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Ch.9 Homecoming

"This essay is due on Monday and it's worth twenty percent of your grade, so I expect all of you to turn it in." My history teacher, Mrs. Fields told us. Everyone always asked her if she made cookies at home...ha ha ha. She looked at all us carefully and rolled her eyes. "Don't you all get distracted with unimportant things like Homecoming, do you all hear?" No one answered and she just walked away to her desk. The bell for after school was about to ring and give way to the weekend so everyone was extremely anxious. This is how the last class of the day looks like, students talking - even yelling - things flying around, people out of their seats, loud laughing, texting, surfing the web, etc, just crazy. I saw Noah get out of his seat and switch seats with the girl next to me.

"Are you still worried?" he asked me as he dragged the desk closer to me making a loud screeching noise. I looked up to him and nodded.

"Not exactly for myself, but they are your friends."

"Who cares?" He settled in and watched the clock tick by. "It's going to be forgotten in no time"

"You so sure of that?"


"If you say so"

"I do say so" I rolled my eyes and waited patiently in my desk. "So hey, how does eight sound?"

"For..." I said and shook my head.

"To pick you up, for the dance."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that"

"That's not good" he said and gave a hoarse laugh. "I'm going to the game first, then after I'll go to your house, yeah?"

"Ahh, that's why you're not worried, they haven't uninvited you to their play date" I said and smiled.

"Exactly. We're still on for tonight, that's how I know it's all forgotten already." The bell rang and everyone sprang out of their seats and rushed out the door to their weekend.

"Well, okay then, eight sounds fine." We got through the traffic jam at the door and walked down the hallway. The hallway was packed with students scrambling to their lockers so they can leave the school as fast as they could. "Are you nervous?" I asked as I arrived at my locker, I dialed the combination and opened it. There were stickers of bands Lucas and I liked, and of rock stations, and of sayings.


"Yeah, you're nominated for H-boy"

"Got a nickname for me I see," he smirked and stood back pressed against the lockers. "no way. You only get nervous if you want to win and don't know if you will. I don't want to win"

"You are so going to win." I told him and slammed my locker closed.

"No I'm not"

"How much do you want to bet? Ten? Twenty?"

"A date." I walked down the hallway in silence for a while, not really thinking, but it was as if my mind went blank. There were no thoughts no emotions, it was quiet. I looked at him and his question finally filled my head.

"A date?"

"Yeah, you know when a boy and a girl, or even girl and girl or boy and boy, go out somewhere together and participate in a day of fun and stuff"

"Okay fine, I bet you....if I win you have to bleach your hair."

"What, no."

"It won't be permanent it will be those dyes that only last a week. It will be washable, no big deal" I pushed him a little and he exaggerated by stumbling and crashing hard against the lockers.

"Not so hard Jessica," he said and I laughed. "Okay deal" He recovered and shook my hand firmly.

I stood in front of my mirror with a towel wrapped around me and my hair damp, staring like there was something behind that glass. Time past by and I didn't move. I saw myself, but didn't really see myself. I looked at the clock in my nightstand and sw that it was exactly seven. I had an hour to get dressed but I didn't know what I was going to wear. I never had much money to go dress shopping, nor did the occasion ever arise, but I sometimes found nice dresses around for a good price. I walked over to my closet opened the door and scanned the hangers for something to wear. I shuffled through the clothes to find something; anything, until I found a cute piece. It was a dark blue number, that was form hugging, but not too tight, strapless, and small tiered layers. I grabbed it by the hanger and walked over to my bed with it in my hand. My phone rang as I walked by it and had to step backwards to get it.

"Hello?" I said and laid my dress on my bed.

"Hi." I sat on my bed and faced the mirror looking at myself on the phone.

"Hi, Lucas"

"Uhm, I don't even know why I'm calling but I just felt I needed to"

"Where are you?" I asked as I heard loud noises in the background.

"the football game"

"You never were much of a sports guy...'

"I'm still not" he said with a laugh. "It didn't feel right to be there, you know?" I nodded my head but realized that he couldn't see so I said, "yeah I know"

"Noah is here, seems like he is a sports guy." It grew quiet partially because I was confused as to why he was calling me in the first place. "I kinda didn't want to come tonight because I heard there was going to be a Back to the Future marathon on Spike" I laughed and heard him laugh too. "There was even going to be a The Hives special on Fuse, it's like the world was telling me not to go, huh?"

"it seems that way... then why'd you go"

"Alyssa really wanted to come"

"Ah, I see. Don't worry I'll be at the dance, maybe you can actually start having fun"

"yeah I know, maybe with you there I'll actually lighten up a bit"

"We can do the Running Man, the Sprinkler, or the Marshmallow, or even the Macarena"

"Haha laugh it up, babe."



