Shaine Asher

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If you've lived a hard life, and you've seen it all, you'd understand why Shaine is the way she is. Facing trauma, and robbed of her innocent mind at a young age. Relying on strangers her entire life, and then coming to the realization she is a stranger to herself. Scared and lost, she is thrown into a psychiatric turn of events, that clearly get a lot worse before they seem to start to get better. How much can she take before she calls it quits?

"Be your own damn hero".

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shaine Asher

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



Chapter One
To the best of my knowledge, if I am born without you, I can live without you. This is what I tell myself everytime I wake up,
and face  another day without you. There was a time when I thought all my hope, faith and strength would be lost without 
you. But little did I know, that you were the one holding me back. You know how people say, "It stops hurting when you stop caring" 
It's true. Every single thought of you just makes me numb now, there is no feeling left. You have successfully killed, everything
I fought so hard to hold onto. Loving you was never easy. Life was never easy. If anyone ever tells you that life is easy,
or that the struggle isn't real, I grant you one free punch to the jugular. Because I know what it's like, to have life 
personaly escort you to the gates of hell, and slowly watch your strength give, your faith starve, your inhibition die right
before your eyes, and have it beat you to the core. And then watch you wake up, another day, to do it all over again.
If anything I've been a dreamer my entire life. When I'm left alone with my thoughts, it is so easy to get lost in a world, where the 
rules of this life don't apply. Where it's easier to find love with your heart and not with your eyes. I used to say, "one day I 
will run away and not come back, and mean it," but as time carried on, I realized, sometimes you need to get lost, in order to be
I'm a mess of goregous chaos, and you can see it in my eyes, an enthralling heart that has been told it's wrong too many times.
And even though I have not one clue who I am, I know, I am meant to stand out, and be a leader of a crowd. 
My name is Shaine Asher. 

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Shaine Asher

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