only you can save me

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - only you can save me

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



chapter 2

im know at home im sitting across the table where i usually eat my moms sitting across from me but wont look me in the eyes.i dont blame her.the cops are talking to her but as usually im not listening to her or them.ive tuned them out.then the cops look at me at first i dont say anything i caint hear them until i get pulled by the know back in the zone.

'' abby can you hear me'' mom asks

''i wasent listening''i say

'' well you should''mom says

'' i dont care''i say

''well you'll be glad to know that this man over hear happens to be a friend of mine you could of got your ass in jail but since this man is so kind ive came up with another kind of punishement'' mom says

'' what are you talking about'' i ask

'' listen abby this is something that your mom will talk to you alone but understand this next time your in trouble with the law its jail time so smart up'' the cop says

i just look at the cop and i dont say anything when the cops leave i dont move my moms passing back and forth in the living room at first it doesnt bug me but then pretty soon its getting on my nerves i just wish she could sit down.i know shes pissed off its not hard to tell.i wonder what shes thinking about.

'' i dont know what to do with you anymore''mom says

'' i really dont give a fuck mom just shut up'' i say

''dont you dare tell me to shut up young lady you are in trouble ive done everything i can to keep you undercontrol ive not raised you to be like that and i just need you to know how upset i am''mom says

'' i get it''i say

'' no no i dont think you do get it''mom says

''really mom just stop talking about it''i say

''ive came up with your punishment''mom says

i just laugh at her i dont care what possiable form of punishement can she come up with that can be so bad ive been grounded at least a hundered this line that she comes up with doesnt bug me in the least.

''you think this is funny'' mom asks

'' seriously mom whatever form of punishment i think i can handle'' i say

'' your going to live with your father'' mom says

for a mintute i think shes joking but maybe she is but then i realize shes not she has no smile on her face no indication that shes about to laugh only anger.with that i throw my chair behind me.know its my turn to be mad she is not sending me there how can she.she knows that i hate my dad and she knows how dad has missed part of my life.why would she send me with that stranger.most of all she knows i want nothing to do with him.

'' i dont want to know him''i say

''you have to hes your father''mom says

''no hes not mom he ran off and left us for his stupid career and a new family why the heck should i put any effort to get to know him when all he did was treat us like trash  hes no one hes a complete stranger and i dont care if you call him my father hes not my father and never will be''i yell

i dont leave her enough time to say anything i just pick up my stuff and slam my door to my room i stare at the wall and wonder why she hates me so much.for a mintute i consider to run off but i dont want her to call the cops on me i dont know where i would go.defintaly not brenda i havent talked to her in a day im still pissed off at her saying that stupid dare.and she hasent bothered to call me.i hear my moms knocking on my door.

''what i ask leave me alone i dont know you anymore''i say

''stop being so dramatic and listen to me young lady this littel argument doesnt change the fact that your leaving and staying with your father this is a punishment and a chance for you to bond with your father evenutally you'll have to learn to forgive him'' mom says

then she leaves i dont care i dont want to hear her voice.i slowly drift off to sleep when i wake up its three oclock in the morining.maybe i should run off i dont think she would hear me.but the again i think back to where i would i forget my stupid plan and go back to sleep.




im sitting on my favriote chair i decide to call her father i seriously dont know what to do with abby any more she seems to be getting worser every year.i dont think i can handle a seventeen year old girl anymore.i know it sounds a littel bit selfish to just ship her away but i feel at the same time its the right thing to do.besides she need time with her father.i call her father he doesnt answer for a few mintutes he must be and charles have been married for a long time then we gave birth to abby and after that me and charles started having issues really bad ones.i became finically low and charles couldent handle all the pressure in the marriage so one night he decide to go to the ends up that he slept with a women he ment over there.iv forgiven him though and where friends.

''hey its me karly''i say

'' oh hey karly hows abby''charles asks

'' well aside from the cops catching her at the mall not so good i told about how shes going to be going to your place she totally freaked out''i say

'' i miss her alot'' charles says

''you should you've not seen her in a few years'' is say

'' i hope she'll forgive me''charles says

'' she will and what better way then to send her at your place just be carefull shes gonna be a handfull''i say

'' you know me i can handle anything so what time will you be at my place''charles asks

'' make that ten'' i say

''perfect'' charles says

''k bye''i say

''bye''charles says

with that i hang up the phone and close my eyes tommorow is going to be a long day on the road surly abby is going to be complaing all day im probably going to have a mental breakdown and end up in an institution.not really looking forward to tommrow but what the heck i dont have a choice.its either her dad or jail time.

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