A Witness Dilemna

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Genie has witnessed a terrible crime and had to pick a man out of a line up. Now that she's put one man behind bars there are more after her so they put her and her mom in a witness protection program. They are now settled into their new home and the school that Genie got enrolled in has three other new people, one of them is there to kill her she's sure of it. She can't figure out which one it is and in the process is getting captivated by all of them. She could be wrong or if she falls for the wrong one she might just find out she was right.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Witness Dilemna

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



It was a dark day, the clouds wouldn't go away and it was supposed to start raining late in the day, nothing was better than a rainy day for me. It was the middle of the school day and I was in my fourth hour class looking out the windows waiting anxiously for the rain to poor out of the sky. There was a knocking on the classroom door that got my attention for a few seconds; our principal was outside the classroom. My attention went back to the window just as it started to rain, a joy rose inside me the way it always did when it rained.

"It seems we are about to receive our fourth new student this month." our teacher said as she came back in.

My attention went to the front of the room. I wasn't sure how many more people would show up at school but I was certain this wasn't going to end well; I knew one of the other new students was out to kill me. That was why I had moved here, I had got in some trouble and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and now I was number one on a hit list. I tried to stay a wall flower and keep the attention away from me but with all the new kids it was pretty hard to do.

"Oh, Ms. Hall, he will start in your class tomorrow." the principal ducked back in.

"Thank you we will be ready and I think it would be great to have him, Bradley, Landen, and Genie in a group together." Ms. Hall said to him.

"That sounds great, we will give them all the same classes so they can always be near eachother." the principal had a smile on his face when he shut the door.

I looked at my teacher in disbelief, she just signed me up for something I wasn't sure was such a great thing. One of the boys was out to kill me and as soon as they got the chance they would. I had to figure out which boy was out to get me and try to stay away from him as best I could. I looked around at my classmates and came to the conclusion that this would be easier said than done but it would have to be done. Ms. Hall looked at me with a smile on her face and I knew she thought she was doing the right thing and trying to get me some friends but she never knew it could have been the death of me.

It was almost time for the bell to ring when I was called to the principal's office along with Bradley and Landen. When we walked in there was a boy sitting in the chair with short dark brown and penetrating blue eyes. He was really muscular, he seemed like an angel to me. It was in major contrast to Bradley's sandy blonde hair and brown eyes and Landen's bleach blonde hair and blue eyes.

"This is Shawn, he is new here and you four are to start hanging out together. I sent out a note to the teachers to place you next to each other in class." the principal said directly to the three of us that walked in.

We all nodded and when Bradley and Landen turned to walk out Shawn stood up and towered over them, he had to look down just to see the tops of their heads. I sighed deeply and turned around to go back to the class that I now shared with the other three new students. The principal was going overboard; even our lockers were next to each other. Avoiding my killer would be harder than ever now then that the principal had messed it up. There was no way to tell which boy I would be running from before to long. The first bell for fifth hour rang and drew me away from my thoughts.

"Sit down people." Mr. Barns said as the second bell rang.

The entire class sat down in their assigned seats as we went up to Mr. Barns. He took Shawn's schedule and sat him in the desk right behind me. Bradley sat to my left with Landen right behind him. I turned sideways in my desk to study all three boys and hopefully find out who it was I needed to avoid, I figured my murderer to be would be watching me but to my shock all three boys were looking at me. Shawn's green eyes captured my attention and I lost all train of thought. I could feel Bradley and Landen staring at us and I figured they thought I could be falling in love with Shawn.

Every part of me wanted to reach out to Shawn and I struggled to keep my hands at my sides. I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks as Shawn glanced down then back up to my face. My thoughts got scrambled and I couldn't think straight at all, everytime I tried to think the thoughts left just as fast as I thought them. Bradley reached out and tapped my knee. I jumped slightly in my chair and then looked at him. I hadn't realized how much time had passed, the room was almost empty.

