A star in the night sky

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



I'm sorry this Chapter is a little short I'm going through a little writers block and trying to get other things done but I will pick it all up again as soon as things settle down and I won't stop writing. Thank you for reading please let me know what you think.




The next day at school Cade wasn't there. I assumed he was just home sick and started to go through my day as normal. I had never realized how used I was to him being by me all the time untill that day. Everything was different and I couldn't concentrate on my work while I was hoping he was ok. No one could keep my attention for longer than a minute because I had a bad feeling in my gut telling me something was very wrong with Cade.
"Jasmine, are you ok? Cade will be ok he's probably just got a cold." Ben said, he was also on the football team with Cade.
"I can't shake the feeling that something is very wrong though." I said.
I went to his house right after school to take him the homework he had missed. When I pulled up in the drive way I looked in my mirror to put on some more lip gloss and fix my hair again before getting out. I then took a deep breath and opened my car door and grabbed his homework assignments. I had always loved his house and wished that my house was similar. When I rang the door bell his mom answered and started to look around behind me.
"Jasmine, where is my son I was worried when he didn't come home last night?" she asked still trying to peer around me.
The books fell from my hands right on the front porch and my mouth fell down.
"What is it honey?" she inquired grabbing my hands.
"I dropped him off last night right after we got done eating." I got confused.
"I had a bad feeling all day, call it mother's intuition if you will but I knew something was wrong with my son." the tears started flowing out of her eyes.
"Let's call the cops." I ushered her inside and handed her the phone.
She nodded and dialed the number telling them that her son hadn't come in last night. All I could do was pace the kitchen back and forth trying to figure out what had happened and blaming myself. I felt so stupid for not having stayed and waited to make sure that he had made it in safely.
Jasmine, honey, are you ok?" she asked after she hung up the phone.
All I could do was nod and look around while thinking about Cade. It was my fault if he was hurt or even worse dead. I couldn't bear the thought that some one might be torturing him at that very moment while I was standing in his kitchen with his mom. The one person in the world that meant everything to me was now gone and I had no idea where to start looking or how to find him. My thoughts became too much to bear and I ran out the door and jumped into the car driving home.

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