Chapter 21: Broken Bells

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Ch. 21 Broken Bells


It had been a little while since Charlotte arrived at her house in Beverly Hills and she had already realized that her mother was not going to be very helpful. She was still in vacations and nobody knew anything about Stacy's whereabouts. She went up the stairs to her sisters bedroom and couldn't hear any noise in the house. Yes, it was nighttime but there were people in the house you just couldn't hear any of them. The grand staircase was designed by her mother so whenever they had company over she could make her grand entrance. It was quite vain of her, but it didn't really matter now. She stood in front of the door and stood looking at it. There were no signs in front that said, Do Not Enter, or anything, it was just plain white wood. She turned the knob and let the door swing open without much effort. Her sisters room was plain, with no decorations of anything in particular. Everything was neat and tidy, white with hints of pink. It was exactly the way the interior decorator had done it two years ago, and nothing was changed. Charlotte sat in the corner of the plush white bed and sighed. She was saddened by the sight of her room, there was no personality to the room, it was all very gloomy. Maybe it was a way of her sister rebelling, but she knew her mother wouldn't get the hint.

She stood up and walked over to the nightstand she opened the drawers and searched through all the papers. There was nothing in particular that caught her eye so she moved on to the next drawrer. Nothing. Under the bed nothing. She went to her vanity and saw the display of expensive array of perfumes that were unused and of neatly organized jewelery. The mirror was spotless and Charlotte analyzed her reflection. She felt the impulse to turn away because she had let this happen. Stacy's room was a ghost town.

Her walk in closet had her clothes organized by color, season, and wearability. The shoes lined up next to each other and no speck of dust on anything. She rummaged through the clothes and saw something in back of everything. It was a trunk. She stepped into the clothes and pulled the trunk, it was kind of heavy but she managed. She dragged it to the middle to the white carpet and dropped to her knees. She opened it up and there were tiny porcelain dolls. It was nothing knew just the collection Stacy had when she was younger. She noticed that the dolls were a bit risen up from floor level so they took out all the dolls and noticed the crack in the corner. She was able to lift the layer of cardboard and found something.

There were tickets and tickets to old shows, flyers to overage clubs, condoms, condom wrappers, and little colorful pills - probably ecstasy.

\"Oh no...\" she whispered. She took all the flyers out and looked through all of them. Then she found a flyer that said: Best of Techno, Electro, House, and Trance this Saturday Night! Special Guest DJ, Uly Kyles @ The Viper Room in Sunset Blvd!

\"Son of a bitch Uly!\" Uly Kyles. She met him when she was fourteen herself and he twenty two. She knew what he was capable of, and it scared her that he would be at the event where her sister might be. She was going to go that club tonight and bring Stacy back home.

She took a cab to the Sunset Strip and had the driver leave her a block away. She had her own car but she had a feeling that bringing it would not be a good idea. The leather in her boots made noises as she walked down the street to the club and after a while the noise just irritated her. The night was dark with a sense of mystery to it, there was something hiding in the air and she didn't know what it was. She finally arrived at The Viper Room and she stopped in front of it when she did. She stared at the doors and remembered where River Phoenix overdosed, she was always saddened about that fact because it seemed that he had a long career ahead of him and it all ended in one night. She headed for the door until the bouncer put up his hand to stop her, but as soon as she saw it was Charlotte she let her pass. She walked through the crowd of people and scanned the room anxiously, looking for her sister. The place was crowded and stuffy, the air seemed limited and while everyone seemed to be having fun, if one really looked at them, they were all troubled hiding behind the smoke, and the liquor. People just trying to be happy. She went to the bar and signaled to the mixologist.

\"What can Ido for ya\"

\"Where's Uly\"

\"Who's asking\"

\"Me, Charlotte Adams\" She said sternly. Her face was serious and eager, and the way her eyes twinkled made her look like and angel out for blood.

\"Private room\" he said after a moment. She walked away from him and went straight to the private room. She knew where it was because she had been there a lot with Uly. Uly was her ex boyfriend who was a DJ, he wasn't a bad guy, he was actually pretty silly, but that had been a couple of years ago. She walked in fiercely and saw Uly standing in the middle of the room with a cigarette in his hand an talking to a redhead.

\"Ulysses Kyles Livingston.\" She said and he turned around. At first his face seemed shocked because someone actually knew his full name but when he realized it was Charlotte he became calmer. He was blonde haired with dark brown eyes, and he was tall and slim. His hair was spiked up a little in the front, and his attire was the same as Charlotte remembered. T shirts and jeans.

\"Charlotte...didn't expect you here tonight.\" She turned to the red head and whispered something to her and then she left. Compared to the entirety of the club the room was quite bright with a big black couch in the middle.

\"yeah well, before this morning I didn't either. Listen I'm not here to play games with you so don't you dare lie to me when I ask you things. Got that?\" she got closer to him and tried to come across ruthless.

