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Chapter 3
Back to Elizabeth’s POV
I work the rest of the day praying and keeping calm. I don’t know if I agree with what today being on my Top 10 list anymore. It would have been great if not for Damian’s father. He tried talking to me when he came back in, but I brushed him off. I don’t want people to see how much what he said really hurt me. I mean really, a monkey, our complexions are almost the same, but to be honest he was darker than me. I can’t believe the man compared me to an animal. Maybe, I should be happy about what happened because me and Damian are so unequally yoked. The bible talks about being with people who don’t believe what you believe as a bad thing. I mean, how can the relationship work if you can’t even agree on rather you end up in Heaven or reincarnated. I say a quick prayer and pack my things up before driving home.
As soon as I walk in my house phone rings. “Yes,” I ask?
“Is this Elizabeth?” It’s him…
“This is Damian from work.”
“I know…” I clear my throat. “I know your voice.”
“Um, Mr. Greenberg wants us to work together on that project we talked about earlier.”
“Okay. Couldn’t you just have told me that tomorrow?” The more professional I keep this the less likely I am to get hurt, I remind myself.
“No, he said that he needed some ideas by tomorrow morning. They are supposed to be having another meeting 9 a.m. sharp.”
“Okay, where do I need to meet you?”
“The office is closed now, so my place?”
“No, that won’t work.”
“I’m not a crazy person, I won’t hurt you. I have an office that we can work in and it’s not cramped so we will both be comfortable.”
Lord, I don’t want to walk into this blindly. I am so attracted to this man and, I will be honest, if I could be with this man I would be, but I can’t… Help me Lord. I know that I haven’t known him long, but how do you get past the attraction and the want for someone who doesn’t believe as you do. “I will come. What is your address?” He gives me his address and I pick up my things walking back out.
When I arrive at the address I knock twice and wait for him to answer. He opens the door. “Come on in,” he says and I walk past him. “You didn’t change?”
“Didn’t have the time…” I notice that he has changed into some black jogging pants and a red wife beater. I pull my eyes away from his body so I can keep a clear head.
“Ok,” he says shrugging.
“I have clothes in my car that I keep just in case.”
“Do you have work clothes just in case you are too tired to drive?”
“Umm hmm… my parents taught me to be prepared.” He just looks at me, so I keep talking. “So… where do we start?” He directs me to his office and we begin going over so much paperwork I’m beginning to get a headache. We are lying on the floor and my skirt, I have just noticed, has ridden up to under my butt. I hope he hasn’t noticed. I begin to sit up praying that I won’t flash him. He sees me struggling and stands to help me. “I need to go to my car-“
“And grab a change of clothes,” he finishes. “Just come back here and I will show you the bathroom.”
“Okay, thank you,” I say rushing out of the room and back outside where I take a deep breath to steady my nerves. I open my trunk and grab my bag. I look through it for something suitable and find that I only have pink short shorts and a white tank top that cut low in the chest. “Why did my boobs have to be this big,” I grumble to myself. I have no choice, it’s either that or the short skirt that rides up to my butt and we know I can’t have that. I grab my flat sneakers and socks and go back inside where he shows me to the bathroom.
Damian’s POV
My mind goes back to her shapely legs and smooth looking skin. I saw her skirt was riding up as she lay on her stomach as I sat on my butt. I was staring when she realized what was happening with her skirt. I was relieved when she realized what her skirt was doing. Why is this girl driving me crazy like this? And it’s not just her looks but that bright smile and wonderful laugh. Something just pulls me to her so strongly. Man, we gotta get these ideas completed and quick. I look back down at my watch again and rub my eyes. She’s been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes.
