Through the Lens

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Girl in the Gutter

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



Ch.5 Girl in the Gutter

"You look great as Mr. Pin" Chris commented as I came out of the backroom dressed as a bowling pin. Inside the costume I was glaring at him, but obviously he was unable to see so I made sure to make my silence threatening. "Adorable"

"You know what's not going to be adorable? That stupid face of yours when I smack you."

"Gwen, have you ever thought about anger management classes, I suggest you go to one once in a while." He said smugly.

As ridiculous as I felt and looked, I couldn't let Chris get in the way of doing my job, which is why I was putting up with him right now. It definitely matters that he is my boss because otherwise I would have called him out a long time ago. Though sometimes I can't help some of the words that slip out, I do try to calm myself around him.

"What are you thinking?" He asked curiously.

About the ways I can murder him. "Nothing." I replied. Since I was in the Mr. Pin costume, somebody else was working as the clerk at the front, while my job as Mr. Pin was to walk around the reastaraunt being cheery. "It's kind of smelly in here."

"Yeah I haven't dry cleaned it."

"Are you serious? But Manny wore it last...and he doesn't shower often."

"It must have slipped my mind." I had to stop myself from hitting him because it was obvious that he did this on purpose. While my head was swimming with insults, some other intriguing questions popped into my mind that I would like to be answered.

"How do you know Damien?" I asked abruptly but because of the costume, came out muffled.

"Damien...well from high school."

"You guys went to the same high school?" I repeated shockingly.

"Yeah. We were good friends."

"You? Good friends with Damien?"

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"'re you, and Damien is just too cool."

"Oh that's a great reason! Don't get all hot and bothered by him, he's not really."

"I do not get all hot and botherd by him!" I squeaked. What happens in my mind and body was not anyone's topic of discussion nevertheless my boss's.

"Like hell you don't." He looked around and cleared his throat after a rough cough and said, "Okay, go on. Do your job." I began wobbling to the costumers miserably while I heard Chris's evil laugh from behind me. That little bastard was going to get it from me, the first chance I got. Just watch.

"No I don't do the Macarena."

"I'll pay you fifty cents."

"Listen douchebag, I don't do the Macarena. Got that?" I told a pesky costumer, that looked about my age.

"Listen fat pin, the customer is always right." The teenage boy with spiky blonde hair said to me as he and his friends were gathered by the bowling alleys. Apparently it was Idiot Night, where a bunch of greasy men wannabes got together and tortured the working class.

"Did you just call me fat?"

"Gwen?" I hear a familiar voice say and turn around to face him.


"Is that you?" I could see through my costume that the SOB was smiling.

"Well duh, I just said your name." I replied.

"You know her?" The greasy boy asked my brother.

"This is embarrassing to say but yeah I do. She's my sister"

"Oh man."

"You know greasy boy over here?" I asked by brother.

"Hey!" Greasy boy commented.

"Yes, his name is Gary."

"Of course." I said.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"That you are greasy, hillbilly, with no class whatsoever, and who needs to back the shit off." I say flatly.

"Bitch." he told me.

"I agree." Ramon put in. I hate my brother, he is no support at all. Like I've said before, he is a golden child, who everyone loves, and he feels that gives him the right to be a snob.

"I am seriously going to go postal, if you guys don't leave me alone."

"I'd like to see you go postal in bed." Okay that did it. I hate when guys, or girls, sexually harass you. That. Is. Not. Cool. So next thing I know, I push him and he crashes next to a table consequently spilling food and drink on his tacky shirt.

"Just because I'm dressed as a pin, does not give you the right to say such things to me." I tell him and point at him with my big white gloved fingers. As quickly as he recoveres he comes up to me and shoves me back, but there is no table for me to crash to. I end up falling on my back. With the costume on I have a lot of trouble getting up, but I do notice that everyone inside is eyeing me and Greasy Boy. As I slowly get up, Greasy Boy and Ramon, are laughing at me. I take the stupid costume off me and brace myself for a fight.

"Oh yeah with a bod and face like that I'd totally fuck you." Greasy Gary tells me as his filthy eyes roam my body. Oh, it's on.

I gather my costume in my hands and stalk towards him and slap him with the pin costume.

"Hey!" I hear him say and see Ramon move out the way.

"Come here, you little shit." I hit him with my costume until he stumbles and falls on the floor but I still keep slapping him.

"Gwen! Gwen!" Chris says as he grabs me from my waist pulling me off Gary.

"I'm not done with you boy" I warn him as we are seperated.

"This chick just assaulted me and I did nothing to her." Greasy Gary tells Chris. "I'll sue you guys! I swear it!" Chris looks at me and then looks at Gary, anger clearly on his face.

"No don't do that. Games and food are in the house, how 'bout that?"

"That sounds good." Gary replies looks over to Ramon and they both pound their knuckles and walk to their group. Everyone is still staring at us, but after a while the customers avert their eyes.

"Gwen, come to my office ASAP." He says and walks away. I pick up Mr. Pin carefully and pet it nervously. IThen I make my way slowly to his office buying me time so he won't scold me. I knock softly hoping he doesn't hear it and then I can just leave.

"Come in" I guess not.


"Sit. Down" he tells me as he is sitting down in a big chair by his desk. He is looking at me intently with no love and I know I'll be putting double bathroom duty this month. "What the fuck was that?"

"Chris, that kid started it all. I swear."

"What happened?"

"He was asking me to dance-"

"As Mr. Pin you must dance."

"Not the Macarena though."

"Go on." he urged.

"Then he starts being mean to me and ends up sexually harassing me. Yeah, I know my rights as an employee."


"So I pushed him. And he pushed back. And I hit him, with the costume."

"The costumer is always right."

"Yeah but not this one. Hey it wasn't a big deal, he's satisfied with free food and a game. So it's all good, right?" I plead and make my eyes round so I look as innocent as possible.

"No all is not good." He says without breaking. Here it comes my punishment. Toilets, here I come.

"So what is going to be?" I ask miserably as I sink in my chair.

"You're fired"

Oh shit.

*Sorry about the super super super long wait! I'm so horrified at myself! Well I hope it's still worth it. Feel free to scream at me. Well that's it. Byebye:]*




So you can picture the place better here are some pictures of Lucky Strike. I'm trying to make it up to you guys:] This is all in the same location, exactly the one in my story:D


The infamous Mr. Pin costume.

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