Black Lace Academy

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Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



Hello! You may or may not have read There & Gone.Well, it is not over. This is just another story I had to write so... Here it is!Black Lace Academy, the academy for supernatural creatures.Vampires? Real. Werewolves? Not just stories. Shape-shifters? Yeah, you guessed it. Sirens? Uh huh.There are a lot more than that if it makes you feel any better...No, it doesn't make you feel better? Not surprising actually.Well, thats not all. You see, we learn how to survive in the world outside the black iron gates here. And when we're out, we have to make a choice; follow the path for light or dark...But is the light reallygood and the darkness reallyevil? Or is that just a twisted stereotype?Looks like you'll just have to find out...

The darkness was closing in on me and I couldn't help but feel more than a little overwhelmed.

I tried to scream but my voice couldn't be heard.

Oh great, just great... I was being pulled into darkness by some invisible force and I couldn't even cuss.


So, I quit the trying to scream and kept quiet, cussing like a madwoman in my head.

OK, so I never really imagined I'd choose the darkness, I was always so fixed on the light... I guess it just never occured to me.

But, I didn't feel as if I'd chosen it... It felt more like the otherway round, as if the darkness was choosing me...

OK, I only had one word for that: Freaky.

So I let the darkness pull me in and suddenly I felt a kind of warmth; like sitting infront of an open fire in the middle of a snowstorm. But, it wasn't just this that caught my attention. The air was cool, like as in a fresh winter morning cool.

So this was what it felt like to choose darkness, hot and cold at the same time?

There I was again, thinking that I was the one choosing the darkness. I was definately convinced I was wrong by this time.

It just didn't feel right to think I was the one choosing anything.

So the darkness was choosing me and I had no say at all.

Pfft, great free will. I thought bitterly.

I suddenly smelt smoke, not the stinky cigarrette smoke, but the kind of smoke that comes from a fireplace... The nice smell.

And I smelt fresh air too, and haybales, flowers... And I swear I could hear birds and a waterfall somewhere.

What was happening?

I jerked myself upright in the bed, my golden-honey blonde hair spilling around my pale face, which was probably even paler than usual.

Ah crap.

Another nightmare in how long? I thought to myself.

"Vi, can you not wake up like that. It scares the hell out of me," Bree grumbled from the twin bed at the otherside of the room.

The room was dark, but I could easily make out Bree's figure, tucked under the warm sheets.

I looked around and, sure enough, Meagan was sound asleep in the third twin bed.

The three of us were shape-shifters. Want proof? Just keep reading, you'll see... Trust me.

My name is Violetta, I'm 17 years old and I was living in America... Until I found out that shape-shifter blood ran through my veins... Then the Change went off like a bomb.

So at the start of this year I recieved a letter in the mail, weird since I hardly ever got mail.

It didn't say who it was from, didn't have stamps or a return adress... Not even my address!

I opened it and it said that I had to go to Ireland to attend Black Lace Academy, it said that whoever the writer was, they knew whatI was and that this Black Lace Academy was going to help me understand everything about the real world.

'Real' was underlined several times so I kind of guessed that they were serious.

And it also said that I had to bring my friends, Bree and Meagan. They were shape-shifters and I knew it, so did they.

So we went through a bunch of preperations, got on the plane and landed here in Ireland where we were staying at a hotel for the night while I was having terrible nightmares about either me choosing darkness or darkness choosing me... The whole choosing thing I did not get.

With a sigh a leaned back and buried my face in the fluffy pillow that smelt like violets... Ironic, isn't it, that when I became a shape-shifter, my special scent was violets, and my name was Violetta.

Just damn ironic, I thought bitterly.

I was bitter when I was tired. So, to save myself and anyone who wanted to cross my path the trouble, I closed my eyes and forced myself to think of good things... Good things usually got good dreams running.

I wasn't disturbed until Bree and Meagan shook me mercilessly.

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