Mr. Greenberg sure knows how to mess a man up. I should have never told him my doubts about my beliefs. My dad makes it hard to live as freely as I would like, he’s just so strict. My boss is a Christian, just like Elizabeth is, and my Father would kill me to find out that I actually went to church with my boss. He would die if he found out that I really enjoyed the free atmosphere and hearing the words that the preacher spoke. It’s been making me think…
I smell her perfume before I hear her steps in my house coming closer to my office. Seeing her like she is dressed puts some stress on my nether regions and I can’t have that. “Um, I have some sweats you can use if that will make you more comfortable,” and me…
Her eyes widen. “Yes, I would love that. I noticed when looking through my things that I didn’t put any long pants in my bag.”
“I will be right back.” I walk out and run to my room and grab a pair of sweats that have draw strings in them. I walk back into my office and hand them to her and she pulls them on over her very short shorts. “I have a question, it’s not very professional but I’m curious.”
She pauses as if in thought and says, “You are allowed one question.”
“Ok, um, what exactly is your nationality?”
“I’m a lot of a lot. Let’s see Jamaican, Indian, Native American, Caucasian, and Asian. My dad is Jamaican and Indian and my mom is everything else. Hence, the eye color, hair texture, and skin complexion. I’m a melting pot of love. I know a lot about every part of me. My paternal grandmother was disowned by her family for falling for my grandfather. From what I was told loosing her family broke her heart but because she loved my granddad so much she overcame it. Anyway, you only asked a simple question and I went further than that in explanation.”
“It’s fine.” I find myself wanting to know more about her but I can’t seem to get past how my father would feel. My Mother is very loving and understanding and even though she feels that what I do is my choice because my Father says otherwise she keeps silent. I would love it if I could make my own choice as to what I wanted.
“Well, let’s get back to work shall we?” We get back to work and at about 1 am we finish with our work.
Elizabeth’s POV
I stretch my body and can feel the tiredness flow through me while I try and stifle a yawn. I look over at him and he stands up to stretch looking dead on his feet. I find him funny with the way he is swaying on his feet. “I better get going.”
“Please don’t leave. I can tell you’re tired and it wouldn’t be right if I allowed you to get on the road like that. I have a pull out couch in my den that I can sleep on while you take my bed. The couch isn’t very comfortable.”
“So, you’re being a gentleman?” I smile.
“Yes,” he laughs, “if you want to put it that way.”
“I wouldn’t feel right if I let you sleep on an uncomfortable couch when you have a bed of your own to sleep on.”
“This argument can go on forever how about you just listen to me. My house, my rules, understood?”
I narrow my eyes at him. Why does he have to be so nice to me? It’s making it hard to keep it professional with him. “Sure, I understand Mr. Dama.”
His facial expression changes to a blank more serious one as I call him Mr. Dama. I wonder why that bothered him. “Very well Miss Wright,” now I know how I made him feel… ouch. “Follow me and I will show you to my room.” I follow behind him quietly in thought. “If you want to take a shower everything for guests is in that cabinet there.” He points to the cabinet and I nod my head in understanding. He points to his room and begins to walk off.
“Did I do something wrong?” I know my voice sounds fragile, but I can be a tidbit sensitive sometimes.
He looks like he thinks he hurt me and closes the distance between us. He almost reaches his hand to cup my cheek but pulls back. “No, Elizabeth you didn’t. It is just that I find myself attracted to you and when you called me Mr. Dama I realized that we needed to keep it professional.”
I back away slightly from him. “I agree with that.” I look down. “I…”
“Please look at me,” he says stepping closer and I step back.
“I don’t want for us to get into any trouble and our beliefs are so different.” I open and close my mouth a couple of times. “I’m sorry,” I finally say as I move past him to go outside and grab my things.
Damian’s POV
I go into my den and sit on my bed for tonight with my head in my hands. What did I almost do? I was so close to just grabbing her and holding her to me. Oh gosh! The sooner this night is over the better. She actually brought up our different beliefs… Does that mean she feels something too? I hear her car drive off and run to pull my door open, only to see the red of her lights getting smaller and smaller. “Daggit. I sure know how to run a girl off. Oh well, it’s for the best.”

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