\"It depends on the questions, for all I know you may want to fuck me, and that's a yes to that.\"

\"Uly, I'm not here to play bullshit with you, what I'm here for is serious.\"

\"I wasn't joking about that\"


\"okay, okay, go ahead\"

\"I'm looking for my sister Stacy\"

\"I don't know - you have a sister? Is she as pretty as you?\"

\"Uly!\" she said and shoved him roughly.

\"Damn okay Char, no I don't know where she is. I really didn't know you had a sister.\"

\"She had a flyer for this, \" she said and looked around the room. \"she has to be here....\"

\"Describe her\"

\"shorter than me, maybe 5'5, darker shade of blonde, hazel eyes, - \" Uly's eyes bulged out a little and he stuffed his hands in his pockets. \"What?\"

\"Nothing\" he said and shook his head. \"Continue...wait you know what, I am about to go on stage, so it was nice chatting with you and have a nice day.\"

\"Oh no, you don't\" she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him as hard as she could to make him stop. \"You have something to say, say it\"

\"No, no\"

\"Son of a bitch Uly you know something! Why won't you tell me! What have i ever done to you\" he looked down momentarily and looked up to her with sad eyes.

\"Leave me\" She stared at him after he answered and loosened your grip.

\"Uly...I, I had to go to school, you know that\"

\"I knew that, but goodbye?\"

\"Goodbyes...are sometimes pointless, it was easier that way. Now, tell me what you know\"

\"I don't know anything\" Charlotte grabbed him again and was about to scold him when she heard a familiar laughter and felt Uly stiffen. There was also a male with her because of his voice and immediately Charlotte let go of Uly and turned to the doorway. In came in Stacy, but it didn't look like her sister. She looked so...old. She was wearing a mesh top, that went up to her lower breast, and since it was mesh her bra was visible. Her pants were leather and were very low rise. And she looked extremely tall because of her high heels. Her make up was severe, with tons of it all over heer face, and with dark eyes and bright red lips. She no longer saw the teenager from summer, the one with sun kissed skin, and shorts and flip flops, she saw an entirely different person that looked like she was in her late twenties, dressed like a hooker. It shocked charlotte and it pained her to have to look at her like that.

\"Stacy...\" Charlotte whispered as she saw her come in with an older man who appeared in his early thirties. Stacy just blinked at her and showed no emotion.

\"Stacy?\" the man said with a smirk. \"There is no Stacy here, but there is me. My name is Scott Van Lo, what a pleasure to meet you\" He raised his hand to shake hers but Charlotte moved out of the way and walked to Stacy.

\"Stacy, what happened?\" she asked and touched her arms. Stacy moved away from her with a disgusted expression.

\"What are you doing here Charlotte\" she spoke angrily.

\"She calls herself Rose, Char\" Uly said in a soft voice.

\"Rose? I'm here to bring you back home, so come on let's go\" She grabbed her arm but Stacy protested.

\"No! I want to stay here!\"

\"Stacy!\" Char pleaded.

\"My name is Rose\"

\"You know Charlotte, \" Scott said and walked closer to her. He walked around her and inspected her carefully with a face of a perv. \"I would like to paint you. I'm an artist you see, and I have to submit a piece a work for an exhibition and I would love to do you nude\" he said and chuckled.

\"No!\" Stacy yelled. \"You said I would be the one you painted for the exhibition. You promised!\" And then the little girl peered out of Stacy as she grabbed Scott's arm and he shook her away.

\"Fuck you\" Charlotte told him with such bitterness that it hurt for her to say it in such tone.

\"You said you would paint me nude, I wan to be the focus!\" Stacy continued.

\"Rose please, Charlotte here would make my career, you still have a girls body\"

\"What the fuck have you been doing to my sister! You bastard! You do know she's fourteen?\"

\"Whatever do you mean?\" he asked innocently and blinked his eyes in a way that he thought was seductive.

\"Oh, I can change I promise! I'll do anything!\"

\"Stacy! What are you saying don't beg!\"

\"I'll beg! Please Scott pick me!\" She went down on her knees and grabbed his hand and begged.

\"Stacy get up\" she grabbed her arm and tried to lift her up but she wouldn't budge.

\"No! Leave me alone Charlotte! Scott please!\"

\"Stacy...please, you're embarrassing yourself\" Charlotte told her and watched her get up to eye level.

\"Why don't you go to hell, yeah?\"


\"no Charlotte. It's easy for you to say all these things because you've never had to beg or even ask for anything in your life. Your perfect! Everyone likes you. You're not pretty, you're not hot, you're beautiful and everyone tells you that! All the guys want to have you, girls adore you and want to be you. And you always get what you want!\"

\"That is not true!\"

\"You know it is! Mom is never cared about me but when it comes to you - you're all she talks about\"

\" the same to both of us believe me.

