A star in the night sky

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 07, 2013




It had been a few days now since Cade was missing and I still hadn't gone to school.  All I did anymore was lay in bed waiting for the text telling me that his body had been found or a part of his body. Every part of my being knew it was my fault that he was missing in the first place. I wished it was me instead of him, he never deserved to die young and I was the one who lead him to his deathtrap.
My phone vibrated beside me and I glanced at the screen. It was a text from Cade's phone. My heart sped up all at once hoping it was really him but then I realized that it was very unlikely. After all pretty much every person that goes missing ends up dead in the end. Part of me wanted to look at the message and the other part of me was screaming that it wasn't fair and it still should have been me. I decided to open the message.
'Where are you'
'This isn't funny Cade is missing'
'This is Cade if you don't believe me look outside'
I glanced outside and saw Cade standing there in the dimming sunlight. Every part of me perked up and I ran to the front door. He was on the other side and the only thing standing between us right now was my front door. As soon as my hand touched the door knob butterflies went everywhere. My hair wasn't fixed and I was dressed as a slob, Cade had seen me looking worse but it wasn't the first thing I wanted him to see right now. I decided .
  "Cade!" his name came out in a sob.
"Hey Jaz." he chuckled.
"Where have you been are you ok?"
"I'm not sure where I've been and yeah I think I'm ok."
"I'm sorry, have you seen your mom yet?"
"No, my first memory is of being here right now."
I grabbed his wrist and drug him to my car and texted my brother letting him know Cade showed up and that I was going to his house. When I got the car started Cade started to mess with the radio, as was his usual habit, and it brought a smile to my lips. Nothing would ruin this day because Cade was home and he was perfectly ok. 
"Good grief, the sun is burning my eyes. Hey do you have any sunglasses?" he asked after settling on a radio station.
"Yeah, in the glove box. I should still have yours in there somewhere." I replied.
We rode the rest of the way just listening to the radio because I figured that if he wanted to talk about what had happened he would. I pulled into his driveway and shut off the car. He was out of the car quicker than I could see and he shut the door leaving me sitting there to stare after him in wonder. We walked up to the door and walked into his living room to start looking for his mom. When the door shut she was in the doorway to the kitchen just staring at us.
"Cade?" she said before running up and hugging him with tears in her eyes. 
I was more than happy to bring this excitement to her face and the knowledge that her son was ok. He wrapped his arms around his mom, burying his face in her neck, and inhaled deeply. After that he tensed up and kind of pushed her away. His behavoir had changed but I was too happy to have him back to notice anything.
"Where have you been?" his mother's worry was hard to conceal.
"I'm not sure, I don't remember." he replied looking confused.
"I'm going to go and let you two have your time." I said walking outside.

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