"I have to go, I need to get ready"

"Is it selfish of me to say I wish I was the one to pick you up tonight?"

"I'll see you there, yeah? Bye" I hung up before I could respond.

I threw the phone on the bed and proceeded to get up, I went into the bathroom to put my bra and underwear and combed my hair. It was getting too long for my taste but I had no plans to cut my brown hair. I came out and pulled my dress up, zipped it up, and straightened it out. I was clueless about makeup; I only wore a bit of eyeliner to school, and plus I had no girl friends to teach me how to put it on. I managed to do something with what I had and look decent - not like a clown - and sat on my bed patiently. Nervously I patted my knees, and practiced some breathing excersises. In, out. In, out. The doorbell rang and I jumped in shock. I stood and paced back and fourth anxiously...What to do...What to do! The bell rang again and I ran out my room and down the stairs. I braced myself for the night ahead and open the door as wide as it goes to see Noah.

"Hey" he said casually with his hands in his pockets.

"Hi" I said bashfully, he looked so handsome that it just makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. I haven't seen him this way, so dressed up, that it just makes me feel a little embarrassed. His eyes examine my dress and a smile curves in his lips.

"You look so beautiful" I looked away from him and looked down at my shoes.

"Well you don't look so shabby yourself..." I tell him. "Nice clothes" I tug at his shirt a little and smile at him. Homecoming isn't a fancy event so I'm glad he didn't come in a tux, that would be quite silly of him.

"All for you" He offers his arm and I take it closing the door behind me. "I don't think I've ever seen you so girly"

"That makes two of us" We get to his car and he opened the door for me and helped me in. He walks over to the driver seat and gets in.

He looks over to me and starts the car and as he pulls out he comments, "this is the first time I've seen your knees"

We enter the school gym arm in arm and my heartbeat sped up. The gym is packed with students and the temperature is ten degrees higher than outside.

"Shit" I whisper and follow Noah as he leads me into the crowd. I bump into some of my classmates that stare at me as if I have a sign in my forehead. Finally, we stop in a spot where it was less crowded and settle in. He asks me to dance and while I think of saying no, I say yes. I did come to a dance, so I knew dancing would be involved. I hesitate in the beginning but once I let myrself the music drowned me out from all consciousness. The music fills me up with the emotion it carries, no matter what music genre it is it has the power to take control and sometimes I have to let it. Never in my life had I done something like this, this was new to me and it was kinda exhilarating. Noah tried to embarrass me by dancing bad on purpose but after a while he stopped and danced normally. He was actually really good and he said I was too, but that I may not believe. Song after song we danced, Noah not letting me go sit down. For some reason he seemed very stubborn about the whole thing. The room was dark but I could still see Noah, and his green eyes, and his charming smile that made me feel warm inside in midst of all the coldness I felt at times. In the middle of a N.E.R.D song someone tapped Noah in the shoulder and that made him turn. Brandy was standing there along with Patrick.

"Oh hey" Noah said and looked at them all.

"Missed out on the game, we smoked Johnson. Kevin scored a touchdown in the last few seconds"

"No shit? Fuck, and here I thought Kevin was all talk." Noah comments and Patrick shakes his head and continues.

"Nah man, Kevin talks a lot of shit, but he ain't no rookie."

"And he looks pretty well doing it" Brandy added and giggled. I rolled my eyes at her idiocy and no sense of class because she was wearing a skin tight can't-breath sequined dress that people a mile away could see. Brandy finally notices me but stares and doesn't say anything.

"Who's this?" Patrick asks as he looks me over slowly.


"No shit! For reals?" I nod my head and look away trying to imagine myself somewhere else but here. "Wow, Jess." He turns to Noah and says, "I definitely approve." I try to ignore his comment and scan the crowd, they start to talk about something else that I give no shit about, and shut them out. There are some people here that are practically having sex on the dance floor, their dance is so intimate that it makes me cringe to even glance at them. I look away from people like that until my eyes fall on Lucas, who is dancing with his Malibu Barbie. This is me being bitter, I guess. I try to look away but I can't, there is a magnetic force that his eyes have that makes it impossible for me to stop. He stoped dancing and that made Alyssa stop too, as soon as she turns to look at me I turn away. I focus back on Noah and the others but then Alyssa and Lucas come next to them.

"Noah you made it" She said. "And Jessica" she adds bitterly.

