only you can save me

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - only you can save me

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



chapter 3 

since entering the car i havent bothered talking to my mom and she doesnt talk to me i have to say that this high way is at least the most boring drive of my life.i hate it.i try to pretend that where not really going to my dads place but instead are going somewhere on vacation at least that takes my mind off of things for a tries to start a conversation every few mintutes but i just shut her off i dont want to hear her voice its irriatiting me.before i can complain anymore mom tells me to look ahead i guess where here which to be honest doesnt excite me to much.  

from the front i can see that my dad has been out in the sun too long mom laughs at my dad i could think of a few things to say but im afraid she'd tell my dad to ground me so i prefer not dad attempts at hugging me but i brush him off i know its totally rude but its not like where buddies.right off i can tell the only thing im going to like about this place is the view its really nice and doesnt look polluted at all.its very clean and you can tell that its clean cause when you breath you dont feel like your breathing in chemicals. but i get this feeling that the views all im going to like.and once i enter that house its going to be hell

my mom is talking to my dad outside and she gives my dad a hug and leaves i want to run off for the car but my feet are glued to the floor. my dad enters the door and looks at me and smiles.i just roll my eyes at him and sit on the couch.''make yourself at home'' dad says

'' dad no offense this is not home and i just want to set the record straight im seventeen i dont need no curfew and dont ever follow me around and dont expect us to be all like friends'' i say

'' i dont expect any of that but you will follow my rules'' dad says

'' what ever'' i say

i take my luggage and go to my room at the left side im not hungry i dont even bother to have dinner tonight espically not with my dad when he asks me if i want to eat with him i say no for a mintute he seems hurt at first i feel really bad but then i remeber how he left us and then i change my mind i know its really cruel of me to do this.but he needs to know that i dont plan on becoming good friends with him and i think this will make it very clear

schools tommrow and i caint wait to get out of here and away from my dad i dont want to be here and to be honest i dont like this house its old i wonder why my dad likes this house.appereantly he thinks it has charm i just think it has to many cobwebs.



i look around the school its huge i think im lost if theres one thing i hate about schools is loosing myself in the hallway my crazy so called dad offered to help me around like i would let him.that would be so embarrasing and id never hear the end of it.i look at my schedule okay i have to remeber room 2343 B where the hell do i go.the crowdes are getting bigger as im pushing and being pushed into trying to keep calm but i might freak out.thats when i feel someones hand on my arm.i dont know who it is but im glad for the help.when i look up i see that its a guy hes smiling at me and has a big grin on his face

'' you lost there''he asks

  '' yes unfortunatly'' i say'' 



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