Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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James was out on the front porch when I got home,like he was waiting for me.Jackson looked at me,I looked back.My older brother took steps towards me,then glanced at Aidan."Are you the guy who dropped my sister off?"


"Jade,Dad's really mad."

"Maybe it's best if we part here,Aidan."I gulped.

"No,I'll come with you."He said,grabbing my hand tightly.Did he really mean it when he said he would never leave me?It's only been two days;can such strong connections be made so quickly?Romeo and Juliet only had 3 days and they married.Maybe this is one of those types of romance.We held glances for a moment.his sapphire eyes showed no sign of hesitation.He meant it.He won't leave me to face my dad alone,even though this has nothing to do with him.

With Jackson behind me,I opened the door to what awaited me inside.It was Dad,leaning against the wall with a joint in his hand.He looked at me,then at Aidan.I tightened the grip I had on his hand."Who's that,Jade?"

"Aidan,"I said,voice shaking.

"Hope you didn't turn into a whore.You could never get guys before,so I wonder what made him fall for my unattractive daughter?Hm?Did you fuck him,Jade?"He laughed.Jenny came downstairs,but he continued.I tried using my eyes to get her to go back upstairs,so she wouldn't need to witness any of this,but she didn't budge.He stopped laughing,and his voice turned more stern."Are you going to answer my question?"

"I-I.."My body started to tremble.My own dad,calling me a whore.I felt like breaking down.I was feeling those same emotions I felt when Rose and my entire class kept shouting whore,over and over.He said I was unattractive,too.Am I really ugly? B-But... Dad used to say I was his beautiful baby girl... My legs started shaking.I didn't know what to do.I could already feel the tears coming.

"We're leaving."Aidan said.

What?We can't just leave."You've got no place to speak here.This isn't your house.She's not leaving,but you can."The tension between him and my dad was increasing by the miliseconds.James didn't speak,only sighed.

This isn't happening.No no no no no no...

That's when Dad snapped.

He grabbed a chair and threw it,but missed me.That's when I fell down.I started crying,and I couldn't control myself.He threw something else - sounded like glass that hit the wall.Jenny screamed.Dad kept throwing things and throwing things,and he wouldn't stop.

"DAD ENOUGH!"James interjected.Dad looked at his oldest son;he was about to say something but James slapped him.All of us,even Dad looked puzzled.He did it again,and again,and again.Jenny ran to me and gave me a big hug.I rubbed her head,kissing it from time to time.Tears began to blur my vision.Didn't know what was happening anymore.Didn't know didn't know didn't know... "I called the police a while ago.They're coming to pick you up,okay Dad?You need help.Stop throwing things,stop calling your daughter a whore,and stop scaring Jenny!You need some counseling..."

The cops came,put him in cuffs,told Dad what he was getting arrested for,and took him away.Just like with Mom's death - it all happened so fast.I just held Jenny.Somebody was talking to James,told him what Dad needs to do in order to get better.Aidan rubbed my back,trying to help me feel better.I should be feeling some type of negative emotion,considering that my dad has just been arrested.But,I felt a sense of relief.He would get help.He would get better.The house would be peaceful soon.I could feel it in my bones.It was a good feeling.

The rest of the night consisted of all four of us eating carry out around the flat screen.We all laughed,and joked around.We healed,just a little.James approved ofAidan immediately when he stood up to my dad,and Jenny liked him 'cause he gave her multiple piggy back rides up and down the steps,without complaining.

It was 11:00,and James helped Jenny into bed whileAidan helped me clean up everything.When the house was quiet,Jackson wrapped his arms around me,and pulled me in close."How do you feel?"He asked softly.

I sniffled a little."Better,"

His face got real close to mine."Good.I'm happy for you,love."

I chuckled a bit."Is it love already?"

His smile filled me with warmth."Why shouldn't it be?"

"It's only been two days."

He kissed my neck."It doesn't matter.It only takes a small amount of time for love to accumalate between two people."We looked at each other,and kissed.I felt his breath overlap mine,"You're beautiful,by the way.Very beautiful..."We kissed once more,and the space between us depleted the more we kissed.I loved how he tasted.He lifted me up onto the counter,and I wrapped my arms around his strong - looking neck.I felt his hand go up the back of my shirt,and exhaled.He began to unclip my bra... My hand gripped his arm,and I gazed up at him with an unsure gaze.He nodded."Okay."His lips pressed softly on mine.We went upstairs to my room,holding hands the entire way.

I was healing.It felt good to heal.It felt good to feel happy.I needed this,I really did.One step at a time,I'll be fully healed.All of us would be.Dad getting help was the first step to all ofus getting over grief.The first step in letting go.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Momo Targaryen. All rights reserved.


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