"Alyssa" I say neutrally. "Lucas" He looks at me with a serious expression on his face that carries so many words but carries no courage to say them.

"They're going to announce Homecoming King and Queen pretty soon" Brandy said brightly. "You are so going to win Alyssa"

"You think? It would be ideal." The music ends and lights are lit up on stage, a couple shows up holding the crowns and white envelopes. Everyone in the crowd grows quite and still while the couple on stage adjust the microphones.

"Hello class of '11!...and others" says the girl.

"Hell of a win tonight riiiight?!" the boy says and the crowd screams.

"Well the most important time of the night has arrived, what everyone has been waiting for is here in my hands" she raised the envelope above her head and waved it around.

"We are about to announce the winner of this years Homecoming King and Queen!" Cheers from the crowd roared through the room and everyone looked anxiously towards the stage.

"We'll start with Homecoming King," The boy carefully opened the envelope and looked down to the paper in his hands. "...And the winner for 2010's Homecoming King is....Noah Carson!" I looked to him and smiled, "You owe me" I whispered to his ears and as he walked away people were high fiving him and congratulating him. I clapped for him and laughed at what his hair will look like on Monday. He went up the stage and the boy gave him the crown to put on. He took it from him and put it on reluctantly.

"Okay now on to Homecoming Queen....And the winner is...Alyssa Reigh!"

"Oh my god!" She gasped and covered her mouth. "I can't believe it!" Brandy gave her a quick hug and Alyssa walked to the stage. The girl placed the crown on her head carefully and gave her the microphone. "Oh my god" she said with a shaky voice. "I want to thank everyone who voted for me and, gosh I really thought I was going to loose. Thank you!" The boy still had his microphone and took the spotlight once more. "Now let's let them have their dance. Alyssa clutched Noah's arm and walked down with him. A slow song began and they started the traditional King and Queen dance. Everyone resumed positions and danced with a partner. Brandy danced with Patrick and that left Lucas and I in the middle of the floor among couples. We looked at each other awkwardly and both hesitated.

"Do you wanna dance" He asked shyly.

"Sure." I told him. I put my arms around his neck and he placed his arms around my waist. We slow danced without saying much for a while.

"You look...really really nice"

"Thank you."

"I have never seen you in such short of a dress"

"Yes, I know" I said and he nodded. I was trying to avoid talking to him as much as possible, but I don't think Iwas going to be very successful at it.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked carefully as we swayed slowly to the music.

"No. Yes. No, wait yes." He laughed and some of his hair fell to his eyes. He had to shake his head to keep the hair from his eyes, and that made my heart race, it was just so damn cute.

"Never were certain, were you?"


"Never mind." He said.

"I feel kinda weird" I confessed. "This whole thing, me in a dress, me in a dance, me dancing with you..."

"I feel the same way." he told me. He leaned into me and held me close. "Wanna get out of here?" He asked against my ear. He leaned back to look at my face and waited for my answer.

"Yes" He grabbed my hand and led me out of the gym. When we finally made it out the cold Autumn air hit my face harshly making me gasp. It was such a drastic change from the oven inside to such brutality. He held on to my hand tightly and took me deep into the shadows until we could only faintly hear the music playing. We stopped near the science building where only the moon and the stars were our light. It's so different to be at school in the night than in the day. In the day you feel so safe and annoyed, in the night it's just another unknown place. No one knows their schools in dark; it is mysterious and alluring.

"Now that we are alone...Why are you here with Noah?" it took me off guard that he would ask me about Noah above everything else.


"Why him? Of all people why him?" He paced in front of me like he was really trying to figure it out but didn't know how.

"Because he asked me" I said simply. He stopped pacing and stood right in front of me.

"Are you trying to make me jealous?"

"Jealous? Jealous of what? You're dating Alyssa" He shook his head and leaned his back against the wall behind him. I did the same next to him and we stood there in calm silence. I wanted so badly to yell at him, to accuse him, to hit him but I couldn't bring myself to do any of those things. I was such a coward and I couldn't change. It was dark but I was still able to see Lucas clearly, his all black ensemble, his black hair and those blue eyes of his. I was just staring ahead looking towards the cafeteria not really knowing what to do or say.

Suddenly I felt my shoulders hit the wall and Lucas's body against me crushing. He grabbed my arms and his stare pinned me back from saying anything. His hands almost bruised my arms because he was so harsh but at that moment I didn't care.

