only you can save me

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - only you can save me

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



chapter 4


''remeber be carefull how you act around the human you musent let any romantic feelings come between you and the girl it could cost you your life'' siad jeremy

'' i know''i say

'' and remeber cover your wings the humans musent see them god nows what can happen if they do find out'' jeremy says

'' you dont need to tell me all this ive been through all the training already'' i say

jeremy looks at me i know hes not satisfied and that he wants to tell me plenty more of things it doesnt bug me all that much i know hes more experinenced then me hes an arc angel the topest rank hes been trained only by the stubborn i just want to go to of the most important rules that an angle has to follow is never get involved with a human romanticly i dont know who made the rule up but there are reasons for them.this is my first time going on a mission and im pretty nervous.also one other important rule is blend in with humans never show your wings.god knows if that happend the media would be all over this story and it can only create danger to the humans.

ive never flown on my wings tell yesterday when i started school when i got there ive never been so confused in my life the way humans do things is really weird but i have to control this i have to blend in and if you make on mistake that could get these people suspicous again your in it started bad then i ment a few people and to be honest it wasent as bad as i thought.thats when i saw this girl she was totally lost.i pretended that it wasent my first year here(again all part of blending in) i pulled her arm.she looks startled but happy that some one is willing to help.

the next day at school i look for the girl again i find her sitting at the desk at the back i decide to go sit beside her jeremy warned me to be carefull to not get involved with her.when he tells me this i laugh and told him that i dont even know her.when she sees that im going to sit beside her she smiles.i try not to turn red a littel but i caint help it.i admit shes beautiful probably the most prettiest girl ive ever seen.and as i sit down i have a hard time controlling my emiotions.i see that my hands are shaking i panic i look at the girl shes busy looking at the teacher.shoot whats going on i look down and see that my hands are shaking.

i take a slow breath and try to figure out a spell to help control my shaking but its not working.and know im really shaking this time i catch the girls attention shes know looking at me she looks worried.

''are you okay'' she asks

'' ya im fine'' i says

''what is it''she asks

''panick attack''i lie

''thats not good how about i walk you to the water foutain''she says

''ya sure''i say

she gets up and walks to the teacher the teacher nodds her head at the girl and we both walk out my shaking is getting worse and worse by the mintute and all of the suddent something happens that freaks me out even more my hands start glowing.i look and see if anyone can see but theres no one so that leaves me safe.the girl is know in front of me and shes talking but i caint hear her.i grab my ears in my ears seem like there blocked.and know i can feel a searing pain on my left side.i caint walk and before i can make it too the water foutain i black out.


i hear a clacking noise i wonder what it is i turn around and see that its the guy hes laying on the floor unconsious and hes not moving a fear suddently builds up inside of me i wonder if hes dead.i dont know what to do should i look for help.a thousand thought go through my head i dont even know CPR shoot.i look down hes out cold i try and left him up but dam is he heavy.thats when i hear a noise i look to my right and see a teacher her mouth is wide open.

'' he fell''i say

'' okay im going to get help just sit there and dont move'' the teacher says she grabs a walkie talkie i dont know who shes talking to all i know is shes freaking out.i grab him as best as i can.

''i hope your okay''i wisper to know one in particuler i wonder if he can hear me when i say this probably not i wonder if it really was a panick attack.know i dont think it was but what ever it was i hope they fix it.withen five mintutes i hear two paramdics rushing to the scene the put him in the stretcher and roll him away.

one of the paramdics looks at me.

''miss do you know this young man''he asks

''yes'' i lie

'' would you like to come in the ambulance'' he asks

''sure''i say


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