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Chapter 4
Elizabeth’s POV
It’s the next day and I cannot believe that I ran off like I did. I was taught to face my problems and never to run away when it’s something that I can handle. I shake my head… I don’t know if I could even have handled that. How would I have worked out sleeping in his bed knowing he wasn’t far off? I didn’t even go to sleep until about two hours after I got home and I was so tired. I prayed for so long for some guidance and to have a clear head. I asked God why my heart beat so fast when he came so close last night. It was such a strong pull towards him and I don’t even understand how that is possible. It honestly really scared me… I’m not saying that I haven’t dealt with guys before, but it’s just that it has never been like this. I don’t know if what I’m feeling is wrong or right.
I pick up my phone and dial my brothers number. “Hello,” his wife, Shauna, says after picking up on the third ring. She is a really nice person and I can see why my brother married her two years ago. 
“Hey, it’s me.”
“Oh, hey girl. Your brother isn’t here right now, he worked night shift and hasn’t gotten back yet.”
“I wasn’t calling to talk to him.”
“Must be guy trouble, especially if you are calling here at 6 in the morning.”
“Yep. You got that right and you have to promise to keep you lips sealed about this.”
“Lips are sealed. I know how that husband of mine is about you and guys. He must not want nieces and nephews.”
“Oh gosh. I forgot you’re in baby mode. I’m too young to be thinking about stuff like.”
“Girl you are twenty-three. Anyways, how can I help you?”
“Okay. The is this guy at my workplace…”
I tell her everything that has happened so far in the short time and she just remains quiet listening to every detail. I tell her about my doubts in dealing with this guy and she sighs when I’m done. “Okay… it sounds like you like him a lot.”
“But I don’t even know him.”
“Look, it’s sometimes not like that. I know you were sheltered growing up and you didn’t have to deal with a lot of different things, but don’t be that naïve.”
“But wasn’t that how it was when you met Josh?”
“Yes, but it’s not always the same Liz. When my parents met it was love at first sight, not saying that that’s what it is with you, but it is very possible to be drawn to someone like that and have it not be a bad thing. I suggest you ask God what to do. Ask if you should try and get to know this guy better or just leave him alone. Don’t complicate this more than it needs to be. Pray about it and leave it up to God.”
You know what to do…
“I already know what to do Shauna.”
“And can you tell me what that is?”
“Talk to him. He already told me that he was attracted to me, but that could just be physical.”
“Uh hmmm.”
“Thank you for the talk. I need to go ahead and get myself ready to head out to work.”
“Oh, yeah. I meant to ask, how is work going so far?”
“It’s going good. So far, I haven’t done much.”
“I know you will do great. Have a good day Liz. I love you.”
“I love you too. Bye.”
Damian’s POV
I see her walk into the office and I want to run up to her, but instead I get up and head into Mr. Greenberg’s office. When I close the door behind me he looks up at me with a surprised expression that quickly turns comical. “Sir…,” I begin, but am cut off by him raising his hand into the air silencing me.
“Why are you afraid of that girl?”
“I’m not afraid of her,” I quickly deny.
“Don’t deny it.”
“It’s not that I’m afraid of her, but how I feel about her.”
“You are a grown man who should not let his father dictate who he is with and how he lives his life. That girl is meant for you and you know it. You are afraid to be a Christian, but you know that that’s what it will take to be with her. You are afraid of no longer being that good child that will never disappoint his parents, but news flash you can go to hell over trying to please a man. From what you told me about your father and the little I have seen of him, he will not be pleased until you behave just like him and you know that’s not who you are.”
“Sir, I-I,” I sigh. “I l- I almost said I loved her.” I sit in a chair. “Wow.”
“I told you that God sometimes uses your own mouth to tell you something.”
“But how can I? I mean, wow.”
“You know what you need to do. I’m not saying that she should be your reason for giving your life over to God because you already wanted to do that, but you do need to think about what you want out of your life. You cannot let Mahmud Dama decide who you are, who you marry, where you work, where you live, what you eat… You know I could go on.”
I rub my hand through my hair. “I know what I need to do. I remember what you told me.” I get off the chair and kneel on my knees in front of it. “Will you pray with me?”
“Yes, I will,” he says from beside me.
“God, um, I’m a sinner, but I don’t want to be anymore. I denounce my sinful ways and ask that you take me in as Yours. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sin. I believe that he rose again and now resides at Your right hand. I give my life to You. Please help me God to make it through all that I need to do. Give me the strength to walk upright in Your Word. All this I pray in Jesus name, Amen.”
We get up and I wipe my face while clearing my throat. “Thank you sir.”
“I am so happy that you have done this. I will help you whenever you need me. We can talk more about everything after work.”
“Wow, I just got saved in your office during office hours.”
“The place and time don’t matter.”
“Let me get back to work.” We hug and I walk out Mr. Greenberg’s office with a huge smile.
Elizabeth’s POV
I can feel a shift in the atmosphere, almost like a peace comes over the whole office. I look up minutes later to see Damian walking out Mr. Greenberg’s office with a huge smile and I can tell that he is different. He walks over to me and leans down. “I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”
“Yes, I’m fine.” His smile gets bigger and I can’t help but smile back. “Would it be possible for us to have lunch together today?”
“I just need to talk with you about some stuff.”
“Okay. That sounds fine.”
“Great,” I say with a little laugh.

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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