still closed. at certain glances, it looked like she wasn’t breathing.
“Get some cold water,” he said. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a cloth and a bucket of warm water. Sodapop sat next to where Sarah lay. His eyes watched her intensely.
“Here,” I said. He took the cloth and put it in the water. He squeezed it letting excess water out and gently dabbed it on Sarah’s forehead and cheeks. After a few seconds her eyes began to flutter. She sat up quickly.
“Oh,” was all she said. She looked at me and Sodapop embarrassed. “What happened?” she said.
“It’s okay, we can drop you off as soon as possible at your house,” said Sodapop. Sarah looked blankly straight ahead. She touched her forehead and sighed. “We weren’t doing anything-”
“Don’t take me home,” she whispered.
“What?” said Sodapop.
“I want to stay here for the night,” she said.
“Look Sarah-”
“Where’s your phone?”
“It’s not handfree,” I said. Sarah got up.
“Woah, look you just fainted I suggest-” Sarah ignored Sodapop and walked pass me. She went to the phone and dialed a number.
“Hello?” she said. “Hey mom. I’m staying over at Chelsea’s. I don’t feel well. I thought I’d just stay here.” There was silence. “Thanks mom.” She hung up. Sarah touched her fingers as she walked to us. “You guys don’t mind if I stay here right?”
“You lied to your mom, didn’t you?”
“It doesn’t matter what side I’m at. It matters who I’m with. You both are guys Soda, that’s why I lied,” she said. I looked at Sarah. She didn’t seem so sensitive or sweet anymore. She sighed.
“Well you could sleep on our bed,” said Sodapop scratching his head.
“I’ll sleep on the floor,” she said settling herself down. Sodapop shook his head.
“You’re the guest.” Darry swung the door wide open. He stretched his arms and threw his bag on the dinner table. He looked at Sarah then back at Sodapop.
“Hi,” said Sarah. Darry didn’t answer.
“You two in the kitchen now,” he said.
Sarah lay herself on the floor.
“What were you two thinking?” snarled Darry.
“Calm down. She fainted and we tried to help her. When I suggested taking her home, she asked if she could stay here. What was I supposed to say?”
“Yes!” said Darry.
“Come on, it’s already dark out.” Darry rubbed his temples.
“What if her parents find out she’s here?”
“There not gonna find out.”
“And why is that?”
“She said she was sleeping over at her girlfriend’s house.” Darry crossed his arms.
“I don’t like it.”
“It’s just for a night.” Darry rolled his eyes.
“Whatever,” he said.
“Oh and by the way, she’s sleeping on our bed,” said Sodapop. Darry didn’t turn back. Instead he cracked his neck and walked away. Sarah sat waiting.
“We all agreed that you’re sleeping on the bed.”
“Look I’m only one person. You guys are three. It’s okay,” she said. Sodapop sighed.
“Ponyboy you accompany her,” he whispered in my ear. Sodapop and Darry went inside the room. Darry looked better.
“You should go to bed now,” she said. I sat next to her, but couldn’t say anything.
“What happened back there?”
“I’m sorry Ponyboy. It’s nothing.” I nodded. She fluffed the pillow and positioned herself. She yawned. “Are you sleeping now?”
“Yeah,” I said.
“Night Ponyboy.”
“Night Sarah.” Sarah closed her eyes. I went inside the room to get changed. Darry got changed while Sodapop looked up at the ceiling.
“It’s late now Ponyboy.”
“He’s sleeping out there with her,” said Sodapop.
“If anything happens to her, it’ll be our fault.” Darry shook his head irritated. I opened our drawer and pulled out a new shirt.
“Night Soda, night Darry,” I said. They just nodded. I went back out. Sarah was really asleep. I looked at her. Now she looked delicate and meek. I lied down on my side and faced her.

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