All the other students had gone to lunch already. I grabbed my books and stood up to take them to my locker. To my surprise Shawn and Bradley both followed me to the lockers. I wasn't sure where Landen had gone but I wasn't going to let my guard down for one minute. I had to start watching all three boys closely and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. No way was this going to be the end, everything had only just begun to brighten up before the hitlist.

I put my folder and book into my locker and slammed the door shut. Bradley put his bag in his locker and then we started toward the lunchroom where the rest of the high school was already eating their lunch. Shawn walked on my left and Bradley stayed close to my right, I was sure Shawn was the one to avoid since he followed me for no apparent reason but then again Landen had disappeared. It was going to be hard to tell who was going to be the one to stay away from.

"Genie, do you remember what lunch was going to be today?" Bradley spoke in a low voice that pulled me away from all thoughts I was having.

"Oh, um... I think it was pizza or the option of salad." I replied quietly.

"Well then, I guess we had better hurry to the cafeteria today." Bradley chuckled.

Bradley took off and left Shawn and me behind to watch him, he didn't walk to much in front of us. Bradley made it a point to stay close to us as if he was trying to make sure we wouldn't start talking, like he had a big secret that one of us knew about him and he didn't want it to go anywhere else. Shawn glanced over at me. Suspicion of all three boys ran through my mind and I couldn't stop to put any evidence together. 'What if all of them have been sent after me and I didn't know it?' I couldn't think of it.

We walked into the lunchroom and got in line for the chicken nuggets and salad. Shawn still hadn't stopped looking at me and Bradley was looking around the room as if looking for someone else. I glanced around and saw Landen waving to us so that we could all sit together with him. I simply nodded to him and he went back to his own thoughts. I glanced at Shawn and took his actual look into account for the first time. He was pretty muscular and he was in regular blue jean pants and a t-shirt. He was wearing plain tennis shoes and his glasses were trying to slide down his nose. His smile was amazing and he seemed like someone a girl could lose herself to and just fall into his arms.

I shook the thoughts away as we moved forward in the line and I noticed Bradley was smirking at me. It scared me a little bit and I wanted to hide behind anything but I was frozen in place. Shawn nudged me and I moved a little bit but that movement was enough for me to gain control of my body again. I took a step up in line and got my tray. I paid the lunch lady and went to get a cup of sweet tea before I sat down. I tried to keep my thoughts from turning into paranoia but it was hard with what I knew. I put my cup on my tray and walked to the table Landen was at to sit and eat.

"Where did ya'll disappear to after class?" Landen seemed pretty concerned.

"We went to our lockers to put up our books so that we didn't cluster the tables up and would have room for our trays." Bradley answered before anyone else had the chance to.

I smiled and looked down at the table. Nothing was falling into place and now I had to eat lunch with my murderer, whoever in this world said life could be fair? Landen sat across from me and Bradley was on my left while Shawn stayed close to my right side. They all three kept glancing at me as if to study my every move and see just how much grace I had, probably to see if I would be able to make a quick get a away.


I had to walk home that day because my mom was working really late. I was trying to hurry up as fast as I could so that I could get off the streets and into safety. I kept falling down in the road when I kept looking over my shoulders. It really sounded like there were footsteps behind me and trying to get closer. I kept fumbling with my keys trying to grasp the right one and it seemed to take forever before I got my house key in my hands.

Once inside I checked the answering machine and there was a message from my mom and a few others. Mostly bill collectors had called and wanted money on some credit card we had never even owned. Mom had tried to block them but it didn't work, they just found ways to keep calling. I was relieved when no calls had come through announcing how many days I had left to live. Mom's voice on the answering machine had said she wanted to me to make supper and that she would be home as soon as possible.

I took some chicken strips out of the fridge and put them in the oven to let them cook slowly. I also cut up some fruits and made a fruit salad. After finding the toaster I made a little bit of toast and got the French fries out of the freezer and put them on a bread pan to season and put in the oven. It was my favorite dinner, chicken strips with French fries and a side of fruit salad. We had my favorite’s alot here lately after the hit list thing had happened.

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