Through the Lens

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Second Chances Never Sounded So Flashy

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



Ch. 6 Second Chances Never Sounded So Flashy

"I can't believe I was fired." I told my friend Fabby as we downloaded the pictures into the Mac. I'd spend the whole day yesterday in shock, in a sort of trance. I never thought Chris would actually fire me. Now who would hire me?

"I say, you go ask for your job back." Fabby suggested as she scrolled down looking at her pictures.

"What? No. You think?"

"Yes, he was probably just heated."

"No, I'd look desperate, and then that scum will find satisfaction in my loss. Hell. No." I told her. She sighed and looked to me.

"So what are you going to do?"

"Find a new job." None of my pictures were good, I hated them all, no inspiration at all. "I'm so frustrated!" I said and slammed my head into the desk. "No job, no money, no life!"

"Gwen? Is everything alright?" I look up quickly and see Nikon standing in front of me.

I fix my hair and say, "Nothing wrong I -"

"She got fired two days ago." Fabby cut in.


"Damien, it's nothing, just a missunderstanding, is all."

"No it isn't!" Fabby says outraged."She was sexually harrased, by someone she says was greasy, and she was the one who got punished."

"It's not that serious, really" I told Damien.

"Oh really? You said it was super serious" Fabby commented as she scowled at me. The thing with Fabby is, that she's always doing things her way, minding no one but her self to see something done.

"Fabby. Shut. Up. Please."

"And Chris fired you?" Nikon asked. I looked up and the hunk, and nodded slowly. As a nervous tick I start biting my lip hoping he won't see me now as a loser. "I'll fix this." He says and hangs his camera around his neck.

"Damien, it's alright really. And I'm pretty sure you can't fix this, he was pretty set on the idea."

"No," he says and runs a hand through his dark hair. "Chris gets fired up easily, but I'll talk to him and he'll take you back."

I stand from my seat abruptly and reach my hand to him. My chair screeches and falls to the ground. "Damien," I say as I bend down to pick up the chair to straighten it out. "It's cool. No big deal."

"It didn't seem so when you were banging your head up against the table." He says flatly. "You know what?" He asks rhetorically while he glances around. "After I'm done with this i'm going to talk to him."

"Good!" Fabby cuts in happily. "You walk in there and stick it to the man!"

"Hey, no. No, don't stick it to the man. There's nothing to stick anyways." I say trying to convince Damien not to go. "Damien-"

"When I'm done." He says as he holds up his camera and walks away.

"Fabby!" I tell her as I turn around to face her angrily. She shrugs and turns back to her computer.

Throughout the day I am unable to do my own work since I am watching Nikon as he does his. I am waiting for him to finish so I can follow him and stop him from doing anything stupid. I mean really, it's just a job. A sucky one at that. I don't need any form of representation, if I really wanted it back I'd go and ask for it myself...okay no, but still i'd never send someone else to get it.

Damien a.k.a, Nikon, spend a good while in the red room, occassionally stepping out to grab some other equipment. What a hole I was in.

"Gwen, he's leaving." Fabby nudges me and awakes me from my daydream. I look over to Nikon who is at the door stepping out, so I quickly shut down my computer and grab my bag.

"Nikon wait! No, Damien hold one!" i yell out and run out to the quad to catch up to him. He turns around to wait for me and as I catch up to him I say, "Damien, you aren't actually going to talk to Chris about this."

"Gwen, stop acting like this is a big deal, it really isn't." He tells me. Me. I am not the one who is making this a big deal by going to Chris. For a while we walk in silence, my mind is too busy running wild from the things I'd like to say to both Chris and Damien. As we go up the familiar escalator that leads to Lucky Strike I try once again to stop him.

"Damien," I grab his arm to stop him and stare him down, with a bit of restlessness. "Why do you feel like I need this from you?"

"It's just that if he fired you just like that, then that's not right."

"I can speak for myself you know? I always have."

