Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The feel of his lips were still on mine.My face was still incredibly hot.Is this what first kisses felt like?If so,I want more first kisses.Because,that kiss was awesome.Intoxicating,even.I kept glancing atAidan from time to time as we walked.I wonder if that was his first kiss?No,it couldn't be,because he's a great kisser.I'm thinking about asking,but then I realized how incredibly stupid I would sound.But,the curiosity ponders in my mind."H- "

"Were you taking my coat to the dry cleaners?"

"That was the plan."

"You can trash it.I don't need it."

"But - "

"I'm serious.Go ahead."

I'm too confused to even move.So,he does it for me.I was curious as to what he wanted to do as of this moment - as to what I wanted to do.I had $20 on me,and I was feeling a little hungry."Um,I'm gonna get something from Subway."

"You want me to pay?"

"No,it's cool.I've got money."

As soon as you walk into Subway,you pick upthat smell,that smell of the different cuts of meats and bread and the pickles - it's like heaven.I order what I usually get - Italian bread,with pepperoni,ham,swiss and mozzarella,pickles,bacon,lettuce,mustard and mayo,and sausage.Jackson gets way more than me - 2 subs with everything on it.I look at him with a questioning look."What?I like to eat."

"So you get two subs with everything on it?"

"Apparently so."

We walk out to the playgrounnd not to far from here.No one was there 'cause of the rain,obviously.We sat on the wet swings and ate our subs in the rain.After a while,my cell rang.I was shocked - because my dad was calling me.He hasn't spoken to me since Mom's passing,so maybe's something's wrong."Hello?"

"Jade,"My dad sounded sick.

"What's wrong Dad?"

"Where are you?"


"Why aren't you in school?"

"I didn't feel too good."

"Well,you do now since you're 'out'.Get your ass back in school,now."

What the hell?"For what?There's only one period left to go to."

"I don't care."

"Dad,I'm not going to school."

"Jade Leonna Stevenson - "

I hate when he says my whole name.Plus,I'm tired of him already.Nobody's heard from him since Mom died,and now he's calling me to fucking tell me to go to school?I've missed weeks of school while he was cooped up in his room doing drugs.I'm not taking anything from him."Dad,shut up.I'm not going to school.You wanna know why?Because all they do is make fun of me,and they enjoy themselves doing it.On top of all that,you call me telling me to go to school,when I haven't seen or heard you in months.I don't need to listen to anything you say!"I was really heated now.

"Jade,come home."He sighed.

"I will,later."I hang up.

I bit into my sandwhich angrily.Aidan walks up to me.His arms wrap around me as he pulls me close.I suffocated a bit in his chest.He stroked my hair.I wanted to ask what his deal was but I don't even think I care.He finally lets go,and looks at me."Did that help?"

"With what?"

"You were mad."

"Yeah... "Even before Mom my dad made me upset.He did dumb things that dads do to piss off their daughters.The things he did were never too serious to make me hate him forever.I don't think I could hate him forever though.He's my dad,not another teenager or fake friend.Knowing this,I actually started feeling bad.It made me want to do what he told me.But I wasn't.I wanted to spend more time out,with um,Aidan,and do things.Things like kissing.Wait,what?I sound like a whore.We only just met.But,he kissed me first,so because I want to do more of it,does that make me a whore?I hope not.Ughh,this was confusing.

Aidantook me shopping.He paid for everything,too.We talked about each other.He's 18,he likes to write stories,his favorite color is black,he's got a Maine Coon/Bombay mix named Rin,his favorite pizza is stuffed-crust pineapple with extra cheese,and he has a thing for birds?Hilarious.He lives with his older sister Rachael on the other side of town in a private estate,and he's transferring to a new school,but he doesn't know which one yet.

We took pictures together on his cell at the fountain in front of thecourthouse.Afterwords,we walked to the cemetary.I told him he could meet my mom,even though it's been like 2 days.His hand gripped mine tightly as we walked.This would make me break down,I knew it would.But this time it's okay.These would be happy tears.

Marissa Jo Stevenson was burried under a huge oak tree,where the shade was.She used to get sunburnt easily,so we wanted her to obtain the best shade possible.Her gravestone said,'Marissa Jo Stevenson - A daughter,a mom,and a proud soldier. 1969 - 2012.You will be missed.'I set down a rose I picked earlier on her grave.I said,"Mom,this is Jackson.I really want you to meet him.My first boy!Finally,right?I think you'd like him as much as I do.Even though it's barely been two days,he's helped me so much.I'm really greatful for him,Mom.I miss you,too..."

I sunk intoAidan for a while.We layed on the wet grass by her grave and he held me.It felt nice.I felt nice,for once.I needed this.I feel happy,as of this moment.I didn't want this moment to end,either.I was really sick of crying myself to sleep every night,really sick of being sad.Sick of being lonely.I wrapped my arms aroundAidan neck and kissed him."I'm greatful for you.Don't leave me,please?"

"I won't."He kissed me back.

Submitted: July 23, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Momo Targaryen. All rights reserved.


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sad + happy= KMU

Mon, July 23rd, 2012 6:42am


I willllll.thank youuu.

Mon, July 23rd, 2012 7:08pm

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