only you can save me

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sixteen year old abby middelton is forced to go live with her father after she runs into trouble that almost lands her in jail.upset and angry abby is rude and dosent want anything to do with her father.but things changes when she meets a stranger who seems different and it turns out he really is different because hes an angel who is sent to save and protect abby from an evil force that threathens to kill everyone else if they dont let them take over the world and abby is their first victim.........:)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - only you can save me

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



chapter 1

as im sitting down on the couch im sure my mom hates me i think she really does ive argued with her numberus times on this situation and begged her constantly to change her mind but once her mind is made up theres no way you can do anything to change her mind.shes stubborn like me.a month ago mom told me that i wasent spending much time with my dad but to be honest i want nothing to do with him i hate him.six years ago my dad left my mom and me for his stupid career and i havent seen him ever since of course he called me on the phone but i havent bothered a month ago mom said that she called my so called father and planned to send me out there to live with my father for a few months to see how things would go before making a permant move.i just yelled at her and told her that she was the worst mom ever.okay so that was totally like what two year olds do but to be honest i dont care what anyone think all i care was that i dident want to leave this place.i had friends and a home.but when i stole something at the mall is when the disecon was finally all started on wensday i was still pissed off at my mom and try to forget everything.i havent talked to her for the the past few days.i went to my room and called my best friend brenda to come to my place so i could sneak out.thats when i hear a bang at my window.looking out i see that its brenda and shes with the gang.i sigh a sigh of relife that my mom dident freak out.

'' you nearly gave me a heart attack''i say

'' sorry what did you expect me to do i dont want to wake your mom up'' brenda says

''okay whatever just hold out your arms'' i say

'' what''brenda asks

'' if i fall you'll be under me''i say i want to laugh but then i realize that i havent moved and moms going to have a fit if she sees that im half out of the i quietly sneak out of the window but as i look down i realize im a littel bit scared of hights.

'' hurry up girl''brenda says

i roll my eyes at brenda i get it that she scared of getting caught but shes not the one up hight on my window trying to get down.

'' hey you wouldent say that if you where in my shoes''i say

''ya ya''i say

i see that cory is in the gang hes giving brenda the lets get out of here look i take a deep breath and slowely try to find something to hold onto but unfortunatly i dont make it and drop.when i open my eyes im glad to see that im not dead brenda is shaking me.

'' im okay''i say

''dam i thought you were dead''brenda says

''ya me too'' i say

with that we quietly make our way across the sidewalk withen two mintutes wev've crossed the block with that i take a deep breath.''so what should we do''i ask

''i have an idea''brenda says

'' lets go to the mall''cory says

''i was going to say that''brenda says

'' whatever''cory says

so we head over to the mall im suprised the mall is still full of people its getting late but it looks like where not in the night time.neither one of us have money so we look around.

''this is getting boring''is say

''lets head to the hmv''cory says

we all agree to do this seeing that theres nothing better to do we start looking through the cds and movies but even that is boring me.''we need action in here''brenda says

''okay''i say

''what''brenda asks

'' lets play truth or dare'' i say

''ya''corey says

brenda looks at me for a mintute and is thinking but she suddently gets an idea when she gots a big smile on her face i wonder what shes up to.

'' why are you smiling''i ask

''i dare you to go steal that cd over without getting caught''brenda says

''no way''i say

''so you chicken then''cory asks

'' no im not''i say

''then go and do it''brenda says

''fine''i say

they both got a grin on their faces there so stupid anyone can do it i just wish they could of givin me a better dare the this as i slowly face the cd i look up to see if theres anyone i quickly stuff the cd into my pocket and walk slowly as to not appear worried or scared.

there both calm when i get out they look at me and i give them the i got it look and they both laugh as if i told them a joke slowly where both exiting the store.i can know finally breath

''that was so close''i say

''ya no kidding''i say

but before we can walk any futhur i feel a hand turn my shoulder away at first i think its cory cause he can be a littel bit sneaky but to my suprise its a cop.

''miss please come inside''cop says

i look at my friends who know have their faces looking at the ground i want to yell all of the suddent and blame it on them sure i took the cd but it was their plan their dare.and i stupidly gave in.know i wish i could of turned down the dare.he asks me for the cd.

''are you gonna tell my mom''i ask

''yes miss please come with us your going to the station''cop says

''oh shit''i mutter

with that im being handcuffed i dont like the feeling ive never been handcuffed but i know i dont like it i wish i could run off and go home but i now that theres no way out of this.just the though of spending the night in jail is making me sick.

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