"Chris is hot headed."

"I know I've dealt with him for a while now." I say. His eyes show the same restlessness that I feel in my own eyes but with a different spark.

"I know, I just feel like, I just feel the need to defend you."

"I am not being atacked. I just got fired. Look, I am alright."

"I know but stil I just have to do this."

"Why?" I ask as we stand at the entrance of my old job site.

"Because I like you." He says and steps closer to me. I look into his eyes and without warning, I'm pulled into an embrace. Damien presses me close to his chest, his arms snaking around my waist and presses his lips on mine. It was a hard kiss, but the way his lips moved contrasting mine is unbelieveable. I feel his tongue trace the edges of my lips and soon pulls away.

"Damien," I say breathlessly. "I, I-"

"Come." He says and holds my hand pulling me inside Lucky. "Excuse me, where can I find Chris, this is important." He tells Jenny from behind the counter.

"In his office." She says as her eyes look between me and Damien.

"Thanks." He tells her and pulls me with him in the direction of Chris's office. He knocks on the door untill we hear a come in and we go in to find Chris behind his desk.

"Gwen and Damien." He says a bit surprised.

"I came here to tell you to give Gwen her job back." Damien tells Chris straight out. Chris looks to our hands and no doubt notices we are holding hands.

"I see."

"Chris I-"

"No Gwen, I'll handle this." Damien says. Chris raises an eyebrow and leans back in his chair. "From what I know, Gwen was fired for something that wasn't her fault."

"Not her fault? From what I know, and you can't since you don't work here, is how much she disrespects me around here, and the other day was the last straw."

"Chris, you can't do that. You need to chill the fuck out and give her the job back. You know how bad work is out there now a days."

"Are you her lawyer? Or maybe something more?"

"Chris..." I say raking my mind for something to say.

"Gwen, don't bring your little boy toys around here to speak for yourself."

"This wan't her idea." Damien cut in angriliy.

"Look," I say. "I do want my job back Chris, I need the money. I need to pay for college. That shit doesn't pay itself, you know? And I'm sorry if I offended you at times, If I was ever disrespecful to you and your title, but sometimes you deserved it, and for that, I am not sorry." As I finished Chris smirked and rubbed his chin.

"How much do you want it?"

"Fuck you, I am not begging."

"Well since you put it so nicely...Gwen, Damien here is right. I need to chill out, I was so fed up with it all, that damn boy, and everything, so I took it out on you. And-"

"Wait, what are you saying?" I tell him a bit unsure.

"Goddammit, you can have your job back." He leaned forward and pointed a finger at me. "But I need to speak to her alone."

"Sure." Damien said and stepped out. As I was left with Chris I noticed his usual attire, his all in black ensemble. Electric black.

"Why did you bring him?" He said as he came over to the front edge of his desk and leaned up against it.

"i didn't." I said and laughed. "i actually wanted to stop him."

"I was going to call you and offer your job back."

"Oh." I said and ran a hand through my hair. "That would have been better."

"Yeah." He said with a chuckle. "I knew I shouldn't have fired you, it just felt so good to tell you that. I might fire you tomorrow just for the kicks."

I crossed my arms over my chest and stood in front of him. "Oh right, I'll send Damien and we can do this again, except this time with feeling."

"What are you guys anyways?" Chris asked as he shoved his hands into his pockets. It was a bit weird to talk to Chris about Damien, first of all because they knew each other, and second of all because this was the first time I'd talk to him about a potential relationship.

"I don't know" i said honestly. "I can't tell you right now." I felt the smile form in my face as I thought about Damien and how much I hope this would turn into a relationship.

"Well, watch it with him...he's somewhat of a player." He said and walked over to the door.

"Well thanks for the warning." I told him and walked out the door he opened for me.

It was funny though, Chris was somewhat of a player too, I saw him with girls, saw the way he flirted.

If anyone needed a warning, it was definitely him.

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