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When Ashley meets Austin she fall for him right away and Austin feels the same way and things look great but her world falls apart when Austin unexpectedly breaks up with her to move away with his divorced father know five years later tragedy strikes again when she loses her best friend and if that isent weird enough Austin shows up at her door step lookin for a second chance can she really give him a second chance or will he run off again

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Austin

Submitted: July 26, 2014

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Submitted: July 26, 2014



Chapter 1 

i never really believed in happy endings even as a small kid I hated disney movies and thought they where completly unrealistic I mean happy endings just dident happy way. But I guess my outlook on love changed when I meant Austin five years ago. It all started at a beach party that my friend brook threw close to her beach house I guess If it wasent for her I wouldent of meant Austin and who knows what would of happend. It was super hot out and I had been so glad that I had bought my new bikini I was spyin the crowd of complete strangers and wondered who the heck half of then where I roll my eyes  leave it to brook to throw random strangers into her party it's kind of creepy to be honest. Brook is having a dandy time hittin on a beach boy who of course she's never meant but  she seems so intrested in what he's saying and me well I'm just sitting her bored as hell when I suddenly notice a guy laughing out loud and well he's really good looking I look closely at him but I've never seen him before he's definatly new. I felt my arms getting sweaty I wanted to talk to him but I wonder why I can't seem to walk towards him I feel annoyed at my body why can't I just be like brook heck she'd easily go up to the guy and start talking to him but if there's one thing for sure I'm not brook but by  a long  shot. 

I must of been staring hard cause that's when I notice he's looking at me he's holding a drink in one hand and he's eyes never leave mine I grow more red and  uncomfortable and try to keep myself busy i then turn away and decide to go for a walk I slightly turn around and he's  gone. I shake my head and wonder where he could of went I take my sandles an leave brook to her swarm  of boys and walk towards  whatever when I felt someone following me I try to ignore it at first but then grow more paranoid that's when I feel a tap on my shoulder I then go into self defence mode my arms jumping right in front of me an of cours I trip over a rock but I don't manage to hit it and that's when I realized id just made a complet fool of myself in front of  the cute guy he looks down at me and smiles 

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