\"No, no and you know what else, everything is yours! So don't take this away from me.\"

\"What exactly am I taking away from you? A pedophile? Stacy don't tell me you've slept with this creep.\"

\"And what if I have? I love him despite the age difference. He loves me, so of course we have sex\"

\"You can't believe that, he's using you because you are vulnerable and don't know what you want\"

\"Don't put me down\"

\"I'm not!\"

\"You are judging me, I see it in your eyes! Well stop, you are exactly the same way. I remember you coming in late all the time, all the traveling you had with all those strangers! I'm sure you had many flings, and you're not even eighteen, so don't judge me! I'm doing the exact things you are doing.\"

\"Okay enough, you're coming with me\"

\"No...-\" Stacy's eyes filled with tears and she closed them and sobbed loudly. \"I want to stay\"

\"Uly, help me please\"

\"yeah, yeah of course\" He rushed to her side and tried to pick Stacy up as careful as possible.

\"Well, if you're going to take her than can somebody please pick up her junk from my house\" Scott said and left the room, Charlotte didn't even have the words to tell him off because she knew he manipulated Stacy in such ways that would damage her, and stay with her for the rest of her life.

\"Char, Scott is a very powerful business man besides being an artist\"

\"So?\" She asked as she helped Uly pick her up and drag her to the couch.

\"So if I tell you this and he finds out I told you he'd probably kill me, and you can never built a case against him.\"

\"Case? What are you talking about Uly?\"

\"Besides telling her that she would appear in his paintings if she slept with him, he would also inject her with heroin.\" She stared at him and felt the pit of her stomach turn into knots, that had an indescribable pain. She turned to look at Stacy and saw her mascara dripping with tears, shaky hands, and noticed that she was talking to herself. There was this shattering in her heart that she felt because her sister's innocence was taken away from her and replaced by memories of a tragic world that she would replay over and over in her mind. She knew that she would have to find help for her because she was already too deep into the mess. She mentally yelled at herself with such passion and believed it was her fault for being too selfish. But weather that was the case was still up in the air.

She felt so helpless and lost and she remembered her days in the clubs, she was still very young and very immature as well but she never had taken it this far. She wondered if it was because she did always get things her way and never had to fight to get them. All in all, her thoughts all served a common theme, and that was that it was her fault Stacy was so unstable. She hadn't even known; she had no clue, and isn't it a big sisters job to look out for the younger ones? And it seemed that Stacy believed that too, because although she didn't speak the words, Stacy probably felt charlotte was not being a very good sister because she was never there, she was always doing her own thing. She never thought, never imagines, that because of her decisions in life, Stacy would do the same. It was terrible for Charlotte to even think that Stacy was living the kind of life she was living. it was her way for calling out for help, but if Charlotte would have been like her mother and not care, what would have happened to her?

Well all that Charlotte knew was that Stacy needed an intervention, she needed the help. It was going to be tough, Charlotte knew that, but Stacy was going to have to fight her battles with addiction. But as Charlotte kept thinking, she realized that the hardest battle to fight was not one of substance, but the battle people have with themselves.

Submitted: December 11, 2010

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OMG, so good!! I can't believe Stacy would do something like this! At least Char saved her, kind of...Kmu

Sat, December 11th, 2010 10:04am


:D she's gone crazy! She's been doing a lot of things that peopl her age should not be doing or anyone for that matter. Yeah she's done the easy part but the rest of the process is going to be tougher. Aww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it:]

Thanks for reading!

Sat, December 11th, 2010 2:10am


Mmm, go team Charlotte ;D And I think it's lovely that she saved her sister from her background. Properly lovely, even if it's going to be super hard :3
Update soon my lovely,

Sat, December 11th, 2010 7:31pm


Team Char! Woot woor:] aww it is, shes learing how to become a real sister. Ahh, thank you! It will be hard, agreed! Ok I'll try lol

Thanks for reading:]

Sat, December 11th, 2010 4:08pm


How is she learning how to be a real sister? I thought they WERE close, but because she had to go to school, things kind of fell apart and I know she has guilt issues,but I didn't really think that was her fault. Anyway, good chapter. I didn't expect that drama to be going down. I'll read your other novels when I finish this one. Keep me updated :)

Thu, December 16th, 2010 6:33pm


Yeah they were close and yeaht she had to go to school and Stacy never wanted to go where she's going so they had to be apart. Yeah if that was me I'd feel bad but I would know it was not my fault, she made her bed and now she has to lie on it. Hehe hope you liked the drama I felt I needed to spice it up a bit:P oh ok, I actually don't know when I'll finish this one probably never LOL just kidding I am going to end it. Okay I will!

Thanks for reading!

Thu, December 16th, 2010 11:47am


:O stupid scott. i hate him. go char!!! :) kmu dear?


Thu, December 23rd, 2010 8:24pm


yes agreed! he is such a douche! glad you like char:D Of course my lovely!

thanks for reading:]

Thu, December 23rd, 2010 2:51pm

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