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Chapter 1
Today is officially on the list of my top 10 best days. I begin work at an ad company today and I have been wanting this for some time now and it is just a dream come true. My parents and I have been praying for this for some months now, ever since I graduate from college. I’m just so grateful to God for blessing me like this.
Let me just introduce myself to you all before I begin to take you along on my journey… My name is Elizabeth Wright, I am the child of two lovely people named John and Amanda Wright. I am 23 years old and I have light brown soft curly hair with blue almond shaped eyes that complement my not too high cheekbones and nice pink lips. I am only 5 ft 5 in tall with a curvy body and I am at a good 157 lbs. I have been living on my own for the past 3 months. I know that that’s not long, but I was in dorms for four years and I am happy to be living on my own. Hmmm, let’s see what else I can share… Oh, how I grew up: I grew up singing in the church and enjoying my childhood to the fullest. I never got in trouble i.e. I was always good. I gave my life my life over to God at the age of 13 and was one of the smart kids at school. I wasn’t friends with everyone, but I was liked enough and a bit of an over achiever. I enjoyed spending time with my family and am happy to say that I have one older brother who is very protective over me. He kept me from dating jerks and I love him for that. Hmmm, I guess that’s good for now.
As I said earlier today is my first day at work and I am extremely excited. I park my car in the parking lot and make my way into the building. I greet the receptionist and show her my ID so that she will let me go in. Walking in the first thing I see is this Indian looking guy is so hot. I must do a double take because I have never seen someone that looks like him, not to say I haven’t seen an Indian, just not a guy as hot as him. He has light brown eye, a nice nose, and the cutest lips. He’s in shape, not overly muscular and I thank God for that because that would be a turn off. He looks almost perfect. I sigh and shake my head clear when I notice that I have stopped walking and am now staring. ‘Get it together girl,’ I tell myself and walk to the desk that Mr. Greenberg told me would be mine when I came in the other day. I put my stuff down and walk over to his assistant and ask her to let him know that I am in.
When he opens the door and tells me to come in I stand from the seat that I have taken and feel someone’s eyes on me. I turn and see the same guy looking at me, when he sees that I see him he turns his head quickly. I turn back to my new boss and walk into his office. “Have a seat Miss Wright,” he says gesturing to the leather seat in front of his desk. “I am very happy that you are here. Now, as we discussed any questions that you have you can come and ask me. But… if I am not here or if I am unavailable you can ask Mr. Damian Dama.” He leans over to his intercom and tells his assistant to send Damian in. “I trust him very much and he is very good at what he does.” There is a knock. “You may come in,” he says standing.
Damian walks in. “You needed me sir,” he says with his smooth voice.
“Yes, Damian. This is Miss Elizabeth Wright and as you should already be able to tell, she is new here. I wanted you two to officially meet.”
We shake hands and I blush, “It’s nice to meet you Damian.”
“Same here, Miss Wright.”
“Please, call me Elizabeth.”
“Okay, it’s nice to meet you Elizabeth.”
Mr. Greenberg clears his throat and we turn our attention to him. “Um, I told her that if I am unavailable and she has a any questions that she is to go to you. And now that I have you both in front of me I suggest you both go to lunch together, so that Damian can tell you some tricks that maybe I haven’t.”
Now, let’s pause for a moment because I really believe my boss is trying to be sneaky and push us together. I shake my head at him with a huge knowing smile on my face. “That’s fine by me sir,” I say as I turn to look at Damian for his response.
“That’s fine by me as well, sir,” he says with an unknown look in his eyes.
Don’t get me wrong, even though I know what my boss is up to I will try and keep that conversation as business as I can because I really want to learn as much as I can about this business. I smile, nod my head at Damian and turn back to Mr. Greenberg.
“Okay, well get to work kids. Elizabeth what I want you working on is on your desk.”
“Thank you, Mr. Greenberg.” I walk out of his office seeing as we are now dismissed and go back to my desk to begin organizing my things the way I like it before I begin with the real work. Work flies by and before I know it it’s lunch time…

Submitted: March 08, 2011

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