"Lucas - " He pressed his lips against mine before I was able to say anything else. His lips were warm, a nice contrast from the wind that hit my shoulders. They were demanding and hurtful but that just heightened the experience. His grip loosened and his hands traveled to my lower back, and I, in order to get as close to him as possible wrapped my arms around his neck. He bit down on my lips teasingly and Ilet his tongue in. His tongue was smooth and wet and exploring; like it knew each inch of me. We both stopped at the same time quite breathlessly and pressed our foreheads together, the smell of a musky cologne filled my nose.

"Jessica..." He whispered. My lips touched his softly, I wanted him to know that I didn't want it to stop, that I liked it, that I wanted more. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist tightly. He touched my shoulders with his lips slowly, trailing little kisses down my arm. they made me gasp and fidget with excitement. "you tempt me with this dress, " he whispered against my skin. "You tempt me by having Noah by your side all fucking night when the only thing I want is to touch you, to hear your voice, to know that I'm the one you'll be going home with."

"Lucas, kiss me..."

"I need you right now, more than you'll ever know"

"I do too" I felt so vulnerable and weak which made me hate myself but I couldn't help it, because I believed it and I wanted to believe it." Those lips of his found mine and we moved synchronically to the rhythm of our tongues. Shifting our heads towards the right, towards the left until our lips felt numb. He set me down on the ground and clasped my hands with his.

"Come with me?"

"Yes"I tell him and we run to the baseball gate where we leave to look for his car.

The night is young and full with regret.

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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Oooh no,,,,what will Noah think when he finishes his traditional king and queen and she is gone?? UPDATE!!!! I need another update! hehe

Thu, November 11th, 2010 11:32pm


:D I know! lol he's going to finish and he's going to be looking for her...! I'll update ASAP! I promise, scouts honor! Ah, you're so lovely Morganna I think I love you:P

Thanks for reading!

Thu, November 11th, 2010 3:51pm


Do you mean, "Learning to Breathe"?

Fri, November 12th, 2010 12:24am


Oh my god! Yes! :D

Thu, November 11th, 2010 9:56pm


Wow! This book is absolutely AMAZING! I am so in love with the characters and the plot! And I can't decede who I love more, Noah? Lucas? GAH! Decisions! I think I'll just let Jessica decide for me. Hahaha. Update me? :D

Fri, November 12th, 2010 8:08am


:D aww you are so lovely! Thank you so much:] Ahh yes, decisions! I am glad you like them both:] Yeah, maybe she can choose:D Of course I'll update you! kaitlynluvsyew, i think i love you:P

Thanks for reading!

Fri, November 12th, 2010 1:59pm


Ah! I don't know if I like Lucas, but, I don't know if I want her with Noah! Ahh! Great job, update soon! :)

Fri, November 12th, 2010 4:16pm


Lucas, is a tricky one I guess no one really knows with him. Ah yes, Noah! Thanks for such compliment:D

Thanks for reading CaseyDarling!

Fri, November 12th, 2010 2:01pm


Love it i like noah better lucas is just playing with her emotions he ignored her this whole time but now that shes with noah he wants to kiss her and take her virinity... i dont like him one bit! KMU please

Sat, November 13th, 2010 7:57am


:D I'm glad you do! It seems that way, huh? He suddenly wants to be with her after all this time... But you never know, his intentions may be good or bad:P of course I'll keep you updated!!!!

Thanks for reading:]

Sat, November 13th, 2010 1:51am

Phoebe Gardens

OOooooohhhhhh I don't want to say anything that'll sway you're writing!! Buuuuut I think she might go all the way with Lucas this time because I think she's been having too many close calls with having sex, so I think she might actually do it this time! I'm not too sure whether I'm happy she's with Lucas or if I want her to be with Noah :S
It's sad that she left Noah at the dance though :S
Loooooved this chapter, really showed off your exquisite writing, Monica, it's such a joy to read :)
Really gripping last line, the few past paragraphs were really intense, sooo much sexual tension between them! Please keep me updated and update soon!! :D

Sat, November 13th, 2010 1:50pm


Haha I know right! Kissy kissy here but never the whole nine yards! :D haha don't worry I already had a picture in mind:P but I just don't know the full deats! There are so many reservations about lucas that it's so understandable. But imagine if your date ditched you at a dance?! I'd be like hell nah! You did not just do that! Jk I dont actually talk like that:P but I'd be pissed. Aww thank you! You are so lovely! I can only wish my writing is good. LOL loads of sexual tensions... Horny bunch of teenagers! :P of course I'll update you!

Thanks for reading:]

Sat, November 13th, 2010 6:01am


Love... Love... LOVE this story! :)

Sat, November 13th, 2010 2:40pm


Aww you are too kind:D thank you for reading!

Sat, November 13th, 2010 6:43am

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